Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Toys'R'Us Exclusive Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack

What: Skylanders Trap Team Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack
Where: Toys'R'Us Exclusive
How Muc: $25.99 plus tax
What is Included: Legendary Blades, Nightmare Express, Piggy Bank, Hand of Fate
Stock: Pre-Order Now

Trap Team will have Adventure Packs and this time Toys'R'Us is getting into the action.  The Legendary Nightmare Express AP is now up for pre-order.  This AP will include Legendary Blades, an Air Element Newlander.  The Nightmare Express location piece kind of looks the same as the regular AP to me, but I know that the Hand of Fate is "gold" in the Legendary AP, so I am inclined to think there may be a slight color change.

Blades is available in standard form via the Nightmare Express AP and has been rumored to have a Triple Pack as well (so he should eventually see single pack release).  With the advent of Eon's Elite and so many other "special" characters, you have to wonder if the move to put Legendary Blades in an AP was an economic decision.  It will be interesting to see what impact this has on Accolades, or if it will be a moot point (think back to the Golden Dragon Fire Cannon at GameStop a few years ago).

What remains unknown is if Legendary Blades will wind up in a single pack release etc.

Nonetheless, here are some pictures:


  1. Unlike past releases, this year money is tight! We, and me in particular, have to have a different gameplan. One basic certainty is I will be concentrating our efforts on special/unique releases, like Legendaries. This legendary adventure pack (now called what?-Trap Level Pack?) seems like a fun idea.
    However, to borrow your expression, that having been said, TRU has really kept up stock with Swap Force so I'm thinking of delaying that particular purchase in the hopes that will have it later in the year. The Dark Edition on release day and Gearshift may be all we can swing. Hate to miss out on any release day deals. One option could be to NOT buy the the starter pack, delay getting the game itself and use that money to pick up Skylanders instead. Anyway, if you have any thoughts or possible away! I'm all! PS...That sounds like a killer Skylander catchphrase as he/she appears on the portal- "I'm All Ears !!"

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    1. Take the information you know now: Skylanders Giants and Sklanders Swap Force Starter Packs are still on the shelves. A full roster of Skylanders figures to PLAY those games- not so much. And apply it to your current situation: Buy the FIGURES. Wait for the Starter Pack to be discounted. Unless you want the Dark Starter Pack. But you'd technically be buying that for the rare figures, and not the game itself, so my advice to do it for the figures still stands. I personally HATE playing the waiting game for release waves. So I buy them as I see them, and when I complete the collection THEN I buy the starter pack and play!


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