Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Poll #27: Mario Kart Wii

Blog Poll #27 "What Do You Want to See in the Mario Kart Wii Playthrough?" just wrapped up.

Thanks to all who voted and the results were pretty one sided:

It looks like most people want to see "everything."  I sort of thought it would have been more split down the middle.  I watch a few Mario Kart Wii vids and most have been online multiplayer, crazy shortcuts, or challenges between friends.  I haven't ever really taken a look to see if anyone has just sat down and gone from zero to hero, but apparently there is a big desire to see that happen.

If you recall this one was voted on by you...not just what you want me to do in the playthough, but what you wanted me to play (Mario Kart Wii, Paper Mario, Nerf-N-Strike, Skyward Sword, Epic Yarn, etc).

I plan to accommodate as best I can, but I will start things up and see how they go.

I will probably alternate recording another game in with this one...I may leave that one to upload later, or you could see it up immediately...we'll just wait and see.

I haven't played the game much recently...I picked it back up a few weeks ago in preparation to record, but still have not started recording anything.  I use to play it all the time, including online (but that came to an end when the connection went to being abysmal).  I may be rusty, but I think 50cc should warm me back up.

I should start recording this very soon and get the first video up within a few weeks.

So again...thanks to everyone who voted for Mario Kart Wii and what you want to see in the playthrough.  Some of my very first YouTube vids were actually "point-and-shoot" clips of ending sequences...not great, but everyone has to start somewhere.  I actually intended it to be my first playthrough, but that obviously didn't happen...I'm excited to get started and have a few ideas to make it a bit more unique.

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