Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Skylanders: Giants Information, Characters, Powers, Compatibility

This post will remain a work in progress as new information is released and/or I have time to update the post...feel free to comment with what you know...Again, I will update as time allows.  I will also stick to posting only things that are confirmed or very likely to be true.  The original draft was composed Monday, June 18th, 2012 and published Tuesday, June 19th, 2012.  The latest revision is Feburary, 26th, 2013.

About the Game

-Release Date & Pre-Order

Skylanders: Giants will be the follow-up game to the smash-hit, and 1ofWiisdom staple, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.  The game is available for pre-order now at various places (Amazon, GameStop, Toys'R'Us, etc) and is slated for release on Sunday, October 21st, 2012 just ahead of Thanksgiving and the impending holiday rush where us veteran Skylanders really saw things get crazy.

Background Story

I heard this in an August 4th, 2012 interview with Alex Ness...here is the recap:

Kaos is on earth in a toy store trying to get back to Skylands and something he does with a portal sends him way back, literally, in Skylands. He finds and figures out how to activate an ancient Arkeyan robot and then learns that if he controls the "Iron Fist of Arkus" he will be in control of the entire ancient army of Arkeyans and can then proceed to defeat the Skylanders and rule all of Skylands.

-Game Engine

Giants will run on the same engine as Spyro's Adventure.  All console versions will be developed, once again, by Toys for Bob.  The 3DS Version, which should again be unique, will be switched from Vicarious Visions to n-Space...Here is an easy to read breakdown:


Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U (Developed by Toys for Bob)
Nintendo 3DS (Developed by n-Space (Spyro's Adventure was done by Vicarious Visions))
Microsoft Xbox 360 (Developed by Toys for Bob)
Microsoft Windows (Developed by Toys for Bob)
Sony Playstation 3 (Developed by Toys for Bob)


Skylanders: Giansts will come in two flavors: Starter Pack (with Portal) and Portal Owner's Pack (no Portal).  It is unknown if different versions will have different characters (ie Console=Jet-Vac, 3DS=Pop Fizz).  We will just have to wait and see at this point.  Update: It actually looks like my sample was correct...Jet Vac goes to Console Packs and Pop Fizz goes to the 3DS Packs!

--Starter Pack
Each Skylanders: Giants Starter Pack will include: Portal of Power, Game Disc/Cartridge, Poster, 1 Giant (Tree Rex), 1 New Skylander (Jet Vac), and 1 Re-Released Skylander (Cynder), as well as the matching Trading Cards and Stickers.

--Portal Owner's Pack
This is designed for people who already own a portal and want to take advantage of the savings.  It will feature the Game Disc/Cartridge, Poster, 1 Giant (Tree Rex), 1 New Skylander (Jet Vac), and the matching Trading Cards and Stickers.


--Forward Compatibility 

The Skylanders you know and love from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure will transfer right across to Giants AND they can join the new releases in being able to upgrade to Level 15.  That said, they will not be able to have any other perks you see with the Giants based Skylanders as they can not have multiple upgrade paths or capitalize on the "Wow Pow" Powers.

--Backwards Compatibility

I did not expect this, but according the official Giants website, Series 2 (ie what will come out with Giants) will actually be able to play in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.  The answer doesn't explicitly mention Giants, but the question does...I will have a screen grab below.

New Skylanders

This is probably what most of you, at least at this point, want to know the most about...I will do my best to keep you up to date.  As I've said for quite some time, our best bet for info was E3, and it delivered.

-Giant Skylanders
--8 New, 1 per Element

There will be 1 Giant per Element and they will truly be "giant" when compared to their counterparts.  They should be just a shade over 2 times the height of a regular Skylander.

-Air Giant: Swarm
-Earth Giant: Crusher
-Fire Giant: Hot Head
-Life Giant: Tree Rex
-Magic Giant: Ninjini
-Tech Giant: Bouncer
-Undead Giant: Eye Brawl
-Water Giant: Thumpback

-LightCore Skylanders
--8 Total, 4 Brand New, 4 Previously Released (ie from the original 32)

These Skylanders light up when placed on the portal of power and have special "LightCore" powers.  In addition to that, whatever that may be anyway lol, they will reportedly light up in the game.  So unlike the current variants (Gold, Silver, Glow-in-the-Dark etc) these will not only look special in real life and on the portal, but also in the game...Well played Activsion, well played.

-New LightCore, Air: Jet-Vac
-New LightCore, Life: Shroomboom
-New LightCore, Magic: Pop-Fizz
-New LightCore, Water: Chill
-Old LighCore, Earth: PrismBreak 
-Old LightCore, Fire: Eruptor 
-Old LightCore, Tech: Drobot
-Old LightCore, Undead: Hex 

-New Regular Sized Skylanders
--8 Total, 1 per Element: 4 Regular, 4 LightCore

-New Regular, Air: Jet-Vac (Lightcore)
-New Regular, Earth: Flashwing
-New Regular, Fire: Hot Dog
-New Regular, Life: Shroomboom (Light Core)
-New Regular, Magic: Pop Fizz (Light Core)
-New Regular, Tech: Sprocket
-New Regular, Undead: Fright Rider
-New Regular, Water: Chill (Light Core)

-New LightCore, Air: Jet-Vac
-New LightCore, Life: Shroomboom
-New LightCore, Magic: Pop-Fizz
-New LightCore, Water: Chill
--New LightCore, Water: Legendary Chill

-New "Re-Released" Skylanders
--24 of the 32 will be coming back in regular form, but in a different pose...3 from each element.
--4 of these 24 "Re-Released" Skylanders will be LightCore (see above: Eruptor, Prism Break etc).

-Air: Lightning Rod
-Air: Sonic Boom
-Air: Whirlwind
-Earth: Bash
-Earth:  Prism Break (LightCore)
-Earth: Terrafin
-Fire: Eruptor (LightCore)
-Fire: Flameslinger
-Fire:  Ignitor, Legendary Ignitor
-Life: Stealth Elf
-Life: Stump Smash
-Life: Zook
-Magic: Double Trouble
-Magic: Spyro
-Magic: Wrecking Ball
-Tech: Drill Sergeant
-Tech:  Drobot (Light Core)
-Tech: Trigger Happy
-Undead: Chop Chop
-Undead: Cynder
-Undead: Hex (Light Core)
-Water: Slam Bam, Legendary Slam Bam
-Water: Gill Grunt 
-Water: Zap 


-Legendary Slam Bam
-Legendary Ignitor
-Legendary Stealth Elf
-Legendary Jet-Vac
-Legendary Bouncer
-Legendary LightCore Chill

There have been rumors and even a few decent pics or screen grabs of what looks like a maxed out Legendary Slam Bam and Legendary Ignitor.  If I had to guess, I would think we might see 8 of them total...That would allow for 3 from each Element to be released in a new pose, and 1 from each Element to be released as a legendary, thus making all 32 available in some form or another for another purchase.
*Again, this is just my speculation on June 18th, 2012, but I have heard crazier things...This just seems too likely to me...Activision can congratulate me for a correct prediction by sending new characters to demo :D


Potential Variants:

--Nothing at this time has been made official, but you can bank on some "chase" Skylanders.  I heard Alex Ness mention in an August 4th, 2012 interview they had some cool stuff planned in regards to variants.

I would think we might see more of the translucents, but in different shades...or metallic/pearl/dark variants.  I would bank that they will be like the past set-up...Hard to find, loaded with cash/partially levelled up etc, but probably look the same in the game.

Store Exclusives

--Gold Flameslinger (Single Pack)


--Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack
--Royal Double Trouble (Battle Ground Starter Pack for Apple)

--Granite Crusher
--Jade Flashwing
--LightCore Triple Pack (Prism Break, Eruptor, Drobot)

---Triple Pack: Slam Bam, Jet-Vac, Ignitor
---Single Pack: Bouncer
---Single Pack: Stealth Elf
---Single Pack: LightCore Chill

--Glow in the Dark Cynder (Starter Packs)
--Glow in the Dark Sonic Boom (Single Pack)
--Molten Hot Dog (Single Pack)


Cynder: Walmart Starter Pack
Fright Rider: Europe Single Pack
-Sonic Boom: Walmart Exclusive




-Sonic Boom
-Hot Head

Flocked White (Snow)

-LightCore Prism Break
-Stump Smash


-Scarlet Ninjini
-Polar Whirlwind

Console/Starter Pack Exclusives

Punch Pop Fizz: 3DS Stater Pack

Gnarly Tree Rex: Wii with Starter Pack

Translucent Green Gill Grunt: Skylanders Spyro's Adventure XBox Starter Pack
--Really bad timing on this one

Employee Exclusive (Christmas 2012)

-LightCore Prism Break

Toy Fair Exclusive (2013)

-Metallic Blue Chop Chop

Releases: Single Pack, Triple Pack, Battle Pack etc.

I will indicate "New" behind brand-new Skylanders.  Your old favorites listed out can be assumed to be their reposed "Series 2" releases.

Adventure Packs

Skylanders: Giants will have no new Adventure Packs.  The old APs however will work, which I assume means they'll unlock new chapters just as they did previously.

Battle Packs

In place of the Adventure Packs, Giants will feature Battle Packs.  Basically 2 characters packaged with an item that unlocks a new Battle Arena.  It is my hope, especially since there has been no confirmation of a Single Player Battle Mode, that they will also function as a "magic item" in Giants gameplay.

-Golden Dragonfire Cannon BP: Chop Chop, Golden Dragonfire Cannon, Shroomboom (New) ((GameStop Exclusive))
-Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack: Chop Chop, Shroombooom, and Dragonfire Cannon
-Scorpion Striker Battle Pack: Zap, Hot Dog, and Scorpion Striker

Triple Packs

-Triple Pack A-1: Pop Fizz, Whirlwind, Trigger Happy
-Triple Pack B:-2 Ignitor, Chill, and Zook
-Triple Pack C-3: Sonic Boom, Sprocket, Stump Smash
-Triple Pack D-4: Gill Grunt, Flashwing, Double Trouble
-Triple Pack E:-5 Prism Break, Lightning Rod, Drill Sergeant
-Triple Pack F-6: Eruptor, Stealth Elf, Terrafin
-Triple Pack G-7: Fright Rider, Wrecking Ball, Flameslinger
-Triple Pack H-8: Spyro, Bash, Hot Dog
-Triple Pack I-9: Slam Bam, Shroomboom, Hex

LightCore Triple Pack (Target Exclusive): Prism Break, Drobot, Eruptor

Legendary Triple Pack (Toys'R'Us Exclusive): Slam Bam, Jet-Vac, Ignitor

Single Packs


-Drobot-Light Core
-Eruptor-Light Core
-Prism Break-Light Core
-Jet-Vac-Light Core
-Shroomboom-Light Core
-Chill-Light Core
-Legendary Chill-Light Core
-Pop Fizz-Light Core
-Hex-Light Core

Series 2

-Terrafin-Series 2
-Slam Bam-Series 2
-Ignitor-Series 2
-Trigger Happy-Series 2
-Zook-Series 2
-Flameslinger-Series 2
-Double Trouble-Series 2
-Drill Sergeant-Series 2
-Stump Smash-Series 2
-Sonic Boom-Series 2
-Whirlwind-Series 2
-Gill Grunt-Series 2
-Bash-Series 2
-Hex-Series 2
-Prism Break-Series 2
-Stealth Elf-Series 2
-Eruptor-Series 2
-Lightning Rod-Series 2
-Cynder-Series 2
-Spyro-Series 2
-Wrecking Ball-Series 2
-Zap-Series 2
-Drobot-Series 2
-Chop Chop-Series 2


-Pop Fizz-New -Fright Rider-New
-Hot Dog-New


-Hot Head-Giant


-Portal Owner's Pack (minus Portal $59.99):
-Starter Pack (with Portal): $74.99
-Single Packs: $9.99
-Light Core Singles: $11.99
-Giant Singles: $14.99
-Triple Packs: $24.99
-Battle Packs: $24.99 (as per August 2012 GameStop Exclusive)

Castaways (Added 8/7/2012)

I thought it only fitting to make note of the Skylanders from Series 1 which are not going to be treated to a repose.  I think Part of this is based on sales, and part is based on release date.  Warnado, Camo, and Wham-Shell are all insanely popular, and a lot of people still don't have them...With people getting them May-September, it makes sense to not crank out another...With others like Boomer, Voodood and Ghost Roaster, I think it is simply based on sales.  They just didn't move as much as the others.   I am really sad not to see a Dino-Rang repose, primarly due to the fact we had so much Bash in SSA (Regular, Legendary, Blue Bash at TRU etc).  Either way, Dino-Rang will remain a favorite of mine as will Ghost Roaster!

Here is the current list of "castaways:"

-Booomer (the more people hate on him, the more I like him)
-Dino-Rang (A favorite of mine, hard to repose though)
-Ghost Roaster (Metal Head had WIN written all over it)


-The Original 32 (Green Base=Skylanders Spyro's Adventure)

The good news here is that your favorites from SSA can play in Giants AND upgrade to Level 15.  They will not have any new powers, but will supposedly enter just as you have them.  So if Terrafin is your favorite, he is maxed out with a SoulGem and down Sandhog, he should enter Chapter 1 of Giants in his killer form!

-Series 2: 8 New and 24 Re-Released from SSA's Roster (Orange Base)

Not only will all Series 2 Skylanders have the ability to upgrade to Level 15, but they will have what is known as "Wow Pow" Powers, basically something above and beyond the regular upgrade paths and Soul Gem seen with "Series 1" Skylanders.  Perhaps the best feature is that Series 2 Skylanders can switch paths.


Each of the 8 Giants will have some massive powers to match their impressive stature.

You will see Giants able to walk on enemies and over treasure etc...They will also be able to bash (ie gain entry to areas regular Skylanders can not) and throw items (like boulders, not natural powers).  As you have seen in the trailer there is also "Feats of Strength" where you have to perform a certain action to advance through the level (think Elemental Gate from SSA, but on a larger scale).

Skylanders: Giants: In Game Features

There is not going to be online play at this point.

There has still yet to be confirmation of a SINGLE PLAYER BATTLE MODE, which is what I would like to see the most in Giants. 

An August 4th, 2012 interview with Alex Ness revealed that there was a game called Sky Stones

Skylanders: Spyro Universe

This will still be around and will be adapted to accommodate new Series 2, Light Core, and Giant figures...It is also believed they  will contnue to add games etc.

What I Would Like to See


It is nice to see the game is already up for pre-order, but is that to accommodate us die-hards, or is it because they are planning to make the game a nightmare to obtain?  You know, where it comes out mid-October and you can not find it until January, or nearly get killed and/or pay 3x the retail price to land one prior to Christmas.  I would really like to see the pre-order go for us die-hards and then have it function because it lets Activision estimate interest and quantity and then work to fulfill those orders and ramp up production to match etc.

I would obviously like to see this with the game and characters.  So if someone wants to order all the new Skylanders, they can fork over the cash in December and know they will see them the same day the local stores get 2 cases to sell out in an hour.

-Release Schedule

I realize these are made overseas and stuff happens, but it would be great (once the game is out and we know the character roster) that you will land X, Y, and Z Skylander at Q, W, and E Dates.  Even if you just announce that December 1st is when you can pre-order Wave 3 Skylanders that will ship mid-January it would be huge.

The rush to hit the store and time things with trucks is fun...about once every 3 months when you actually have the stars line-up.  The scalpers need to be put at bay...Activision and their retailers are not the ones profiting it is greedy individuals who likely don't even care about the game...Just eliminate it...we will gladly pay retail, in advance of the product, to avoid hassles...

-Bigger Challenge

The game is sort of geared towards a younger audience and I understand wanting to keep it accessible, but having some way of adjusting the difficulty would be great.  A few ideas would be having something unlock after defeating Kaos for the first time, or simply having the option to select it at the title screen, or per chapter etc.

-Single Player Battle Mode**

I have still not heard if it will feature SINGLE PLAYER BATTLE MODES, but it if does not, it is a HUGE BLUNDER.  Imagine a Madden Game where you can not play a practice game without having a friend.  I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a no-brainer.


Skylanders: Giants is shaping up to be a great follow-up.  We don't have a lot of information just yet, but we should see more with trailers and screen caps released along the way.

I know I am looking forward to it and to answer a very popular question: "Yes, I plan to do unboxings and a blind playthrough of the game...much like you saw with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure."

Again, as of right now (June 18th, 2012) there is more we don't know than we do know.  I will update this as time allows, or more likely, as info is released.

**Updated August 6th, 2012.  Added a few confirmed names...Some info from an August 4th, 2012 Interview with Alex Ness, the just confirmed GameStop Battle Pack, and pricing and release dates etc (which I should have already done, just got too focused on the "cool" stuff).

**Updated August 13th, 2012.  I saw this yesterday morning, but am just now getting to post about it...Ther was another leak via an online vendor creating place holder pages (ie all the info, price etc, just waiting on image sets).  Luckily someone caught it, took screen caps, and shared with everyone.  This, for better or worse, revealed all the remaining characters OFFICIAL NAMES.  We still don't have all the info (release dates, waves, single/triple/battle pack configurations etc).  Nonetheless, this is a big deal!

Updated February 26th, 2013.  I decided to finally take the time to add in the variants and update the single pack and triple pack listings with what is currently known.


  1. Very nice post :) You might want to check this out: http://www.gamepeople.co.uk/family_wii_skylanders-giants.htm

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    1. Thanks...I haven't gotten to researc here lately, but I'll update soon. Thanks for the link...I think that same column is on a US site, just can't think of it...I recognized the graph, lol.

      Did you wind up landing everything?

    2. Hey... this interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSBdTYHnpgI) has some new info (as least to me). Most importent is, that the game will have 3 difficult levels, and can also adjust the difficulty to you as a player! This sounds pretty cool. :)

    3. Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2S3xP3Rvi8 :)

  2. Yes, the 3 Difficulty settings will be awesome. I can only hope for a Single Player Battle Mode...I would want that more than online battles if I had to pick.

    New vid was nice too...Thanks for the links.

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  3. Thought I might mention this, as I got game informer, but for those who had difficulties or wanted more of a challenge got it with Giants, as it has changes in difficulty, which is good, especially for leveling up Skylanders, but it does warn to get all Skylanders up to level 10 because of the difficulty. Also, more items will be hidden about, meaning more time finding 'em, and the Elemental Gates areas are gonna be a lot larger than before as well. That's all I know so far, but I'll keep ya posted if I find out anything else!

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    1. Yeah, I'm excited about ratcheting up the difficulty! How do you like Game Informer? I've been debating about subscribing to a gaming magazine.

  4. http://forum.darkspyro.net/spyro/viewposts.php?topic=47326

    Everything you wanted to know about Giants and more! :)

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  5. Taken from the darkspyro forum - the thread mentioned in my above post:


    Prism Break

    New Singles:
    Pop Fizz
    Fright Rider

    Series 2 Singles:
    Gill Grunt
    Slam Bam
    Trigger Happy
    Double Trouble
    Drill Sergeant
    Sonic Boom
    Stump Smash

    Triple Packs:
    A-Pop Fizz/Trigger Happy/Whirlwind
    C-Sprocket/Sonic Boom/Stump Smash
    D-Flashwing/Gill Grunt/Double Trouble

    Battle Pack:
    Chop Chop/Shroom Boom/Cannon Piece

    Not to mention Tree Rex that comes with the game.

    Notes by Eon: There are many guesses in the thread on what the Cannon Piece is (from the Battle Pack). Personally, my guess is that it's really what the name says, a piece of a cannon. And that you need 3-4 pieces (1 from each Battle Pack) to assemble the cannon - which (but only when fully assembled) can help you as a special item (as those we already know), but of course a lot stronger.

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    1. I was wrong.. It turns out that the Cannon Piece unlocks a new battle-mode arena. Another Volcanic Vault more or less.

    2. Awesome, thanks for the info Eon...I hadn't been on the forum in a few days...I'll update the info tonight if possible. You are really living up to the user name :D

  6. i have been reading that the portal owner pack only comes with 1 skylander figure which is tree rex and no new skylander i don't know if this is true but if it is then bummer

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    1. Yep, that is true. I think they should have also included Jet-Vac or a Lightcore to honor fans who bought SSA and are coming back...

  7. i live in aus and we already have it there isnt a single player battle mode as such but there is a sort of training area(similar to the hc's but not timed and you are in an arena battling enemys) My favourite so far is pop fizz (not including giants- i like all of mine; Tree REx'Crusher and Bouncer) The portal owner pack has only tree rex and wave 2 will have triple pack c and d as well as hot head and a few reposed such as drill sergeant. Thats all i got from Australia but things are shaping up to be a really good game.
    I love the difficulty settings you can choose and the new mini game skystones.

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    1. Yeah, I didn't figure they'd add single player battle mode...Really wish they would have, easier to implement than "online" imo, although that would have been far more popular.

      The training sounds interesting, I wondered what it would be like. Glad you have been enjoying it! I also agree with you on the difficulty setting..it is a big plus and will make replay much better.

  8. Well, my friend at Gamestop is going to be holding me Flashwing and Chill, so along with Jet Vac and Shoom-Boom, I'll have four new Skylanders, 1 giant, and 30 originals to start me off. :D

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    1. Hey, long time no talk! Wondered what you had been up to, lol. Wow, I have seen some stores put out "wave 2" if you will, but I don't think they were supposed to be out today. That said, if your friend has Flashwing in hand that is pretty cool! Sounds like a nice line-up...hope you enjoy it!

    2. Well, I wasn't able to get Flashwing today (Gamestop didn't have it, but they'll keep looking for her and Hot Dog), but I did manage to snag Chill, and I'm REALLY liking her! The game's pretty awesome as well, especially when you bust out a giant. I'm already at level 4 right now, and there's a lot of fun going on, but I won't spoil anything for ya. :D Still haven't gotten everything in the first three chapters, so I'll be going back to them, but one of the story scrolls drops a hint on how to get one of the newer items... Be sure to look for it! And I can't wait to play Skystones, but I haven't found out HOW to play it just yet... Oh, and Clones are back, but you'll have to watch where they're at. :D

      Well, back to the game. Gonna see how far I can get tonight while I got the time. :D

    3. Sorry about Flashwing. TRU sent out the e-mail she'd be on hand with Sprocket and Hot Head today...Most stores either didn't have them, or had a very limited supply. That said, I think we will see other retailers start to get them in...GameStop has them up online...just waiting to see when they go live.

      Believe it or not, I have not gotten to play :( I've been too busy with the unboxings and work to make it happen. Hopefully that changes tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it!

      I'll be on the lookout for the Story Scroll :)

      Just fyi some Chill's have blue lipstick as in the artwork, and others have red?! I have looked around and see primarily blue, but I've seen both Singles and Triples with blue. I got her in the Triple Pack that shipped today and should be in tomorrow or Wednesday.

    4. Well, one thing I noticed was that Pop Fizz isn't the exclusive one. He's in a triple pack and singles. I'm hoping that when I head to Gamestop tomorrow after work that I'm happily able to come back with either Flashwing or Fright Rider (Joust homage there!). :D Haven't been playing Giants this week (too tired after work), but you can bet tomorrow I'll be playing it as well as during the weekend! I think I'm getting close to halfway in the game as well! XD Might do another Dragons' Quest sequel for Giants as well but sub Flashwing for Bash. As for the Giant(s), it might be Ninjini and Tree-Rex (He's starting to grow on me!) for their support... We'll just see.

      Speaking of Skylanders and Giants, any of 'em piqued your fancy yet?

    5. Yep, Punch Pop Fizz (red) will basically be like Dark Spyro and only in the 3DS Starter Pack...or at least that is the story right now. Regular Pop Fizz is the blue color like you said and in singles and triple pack #1. He also has a LightCore, lol. I hope he is a great character to have that much going on!

      I had to run out-of-town (still haven't played), but I saw that GameStops were getting Wave 2 in late in the week. So...Did you get lucky? Hopefully you got Flashwing. I can usually find Fright Rider hanging around...he would be great too with Halloween coming up Wednesday!

      I feel you on being too tired to play...I want to, just honestly haven't had time (it would seriously be like 5-7 AM before work...with no sleep, haha).

      Very nice progress! Are you liking it more than SSA? Series 2 Bash looks pretty cool imo.

      Also have to agree with you on Tree Rex. I was most excited for Crusher, think Eye Brawl looks cool, but I actually have Tree Rex right up there with them!

      Just fyi there is going to be a Scarlet Ninjini. Idk if it will be like the Polar Whirlwind and Rock Zook, or if she'll be easier to find like Granite Crusher.

      As far as what I'm looking forward to...Jet-Vac and Fright Rider as well as Crusher, Eye Brawl, and Tree Rex. And at this point in time just the game in general, lol. Only 2:30 AM, I think I'll fire it up! Hope you're getting a lot of time in on it!

    6. I ended up snagging Fright Rider (last one in Gamestop!), but they haven't gotten another shipment in yet, but they'll keep a watch for not only Flashwing, but also Ninjini and Hot Dog for me. I'll likely pick up Pop Fizz next week.

      Speaking of the game, I'm already at the final chapter (batteries on the portal went out three times and once one the remote), but I'm going to work on getting the Skylanders ready. Been mostly using Chill, Fright Rider, Terrafin, Boomer, Warnado, Double Trouble, and Inferno a lot, mainly since unlike in the original Skylanders, I wasn't using 'em a lot. Oh, and Tree Rex. After Pop Fizz is got, it'll be time to get Empire of Ice (still haven't picked it up yet), so I can take the Skylanders through it on both games, and I FINALLY got to take Spyro through Wham-Shell's trial, so once we get Slam-Bam's, he'll be the first to get them all... Once we figure out Terrafin's, that is, lol. XD

      Been doing a blind playthrough, but I can tell ya, the third chapter from the end is going to be a blast, and you'll LOVE the music there! Also, be sure to keep a lookout for some familiar characters from the APs and the first game as well, as they're scattered about.

    7. Very nice! Since it is Halloween (one of my favorite holidays) I made a point to record Fright Rider's unboxing tonight (I actually played with him last night, lol).

      I'm going to hit my GameStop and see if they'll keep an eye out for me as well...I'm thinking I'll do the Triples, but not sure. First plan was to just do new characters, but now I'm thinking of doing all the Series 2 as well :s

      I am guessing we will see the next wave mid November or so...I could be wrong though. L-Stealth Elf is to hit Canadian TRUs around 11/2 (They got L-Trigger Happy first too).

      Good grief! You're making some progress, lol. I'm awaiting Ch 3 at this point. I feel for you on the batteries...that is the cool thing about the wired portal, although on the flip side it stays on and lit until you unlpug the Wii or the Portal :(

      Terrafin, Warnado, and Double Trouble are amongst my favorites! I think you'll like Slam Bam too...Empire of Ice was a unique level. Congrats on almost pulling off the 32 HC feat! Cool you are letting Spyro do it first! Slam Bam's isn't too bad...I did again last night with L-Slam Bam, lol.

      Very cool...I will hold you to it! I guess I'm only 10 away from that one (assuming there are 16). I was STOKED to see T-Bone last night in Fright Rider's Heroic Challenge...I really hope he has a part in Giants. He was right up their with Flynn in my book. Sadly, I noticed his voice was different, but still...his levels were awesome and he was hilarious.

      How are you doing now? Hope you land EoI and get everyone ready for the final battle! That will unlock Nightmare Mode if you want to make your Dragon Quest that much harder!

    8. Well, I didn't get EoI this weekend (had something I wanted to get on a pet site), but I did manage to get Pop Fizz, so that means I have the first four new Skylanders (besides Jet-Vac... He BETTER come out in singles!) that you can get in packs. That means next week, I'll either get EoI or one of the three Giants that're out right now... Trying to decide if I'm gonna get Swarm or Bouncer first... Both look pretty awesome! However, if they get out the next wave next week, you KNOW I'll be looking for Hot Dog, Flashwing, and whoever else comes out. :)

      As for the game, I haven't played it this weekend yet, but I think I'll start it soon... Gonna bring over Terrafin and the others so that they can get those HC's for Chill and the others. Chill's been taken down the lance path, and Fright Rider has been taken down the combo path (cause I love his multiple Ostrich head attack!). Pop Fizz and Shroom-Boom I've yet to decide, but finding an area to really rake in the cash has been slightly tricky as well.

    9. One thing I noticed in your first video. You said that Jet-Vac comes in all Starter Kits except for the 3DS one. He only comes in the Starter Kits and not the Portal Masters pack (which I was sad to find out). Thought I might point that out.

    10. By the way, if you need any help on any of the areas, just ask. :) I'm pretty much through them all, even though I'm right now going back through the areas for the time being.

    11. Sorry about EoI, but it will still be around. Jet-Vac should be out in a single pack, but it might be later on...That said, you can get his LightCore version right now if you can't hold out...

      I have played both and can't comment on them bc I've yet to upgrade either...I think Bouncer plays the quickest, although Swarm moves fast when you fly (B button). Crusher's Heroic Challenge is really tough with a stock Crusher...I got 3-4 tries in on his video (part 13) and never got it.

      If you get out and see Hot Head I'd grab him first as he is insanely hard to track down at the moment. For what it is worth Granite Crusher has some pretty sweet stats over his regular counterpart!

      Hope you enjoy Terrafin...Chill has a lance path? I'll have to take that since it is my name ;) I'm going to unbox her tonight or tomorrow.

      I've had good luck with Fright Rider's primary attack so far too...I'll likely try it first.

      I'll have to go re-watch that, lol. I alternate Starter Pack and Starter Kit when I talk just like I do Defense and Armor on the stat cards, lol. But yeah, they really kind of stuck it to anyone that was a SSA fan and just wanted the Portal Owner's Pack...Should have included at least Jet-Vac in it.

      Thanks. I've recorded through Cut Throat Carnival and have missed something in every level. I'm debating playing on or going back every 4 levels and picking up what I've missed etc.

      I might take you up on it if I get stuck looking for treasure, lol.

    12. Well, I can tell you, you helped me find something on Junkyard Isles last night when I was watching the video of it yesterday. :) I'll be sure to record on each level where each thing is (might use the Dragons for the replays through, lol, since the main game I'm using for all Skylanders this time around).

    13. You were saying that Pop Fizz's HC would be tough to do with an upgraded Skylander... Well, I can tell ya, when I took Spyro through it, he didn't have trouble with it... Chill's, well... Not so easy for a speedy Skylander... Took me about five times before I got THAT one completed!

      Oh, and the Arachnid Antichamber one you couldn't figure out was Sunburn's. :) Hope that helps!

    14. Cool, glad the vids helped! I had hoped to be knee deep in recording, but stuff always comes up :( I do have all the parts through Chapter 4 recorded, edited, and ready to upload. I also did a few more unboxings tonight I'll need to process...I think I'll intro the characters next!

      It is a good idea to document where everything is, lol. I should prob try and do that in a text form for over here. Hope the dragon replay goes smooth...guess you'll still have to upgrade and get everyone ready for the final chapter though.

      Cool, I will have to try it out. I just unboxed Chill so I will soon have access to her challenge, lol.

      Ah, thanks! I haven't recorded again so I still haven't looked it up, lol. I'm going to start making the Giants Heroic Challenge post soon...

    15. Well, Wave 2 has just hit the shelves, as I found out when I went to Gamestop, and I was delightfully surprised when I went there just a bit ago, because not only did I snag the last Jet-Vac (FINALLY!), but I also got the last Triple Pack... WITH FLASHWING IN IT! :D I also had 'em hold me a Sprocket as well for next week, since I'll pick her up then. :) Oh, and Gill Grunt and DT came with Flashwing, and I haven't upgraded Fright Rider and Chill to where I think they might have trouble, so that'll be good, but I'm worried about Tree Rex going through it...

      Anyhow, now that I have Flashwing, I'm going to start leveling her up, because now, with her in my possession, I can now begin the follow-up to the Skylanders "Dragons' Quest"! :D Wish me luck!

      Oh, and at my local Game Exchange, I picked up a second 1st edition Spyro. :P Now, my original one, who I nicknamed "Bahamut", doesn't have to be reset for Sheep Burner. :D

    16. Oh, and another thing... The Jet-Vac that I picked up was a LIGHT CORE Jet-Vac! Doubly cool! I didn't know it until I placed him on the Portal of Power, so not only did I get two of my most wanted Skylanders, but I also got my FIRST Light Core Skylander! Who'd have thought I'd gotten THAT lucky?

      Well, going to test them both out in the game and get some more HC's done as well (including DT's, which I dread... XP).

    17. Oh, I saw that you said that you were hoping that Flashwing was going to be awesome because you had high hopes for her? Well, I can tell ya from the playthrough with her, even when she was box stock before I did some upgrading on her (had to put a hat on her until she was leveled up a bit though), she was rocking things out! My Flashwing took on the first 13 challenges I had (I'm gonna need to get the second pose skylanders to let the others do more HC's, since even bringing over the green based ones isn't letting them access their HC's... Don't know if that's a glitch or not), she went from level one to level five, and by the time we got to chapter three, she was already at level ten! Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Just like Jet-Vac, I'm taking her down her secondary attack mainly cause I like how it's both offensive and defensive. If I find the other version of her, I might take that one down the primary path.

    18. Oh wow...nice haul! I think you made the right call going with Triple Pack 4 and LC Jet-Vac and waiting on Sprocket. She will prob be fun, but her secondary attack is like Hex's in that it takes FOREVER to set up and then lacks range enough to really function...

      DT's HC is the same one..."You Break It, You Buy It." You definitely did the right thing waiting to upgrade...I think Fright Rider in stock form will handle it pretty well. Oh, and Gill Grunt is probably one of the best S2 in terms of the repose detail...I just thought he was taller til unboxing him and saw it was the water pack!

      I actually don't know of any Giant that will be easy to take thru DT's HC :(

      Hope you enjoy the new Spyro as well! Sheepburner is pretty good imo.

      Jet-Vac is right up there with Prism Break on my LC "looks" list...he just lights up very well. I'm not sure since they aren't all out, but Jet-Vac's LC will prob be my favorite "new" Skylander.

    19. Nice! I was hoping she'd be solid...I haven't really gotten to do much with her since her HC doesn't involve much "combat," but I was looking forward to seeing what the "spin" does!

      I'm not sure when or where Jade Flashwing will come out...as in idk if it will be a "chase" or just kind of a store exclusive, but that is what I'd like to do as well.

      As for the S1 Skylanders....they sadly do not bring their HCs over with them. Your S2 Gill Grunt and Double Trouble will have challenges like you said...They can go to SSA and do all the challenges, and have credit for them in Giants. New Characters though can't do jack in Giants...so you really do have to have the new ones to "fully max" the new ones and Giants out.

    20. Well, got my next four Skylanders this weekend: Two of DroBot (Season 1 and Light Core (Season 1 was free with the purchase of two Skylanders Giants figures)), Sprocket, and Hot Head.

      Speaking of Hot Head, if you're still looking for him, you can find him at Target. Also, exclusive to Target is Granite Crusher, and I saw singles of Flashwing there, if anyone missed the triple pack with her in it. That means I have two more challenges for Spyro, Drobot's challenge for the new ones (which I dread with the giants), and four more Skylanders to play with. Will have to wait til after Wreck-it Ralph to play more, so I'm gonna work on the HC's for the time being.

    21. Well, I can say that doing DT's HC isn't going to be hard for any Giant (got Hot Head through that!)... Drobot's, well.... That one takes a bit of fine tuning to get past it. Took me three times to do so.

      However, I do want to warn you of a glitch that I just encountered. When you get to the level that is known as "____ ____ Security" (that's all I'm saying of the title), once you pass it, if you're doing a replay through it on a new save slot (since your LP will show the movie), don't, and I mean DON'T, skip that cut scene, cause if you do, the loading screen will freeze there, forcing you to power off the Wii causing you to lose that you beat that level! How do I know this? because I just had it happen on the Dragons' Quest. It's not as annoying as say the Weapon Master Glitch from the first game, but still, I'd watch out for it.

    22. Oh what?! You landed Hot Head?! Very nice! I was shocked to find him locally Thurs night. I actually recorded LC Drobot and Hot Head's Intros and HCs last night, lol....good timing! Drobot's is basically unchanged since last time. I haven't tried a Giant in it, BUT I was very worried about Giants in Double Troubles.

      Are you saying you've gotten them thru it with no issue? I kind of saw Crusher and maybe Tree Rex having trouble in it.

      Hope you enjoyed the movie!

    23. Oh thanks for the heads up! The way I am doing this one is having the Top File on "Easy" for the playthrough, which like you said would see the cut scene/movie etc.

      BUT then I have the 4th Save file on "Hard" that I just go through and collect everything etc in the event that "easy" doesn't unlock nightmare AND so if something like the weapon master glitch happens I have a back up save file almost right where I left off...

      That sounds like a total pain (esp since it is AFTER the level is done). And I would have skipped the cut scene in the "Hard" save file as I skip everything in it, lol.

      I'll try to point that out when I get to it...should know the level as I'm guessing it is the only one that ends in Security, lol.

      Thanks for the heads up! At least your character data should have saved...still sucks to have to reply anything due to a glitch.

    24. Well, the good news is that I skipped it a second time on that same file, and I was able to get through this time around, so it might have been the Wii just acting up.

      As for who's helping the Dragons now, it's Hot Head. Man, I got him through all the challenges that I had, and he moves QUICK now! Even quicker than Tree Rex! We're getting close to the next level, which has one of the most enjoyable boss battles that I've ever seen! :D Trust me, when you get there, you'll have a blast!

      Still trying to find some more cash, as sometimes in Auric's shop, he has HC's, which some of my Skylanders need, but they can be pretty steep! X_X

    25. Oh, here's a tip concerning DT's HC, since I've passed it with Hot Head, since I haven't done it with Tree Rex yet. Use the Flamethrower as much as you can and be sure to be turned away from the paintings. It's just like when I took my fully-upgraded Sunburn through it. I'm a bit afraid to take Tree Rex through it, even though I have his cannon, but I can tell ya, DON'T use the slam or charge.

    26. Nice, glad to hear it might have just been an issue with the Wii...watching those cutscenes eats up valuable play time!

      Nice...I really wanted to get him through some more stuff, but I watched the Cowboys game and then took off for my Wii U...I unboxed it and some games, and then did the update...just finished playing around on it...It is pretty cool!
      I'm tempted to fire up the Wii and play Ch 5 on my Hard File, but that would put me going to bed at 5 AM again...on a work day, lol. I'll try and hit it tonight.

      I debated if I should record HCs with a Giant (all of them) and Hot Head seemed like my choice bc he doesn't drop frames like Crusher/Tree Rex, but I might not do that just so I can enjoy him now, lol. I took Terrafin through 16 the other night, might do the same for Hot Head...a fast Giant will be a great Giant!

      I'm looking forward to it...guess I"ll know what you mean when I get there :D

      I agree...cash is hard to come by in Giants. I know you should basically just buy all his stuff if you've got the cash, but since I haven't upgraded I was holding out...I did think that I could use my old S1s that are fully maxed out to buy from him though...they can't use the money otherwise!

      Tree Rex and Crusher are who concern me the most in DTs...I think Bouncer might fare well. I think tomorrow I'll try Hot Head's hand at it...then with Drobots...I'll see how it goes!

    27. Well, some more good news concerning Giants. Last night, I completed all 21 arena challenges, and I got my first Skylander up to level 15! It wasn't Spyro or one of the old guards... It was my new-found favorite, Flashwing! :D Yup, she's fully leveled, so all we need is her Soul Gem, which is conveniently in the final chapter of the game.

      Also, Hot Head is nearly fully boosted up with his upgrades (for Pick your path, I went with the bottom set... That looks badass!), so with those hard levels on the HC's outta the way, all I need to do is get the other HC's (gonna dread Swarm's from how many times it took you to do it) and try to nab Granite Crusher if I can find him.

      For cash, at least for a more-upgraded Skylander like Flashwing or DroBot, the next to the last arena challenge puts out a hefty 2300 gold each time you beat it, which'll make those two my two cash cows when going back through the levels to pick up the things I missed from Auric. I repeat, do NOT try to repeat that final arena challenge (as in #21), because that drove me off the wall, even for Drobot and Flashwing, who was doing excellent up until that point.

    28. Oh, on Drobot's... Be VERY careful about where you step, since of course, Chompies can be killed by the stomp. Took some time to get that figured out with Hot Head.

    29. And, some decent luck today. While I missed out on EoI (should've picked that up last week), I DID manage to snag Granite Crusher, and because I have missed EoI, I got the Series 2 Slam-Bam as well, but this makes it now where Spyro, Cynder, and Sunburn all have completed all of the Skylanders 1 challenges! :D

      Oh, and on another note: I found out what the max number of owls each Skylander and Giant can carry (Hot Head helped me with that one). Regular Skylanders can carry up to six owls (so, if you don't get hit, you can get it done within three sets), while Giants can carry eight owls (same amount of times).

      I've also heard that the next wave of Skylanders should be hitting the stores around January, but I can't confirm that yet. Heard it from my friends at Gamestop.

    30. Forgot to mention this, but if there are some having issues getting Light Core DroBot, Eruptor, and Prism Break, Target has an exclusive three pack of them. It'll cost ya $24.99, but that's a pretty nice deal since all three of 'em individually would cost together about $33, so that saves you some money getting the triple pack.

    31. Sorry for the slow reply..I was out-of-town for Thanksgiving and have been busy. Sounds like you have been busy too!

      I was playing with Flashwing a lot the last few nights, but she is still box stock with me...I did get my first few "newlanders" to Level 10, lol. I really need to do some upgrades, lol...you're making it hard to resist!

      So you mean to tell me that Arena Challenge #20 shells out $2300? That is sweet! I was thinking it would take a small eternity of replaying levels to get each Skylander up to purchasing everything, let alone Auric's ridiculously expensive stuff. I think I have only done 2 or 3 of them (first ones with Brock).

      I'll look forward to #21, lol. I think there is an Accolade just for beating them all so I guess it is worth it! Does it pay out better than #20?

      Yeah, I'm thinking the Giants will have a hard time with several HCs sadly.

    32. Yeah that triple pack is a great deal...I learned about it a few weeks AFTER getting them all solo :s I finally saw it at my Target last night tho...before that it was online only, lol.

      Cool you got Granite Crusher! I had heard some people reported him "restocked" but when I was running my errands Thurs night I did not see any trace of him...I haven't seen any GC's since I got the last 2 on launch day...although their website has had him up for awhile. I really like Crusher's light-up in both standard and Granite.

      Haha, glad you FINALLY got Slam Bam! I think you will like him once he is upgrade...he's a pretty "cool" Skylander :p (Haha, I get cheesier as it gets later). I took him down Blizzard Brawler.

      So you mean to tell me that S2 Slam Bam unlocks the HC in Spyro's Adventure? I haven't been able to test that yet since I have all 32 and haven't started a new save file...that is a big perk for those just getting into the game, or faced with buying multiples...That really makes it pointless to buy S1 if you are on a budget...should help a lot of people out.

      Yep, I maxed out and couldn't carry owls with some other Skylanders. I really only seem to have trouble in that one with Crusher (at least out of those that have attempted it thus far).

      I've been out of the loop, but that sounds right as that is when stuff hit last year...I think I saw someone mention Thumpback and a December listing etc. I'm kind of surprised they haven't gotten more out by now for Christmas etc. Hopefully they will be easier to find this time around.

    33. My goof on that one on the arena challenge. It pays out $1100 per win, but I forgot how much the last one does, but each one of the arena battles sets ends with that same challenge (get hit once, and you're done), but it's one of the worse of the final ones.

      Don't know if S2 Slam-Bam unlocks the HC, but I can take one of the three who has 'em all back over to Skylanders to get that accolade at least. Getting all of the ones who have the first HC's through the newest ones (besides Swarm's, that is. I got Spyro and Flashwing through it before I got frustrated on it) and get them fully leveled before I try to take on the final level.

      Hot Head's leveling pretty nicely, so he'll be set to go when the time is right. :)

    34. Another thing about Flashwing's projectile attack is its range. In fact, if you go back to the Junkyard Isles and to the earth elemental gate, try standing at one wall and shooting the rocks and crystals on the opposite side of area with Flashwing's crystals. Yup, they go ALL THE WAY ACROSS! :D Thought I might point that out. :)

    35. Ah, still $1100 is pretty nice...wish it was $2300 though, lol. I hate things like that...reminds me of the "Daredevil Comets" in Super Mario Galaxy...Remember Bouldergeist? Lol...talk about a pain.

      I need to do the same on the Heroics, but have just been super busy. Swarm's is a total pain...I think after the first 10-15 get thru we might fair better...there really seems to be no rhyme or reason to the last few turrets. I've tried timing, but you seem to still have to clear out the rocks :s

      Funny you would mention her range...I can't remember where (I think the canyon level). I was using her and commented on how far she could shoot...a direct comparison to the lackluster range of Sprocket's secondary attack.

      I'm still debating when to level up. Last time I played I took out Drill-X, I think I'll record again tonight though...

      I'm trying to hold out to make a decent "upgrade" video for each character, but at the same time that sucks for me bc I dont' get to enjoy the upgrades one at a time, lol.

      Hope you're making some progress!

    36. Well, I've been doing pretty good (though work has been a pain), but I FINALLY managed to nab EoI finally! Also got me Bouncer and a second Bash as well.

      I also found that Hot Dog is going to be next in a battle pack, the Skylanders Giants Scorpion Striker Battle Pack, along with series 2 Zap. Also, if you want to get it a month earlier than the other stores, Gamestop is going to be getting it then.

      Also, before you know it, I'll have my own Series 2 Cynder and Punch Pop Fizz, as I'm getting the starter pack for the 3DS for Christmas (after I get off work, that is).

      About to go get Flashwing and the others so they can take on the challenges and the dragons can go through EoI finally!

    37. PS: Here's the link with the information, so you can pass it onto your followers: http://www.gamestop.com/toys/skylanders-giants-scorpion-striker-battle-pack/107129

      I preordered mine yesterday. :)

    38. Oh, and another thing here just happened. :D "Dragons Quest - The Sequel" just finished up the final battle against Kaos! Though, I have to say, he was MUCH easier this time around than the last time around, but then again, I was on Easy Mode. :P You get help as well, and watch after the credits for a special ending... You're going to laugh so hard!

      Saw you beat Drill-X as well. How'd you enjoy that battle? Pretty fun, eh?

    39. Nice, wondered where you'd been...I'm ready for the Kaos battle (although I have no upgrades, lol). Hope work will cut you some slack around Christmas and New Years so you can enjoy EoI and Giants 3DS!

      Bouncer, despite me not looking forward to him, is a pretty good Giant imo. Definitely plays better than I expected. Is your Bash S1 or S2?

      Yep, I had a post all about the Scorpion Striker BP...I have mine pre-ordered too. It was supposed to be 1-1-13, but I saw now it is 1-9-13 :( I'm looking forward to Hot Dog AND Zap to see what his WowPow is.

      I have honestly yet to play Giants on the 3DS, but I have used Punch Pop Fizz. Hope you like it!

      Oh nice...the good thing with Flashwing already out is that you don't have to wait for the dragon's this time around! I'm on "Easy" in this playthrough too, that is why I was debating taking him on with "stock" Skylanders :D Congrats on taking him down...maybe he'll be tougher on Nightmare Mode.

      I'll be sure to watch for the ending...I'm hoping Flynn steals the show again.

      Drill-X was interesting...I really liked the sing-along element...it was actually catchy imo, lol. I was wishing it was on the soundtrack, but the previews don't show it.

    40. S2 Bash, actually. Took Cynder though EoI for the Dragons (with Flashwing playing through Pirate Seas and Spyro going through Darklight Crypt).

      That last level is challenging, especially some of the puzzles... If you hate that Robotoball, you'll have to deal with it, and conveyor belts -- not at the same time, I can assure you. Also, hope you've been collecting a lot of cash, cause there is one of the BEST Skystones there as well... I unfortunately didn't have enough for it.

      Took Sunburn back to the original Skylanders, and Cali didn't even recognize that he had all 32 HC's done... *sigh* Gonna have to try to get me a Wham-Shell, even if he's from Ebay...

    41. Merry Christmas! Well, I got some cash for Christmas, and I got today off (thought I was going to have to work, but things were going so slow that they started letting people off, and I was the first one let off!), so I was able to go to Gamestop and get my not only the Starter Pack for the 3DS (With Punch Pop Fizz and S2 Cynder along with a second Tree-Rex), but also Ignitor and Terrafin (so second of each to take down the other paths I didn't take 'em down). Also have a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card, so I might snag me some more Skylanders with it (Gonna try to nab 'em all before January to be fully caught up when the next wave hits).

      Hope you have a great Christmas!

      PS: EOI is great fun for today, since one of the hats is a Santa Hat (Cynder and Flashwing are wearing it right now). :D

    42. Holy Frak! Cynder's new HC is a pain in the arse to beat! They gave her a doozy this time around, as not even Sunburn's made it through even his second time. Do you have a playthrough of it yet?

    43. Well, I got past Cynder's, and I gotta admit, it's a blast to play (once I figured it out, that is), especially at the end of it! XD

      Camo, surprisingly, has FINALLY got through DT's level! It took a bit of finessing, but works with the other dragons helped me figure it out. Now, only DroBot and Bash are the only two who haven't gotten through it (the first ones, not Light Core, my second first gen, or second gen Bash).

      On a side note, I'm getting stuck in a few parts of Giants for the 3DS, especially on Tiki Island's sliding blocks area (the bamboo part, that is) and that darn Air Elemental gate! Think you might be doing a play-through of it eventually?

    44. Don't know how I missed your 2 AM comment, lol. I should have hit it last night. I just got done wrapping presents and making cards. I had hoped to make a Christmas Channel Update vid, but I'm too tired to do it, lol.

      Are you talking Ch 16, or Darklight Crypt as being tough? I haven't done any of the Adventure Packs in Giants yet...although a run through Empire of Ice sounds fun! (Sidenote, it is really windy here and I think it might snow. 2 White Christmas days!). I do have some cash, but I've been saving up to get upgrades...I figure I'll do that and THEN get all the stuff Auric has (nutty guy has new hats and stones in pretty much every level!).

      Someone else (I think on facebook) mentioned to me they were having Heroics not register after completing them?! Wonder what is up with that? Hope it gets worked out.

      Very cool you got off work early! Nice haul at GameStop too! I've had like 4 messages today from people telling me Ignitor was their favorite, lol. Terrafin is still at the top of my list. I always wanted a 2nd Terrafin for the brawler path (I did Sandhog), but since he was with Pirate Seas I never pulled the trigger...Now that S2 is out I figured I'd take him down Bralwer first and then switch if I don't like it (that is probably the best add on...getting to switch paths WITHOUT resetting).

      Hope you get luck at Walmart...there are a few new variants...One is a TFB/Activision "snow" Prism Break, but I've heard of a "flocked" Prism Break as well (although I've not seen pics). I think it came from Walmart...keep your eyes out for that and glitter variants, lol.

      You know, I thought of this a few weeks ago, but I think I may have skipped introducing her and her Heroic Challenge, lol. I'm not sure if I didn't just do that since she was a GITD or what?! I'll have to check her (haven't used her in a long time). I could tell they switched it bc it had like dancing rotting robbies and I remember from SSA it was "Dungeoness Creeps" (or at least I think it was).

      You know, I got Giants 3DS on launch day and have yet to play it...I hope to over the Christmas/New Year's break...Also hope to finish Prof. Layton and the Curious Village too, lol...and play new Wii U stuff...just not enough time :s

      Hope you have a great Christmas as well! Let me know if you find anything cool!

    45. Chapter 16. Darklight Crypt is as fun as ever.

      Yea, Dungeoness Creeps was her original one (though, Chop-Chop got it this time around instead of the Pod Guantlet... Found that out after taking a few of the dragons back to level up... And You Break It, You Buy It! (DT's HC) was originally a speed challenge rather than a critical hit one, so I guess those completing it there get the speed rather than the Critical hit that the new gang gets.

      Heh. You should see my desk atm. Got all my dragons plus a mini portal and Swarm all sitting around the computer along with some of my Final Fantasy stuff... They kinda didn't want to be left in the box atm. :P

    46. Ah, nice. I always kind of held DLCrypt as the best AP due to the length, enemy count, and boss at the end. I guess that is where you cited the lock puzzles? I still remember what a pain it was in SSA to get the one for the Flamingo (Leg. Treasure) if I remember right.

      I wonder why they switched them up like they did? It honestly does make more sense for "You Break It, You Buy It" to be Critical Hit over Speed, but still.

      Haha, I know the feeling...someday I'd like to play pool again...I've go the S1s all arced around the portal, unopened Skylanders around the portal there, variants bordering that, and then all the Giants and S2 that are open off to the side of my desk by the wired portal to the wii, lol.

      Hope you had a great Christmas! Did you land anything else cool?!

    47. Actually, a few cool games, including the Kid Icarus game for the 3DS and two of my favorite gameshows made as games for the Wii: Deal or No Deal and Minute to Win It.

      We also got about a foot of snow here last night, and I've gotta head to work even though they're telling us to stay off the road... The Dragons are gonna accompany me to work today (Sunburn and Flashwing usually do, but this time, it's the entire crew, sans doubles). Gonna be a bit like EoI, only without the Ice Ogres, Snowball Fights, and Ice Cacti! XD

    48. Very nice! I've heard Uprising is pretty cool. My nephew had us get Wheel of Fortune when it came out and it is actually pretty good too...you can use Wii Speak, lol. I've never heard of Minute to Win It...I'll have to check it out.

      Geez, y'all got more than us! Are you up in the Northeast or something? We had 3' but it was all in drift form, lol. I think we had 4" or so but the wind was so bad it just made most of the landscape look like a dusting and the rest big drifts!

      Hope you got to and from work okay...and if it was that bad and they made you stay hopefully you got some 3DS time in with the dragons!

      And hey, like you said, at least there isn't any of that hard-to-avoid Ice Cacti ;)

    49. Yea, it was here in Arkansas that it happened, but thankfully, things weren't as bad as we thought... Still did a bit of slipping and sliding the first day, though!

      I have to say, I think the dragons must've been a bit surprised seeing a RL EoI just after they'd beaten it in game. :P Then again, that's just me.

    50. Ah, that explains it...I would have been in OKC if not for the storm. The snow stuck around here in TX, but last night when I was out everything was iced over from melting and refreezing...Granted, several stores didn't bother to turn off their sprinklers so it contributed to the massive icy grass patches, lol.

      I bet they were excited riding shotgun thru an IRL EoI, lol.

      I found a S2 Stealth Elf and Eruptor at TRU last night, but passed. Tried to find some more S2 today and came up empty. I did notice they were all (minus LC Shroomboom) easy to find online, but I'm holding out till I get to GameStop to see if they have any of them. TRU did a $1 price hike and kind of ticked me off, lol. They do have the BOGO 40%, but when you factor in freight it comes out cheaper to buy locally or use Amazon etc.

      The stores have all been ransacked here :(

      Oh, and we are supposed to get wintry precip again on New Years Eve (ever notice it tend to hit on holidays and weekends, lol)?! Guess you'll see it shortly after we do!

      If I ever travel east maybe I'll get a Street Pass Tag from you ;)

    51. Well, I managed to head uptown today and got me three Skylanders - Zook (Now I can do his new HC), a second Flashwing (Because I love her so much and want to take her down both paths but not reset my level 15 one I already own), and a Glow-in-the-Dark Sonic Boom! The first two I got from Gamestop, and when I headed to Wal-Mart (cause I got me a $50 gift card from my brother for that place), I wanted to be able to pick me up some Skylanders there, but surprisingly, they only had Glow-in-the-Dark Sonic Boom (10 copies!) because all the rest of 'em had been bought and most were looking for giants now.

      Also, continuing with Skylanders stuff, I got me a stylus with a bobbling Spyro and some new headphones with Spyro on 'em, as my old ones were getting pretty tattered up. So now, except for Sunburn, once Zap and Spyro comes out, all of the Dragons will have doubles.

      I've been seeing S2 Eruptors, Prism Breaks, Whirlwinds, Sonic Booms, and Stump Smashes at Gamestop, but they said that they did have S2 Lightning Rod at one point, and the S2 Zook was the last one there, so I went on and picked him up as well.

    52. Nice, glad you were able to trek out again and not just for work. We finally got rid of the ice today. Zook's HC is a bit complex if I remember it right (I think it is the Sheep herding one) that can be a bit tricky...kind of fun though. Cool you got the second Flashwing! I think you are supposed to be able to just switch upgrade paths and keep all your other upgrades and Level 15 status etc. I've yet to get to that point, but it was supposed to be a new feature. That said having 2 is still the way to go imo. I think the 3rd game will have a new Suburn pose!

      Yeah, Walmart tends to stock their special stuff, lol. That said, if you try it out GITD Sonic Boom is really good...The GITD Cynder from my starter packs seem to have not been done as well...you can see it in the glow actually.

      Sorry they were picked over...that is what I'm running into...Haha, I love the bobble stylus stuff...I have a Chop Chop from last year I use for Prof Layton that I keep by my bed and then I got a Terrafin one that I'm currently using on the Wii U Game Pad! Have you tried the headphones out yet? Are they the headphones or ear buds? I'd like to get another set of earbuds...nearly bought the Bash ones, lol.

      Nice, thanks for the update...I sadly didn't get to make it to GameStop today and missed my usual trip too (thanks to the weather). Prism Break, Lightning Rod, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor are all on my list. Cool you got the last Zook...I actually think he is really under rated.

      Well, I'm off to play some on the "hard" save file to get the Legendaries progressing...Hope you enjoy Zook's HC!

    53. Yea, they're the headphones. They're nice in that I can't really hear anything other than the music, so that's cool... bad thing is sometimes I have 'em too tight and they hurt my ears, lol.

      I may try to go to Wal-Mart later this week and see what they have. Who knows? Maybe I'll spot Stealth Elf or L-Rod this time, since I know that I can find Stump Smash, Prism break, and Eruptor at my Gamestop. At least after getting up early tomorrow morning, when I get home tomorrow afternoon, I can play and have fun until Wednesday night, where then I have to go to bed early once again.

    54. Was watching you play Sprocket's HC, and I have to say, it's one of my more favorite HC's to level up Skylanders in (The Batterson one and Fright Rider's also do good in that). Many of times, I'll take new Skylanders through those just to safely level them up, since some of the levels can be a pain to do so.

    55. Well, I started taking the Dragons through Zook's HC, and once again, Flashwing performed with flying colors (She's easily my go-to girl now). However, when I tried taking Spyro (my Sheepburner one, not the other one) through it, he had a bit more problems, so we had to end his early. Cynder, Whirlwind, Zap, and Camo have all passed it easily leaving only Sunburn, Spyro, DroBot, and Bash (that's going to be fun!) to complete the challenge along with Giants Swarm and Hot Head (who are their support) to complete it.

      Oh, and about going up to level 15 and trying to switch paths with the new Skylanders? It doesn't happen. I tried it with Flashwing, but no dice. Good thing I got a second of her to take her down the second path, eh? :P Might take her box stock through all the HC's to see how she does, just like you did Warnado during tomorrow's antics and see how she does. Wish us luck!

    56. Thanks for the insights...if they make Terrafin, Slam Bam, or Warnado I may spring for them, lol. My issue is usually if I move my head wrong/too much the headphones fall off...if you watch enough of the playthroughs you have probably heard that really loud sound that is the headset falling or me catching it and preventing the fall, lol. Granted that is a headset, so I might have better luck with headphones although I'm also not a fan of having my ears bent :s

      That is a good one...really enjoy Batterson's...once you get them down they are just like the SSA HCs, just a lot longer! The location of the bonus time etc helps out.

      Looks like she is becoming your favorite! That challenge can just be a pain in general...I remember chasing sheep I was sure I had just herded, lol. Seems like the Giants might fair well in it.

      Weird, that was one of the selling points. I'll have to investigate all this as I get to that point. I haven't really had any free time this break...I did get a little in last night and got on the Wii U for the first time in about a month. Spent a bit of time with Layton too. But yeah, definitely a good call to get her clone!

      That would be cool and spice things up a bit for you...I really enjoy doing stuff box stock as it adds to the challenge.

      Keep me posted on what you find at Walmart if you make it..I'm bummed GameStop pushed back the Scorpion Stiker to 1/9 as I had planned to pick it up early on New Year's Day to unbox and play with Hot Dog and Zap :(

      That said, at least it gives you more free time to ring in 2013 with your Dragon Quest...Good luck!

    57. Well, I just took my Box-Stock Flashwing through the 28 HCs that I had (just need Stump Smash, Eruptor, and Prism Break to get the others, and once I can find L-Rod and Stealth Elf, I'll grab 'em), and I have to say, she did pretty well, although there were a few hitches with Shoot First, Shoot Later (as usual), Spawner Cave, and Lobs 'O Fun being the major ones (took the wrong path on those last two), but she went from level one to level nine easily. :D

      Continuing this, either my second Gen Cynder or LightCore DroBot will be taken through all HC's on SSA and Giants, since Flashwing can't go to SSA.

    58. Well, my box-stock S2 Cynder didn't want to be left behind, so I took her through all the HC's in SSA and Giants (was playing 'em when the New Year came along), and she went from level one all the way to almost level 11! But, Flashwing's still awesome for a box-stock run. :D You should try her in the next box-stock all HC run. :D

    59. Nice, sounds like you got a lot done on the last day of 2012! If you have the LC's of Eruptor or Prism Break they will unlock the HC.

      I'm hoping to my GameStop this week and see if I can land the newlanders too, if not I'll order online.

      Those 2 are tough HCs...it is easy to get lost in the mines if you don't have it drilled in your head, lol. Lobs'O'Fun is also usually dictated by the way the bombs work or don't work :s That is a nice jump in Level, a few more HCs and a little arena action and she will be maxed!

      I recorded some battle mode with my nephew earlier...It pays out pretty good if you get desperate for cash and need to take care of the arena challenges...I really wish they would have made a 1P mode in Battle Mode.

      Anyway, I had someone on facebook tell me Flaswhing was their favorite as well bc she was so powerful, lol. I will keep that in mind...we just need them to release everyone and I'll get on that!

      Hope you enjoy your time off...Good luck!

    60. Well, more fun to report over here.

      I was able to head uptown today, and while Target was picked over (and by picked over, I mean only some of the giants and the three-packs remained), I was able to head to Gamestop where I picked up the last Stump Smash and Trigger Happy. That means I'm only missing Hex, Eruptor, and Prism Break (the last two I can get in that Target triple pack next time I think about it) to have the first two waves completed, but it'll be after the battle pack comes out.

      On a side note, both of my Flashwings have completed the two new HC's as well as Hot Head (as most of the originals have done 'em already), but also, I got got my Gen 1 Bash through DT's and Swarm's HC's! :D Now, the only one who will have difficulties still getting things done is DroBot, as Spyro and Sunburn also completed Zook's HC thanks to their "herding" skills that I learned how to do after running through it with Hot Head.

      Also, when I took LC Jet-Vac through some of his remaining challenges, it seems like he has problems mostly on the Chompy-related ones... Don't know why that is.

      The next quest will be the "Newlanders" quest... That is to say any Skylander (and Giant) that hasn't obtained any upgrades will get to be played through that game to level up and stuff, because after that, it's all hands on deck for the Nightmare challenge.

    61. Ah, my Target was the same way...completely ransacked! I took a pic to put up on the weekend update post, lol. I've still yet to get any of the Wave 3 stuff :(

      Cool you landed Trig and SS...I really like Stump Smash's repose. Are you wanting their LC versions, or regular? Both of Prism Break's poses are great imo (S2 and LC). I haven't seen S2 Hex around since before Christmas come to think of it...

      Congrats on getting the 2 Flaswhings thru everything! Hope you can get Spyro and Drobot to pull it off as well.

      I haven't done any HCs with LC Jet-Vac just yet, but I'll see if I have the same issue...I guess outside of Drobot's you could use the vac to squeeze more time out of it.

      Very cool...I'm uploading Wilikin Village now (got slowed down bc I did some online racing with my nephew, lol)...I think I'll record Flameslinger's HC...after that it is off to Kaos box stock!

      Are you going to try and 3 Star Nightmare Mode? Ple report that it is easy (although these ple tend to be pretty self-promoting)...I know of at least 2 Skylander fanatics that say it is really tough.

      I'm wanting to get to it!

      I came up empty Thurs night, but my source at GameStop said he should a new "triple pack." Not sure if that is going to be the battle pack coming up in that form, or Triple Pack 5. I'll get the word up in the weekend update post.

      Hope you have fun on the new quests!

    62. I know that the Weapon Master might be annoying, but he does give out some pretty good rewards, both in Skystones and cash. I played him quite a bit until the final level giving several Skylanders a good amount of cash.

      Still, one of the better Skystones opponents (cashwise, that is) won't show up until the final level. Be sure to play them if you can!

      As for the game itself, still haven't done a lot on it, but the "What we missed" FINALLY helped me find the area that I was missing in that frozen stage, and it was the one that you said a lot of people were going to miss. Thanks a bunch! Oh, and if you're having trouble with the ice, use a flying-type skylander... They don't slide as much. :D

    63. Oh, and that elemental gate you got to in the second video... That puzzle drove me outta my mind! Believe me, that HAS to have been one of the MOST DIFFICULT Elemental Gates I've had to face so far, bar the ones in the 3DS game. How many times did it take you to figure it out?

    64. Got me messing around on Skylanders Giants again (watched Willikin Village and the Secret Vault one) going to try to find things I missed and playing more Skystones again (I love that game!), and I made some discoveries for future refs concerning the Skystones game (These aren't spoilers, so no worries):
      1)Each Skystones Player has a certain number of Stones they'll give you. After each one has given you all their Skystones, you'll start getting cash. You'll know when this happens if you play them more than three times and just get cash.
      2) Quigley (inside the tower back in Rumbletown) has one of the most impossible decks I've ever seen!. Reason? He's got six of the same stone - All sides having three points. So, either get a Skystones Cheat to beat him or get a powerful Stone you'll find at the end of the game in Auric's store... Save enough cash for it!

      Now, as for the stones themselves, they go from 1 to six which each one gets more powerful than the last. I'll show my deck later on (I'll send it via a YT message), and if you need help knowing where to find the stones, just ask, cause I have a newlanders file that I haven't gotten any of them in. :)

    65. Oops! I forgot to mention in that first important note in a row. Sorry about that!

    66. Yeah, I was surprised with what he gave out...seemed like the pirate at Troll Home Security paid out well if I remember right (I'm really tired, lol).

      Yep, that one is tough to figure out...I really do think a lot of people will miss it as I think the teleporter could be perceived to just take you there for the items etc. The ice slides/bowls were nuts...once I upgrade them I'll try and use a flyer, lol...I may try it out in the hard file too.

      Are you talking about the Water Element gate and that hidden room? I think I found it the 2nd time I went through...the "scoured" ground is a tip off, but it blends in VERY well in that one, lol.

      Are the Giants 3DS puzzles tough? I think I remember you saying they were. I just completed Professor Layton and the Curious Village (minus the bonus puzzles) and I'm hoping to wrap up SSA 3DS and then get Giants in so I can use it as conversation in the Nightmare Mode playthrough etc.

      I had planned to record the final battle tonight with box stock Skylanders, but it got late, then the recording didn't have audio, so I figured I'd just mess with it tomorrow (and then somehow I made myself stay up to do Ch 9 of the Curious Village, lol).

      Yeah, I remember I went back in the first "what we missed" and that flppin' nut had a stacked deck! I haven't been back since, lol. I am thinking once upgraded I am going to record a "buying stuff from Auric" series, lol. You need a crud ton to get all of his stuff though (esp heroic challenges). Luckily the Skystones seem affordable!

      Ah cool...let me know when you send it bc I hardly ever check YouTube messages, lol. Thanks for the insights!

      I'm hoping tonight when I get home after work I can record the battle vs Kaos and upload another round of videos too.

      I'll venture out for Hot Dog and Zap Wed or Thurs! I've been waiting for his release to put up a few polls, lol.

    67. I'm going to send it sometime today. If you get something from a "PyromanicAxel", that's me.

    68. Ah, cool...Got it! Didn't know you had a YT Channel! Should have told me. I also realized the vid I was referencing in the above reply wasn't uploaded yet, lol...I just uploaded it tonight...I've been editing so many it gets confusing as to what is up and what isn't, lol...Anyway, I thought you were talking about Part 50 that has the stuff we missed in 5-8. Could have sworn I had uploaded it...oh well.

      Once Kaos is down (I got his trading card tonight btw, lol). I'll try to get your info up in a blog post.

      Hope the quests are going well!

    69. Well, today, after I get off work, I'll be getting Hot Dawg and Zap as well as some of the newlanders. :D Hope they have Ninjini and a few of the others!

    70. Well, I got the text today from Gamestop. Seems they won't have the next wave of Skylanders until Friday, which is good, since I don't work that day and can go up there early before anyone else gets out and goes for them. :D I'm really excited to see S2 Spryo and see what his Wow-Pow power is going to be. :D

      Just realized that I also need to find S2 Flameslinger and Drill Sergeant as well as the other three I mentioned... Hmmm... Maybe Hastings will have them, since that's where I've found hard-to-find Skylanders before.

    71. Did you wind up going to GameStop anyway? I got the text too...pretty sad about that :(

      All the stores here get UPS before noon, but they indicated afternoon in the text...I guess so ple don't just sit in the store 2 hours, lol. That said, it still might pay off to go early in case they have anything that came in Thurs etc. Has your store told you for sure Spyro was coming out? I can't believe they waited this long to release him, lol. It will be cool to see his WowPow!

      Hastings is where I get a lot of my "hard to find" Skylanders since ple don't tend to know they have them, lol. It is where I got Hot Head and Flameslinger! Drilly was much easier for me to find this time around...a welcome change from last year, lol.

      Good luck...let me know if you find anything! I've updated my Scorpion Striker post with the text message, lol.

    72. Yea, I haven't gone yet. I think I'll wait til tomorrow to see what happens... Or just wait til friday and go EARLY in the morning (well, as early as I want to get up, lol) and see who's there.

      The only things I've been seeing concerning gamestop is on their website. I haven't checked since earlier today, but I wouldn't be too surprised if we start seeing the Skylanders now.

      And, I just found Thumpback! Seems like he's online already! However, it's just saying "Online Only" and "Not Available", so I don't know if this confirms he's coming out next, but I know when i checked before I went to work this morning, his picture wasn't there. Also, they have a picture of Eye Brawl up, but I don't if that confirms that he's coming out this time (if it does, why the frig are they waiting on Ninjini?!). However, I just called my local Gamestop, and they said that the Skylanders haven't shipped yet and that'll likely be friday at the earliest, which is good, as I said before. However, does this mean we'll see Thumpback and Eye Brawl coming? Who knows? I'll keep you up to date if I find anything else out!

    73. I just checked Wal-Mart's website (just to be certain on what I saw at GS), and they're showing Thumpback and Eye Brawl as well as Lightcore Shroom-Boom, so I'm guessing that they know those are coming... However, since I know the new Skylanders will be there by Friday, I'll see if I can't catch the scoop then. Also think I know where I can find S2 Flameslinger, but what's my best bet for Hex (non-Light Core, though I'll need that one later for an accolade), Prism Break, Erruptor, and Drill Sergeant? I'll still have to hunt those down to complete the first waves before they get scarce.

    74. Good call...I'll prob check in Thurs night and see what they've got going on...they can scan distro for me and tell me if anything else is coming...I was told of a triple pack last week, but no other details and it could have been in reference to the battle pack.

      Yep, GameStop has both up as well as Walmart! Amazon still only has Thumpback up, but they all have the "sold out, or not available" tags up...I think it does mean we should see both of them very soon...Especially with 3 different outlets having them. Target usually lags till release and TRU's website is a big disappointment. They had a LC Shroomboom weeks ago, but haven't had any since that I am aware of...

      I'm thinking they'll hold out on Ninjini for the final release as she and Thumpback seemed to be the most anticipated (I'm the most excited for Eye Brawl, lol).

      Amazon has all of those you mentioned up online, I think Walmart has all of them for ordering or ship to store (sans Lightning Rod)...I figure GameStop.com will be adding them soon.

      However, if you are trying to stay local and can't turn any up at GameStop or Walmart etc, I would just go to Hastings! My local stores have had lots of stock on everything but Wave 3 and Hot Head. So your Drill Sarge and Hex should be covered (might have to dig for Hex), but Drill Sergeant was out in epic proportions last week, lol. I've yet to see S2 Prism Break anywhere locally and I've only seen S2 Eruptor once.

      I'll be checking tomorrow night on my weekly hunt though! I'll let you know what I turn up.

    75. I'm about to send you an updated version of my Skystones Deck. I had to buy a Skystones Cheat to get the second three-pointed on all sides stone, and the final new stone there is at Auric's shop in the final area. You'd best be wise to get it.

      Also, concerning Quigley, I think he changes what stone he has five of, since I know I saw him with a different stone previously. May see if that's true with my other file.

    76. Cool. I just edited EVERYTHING, lol. I literally have all the vids edited and ready to upload...all I lack is Ch 16 and the APs. Pretty stoked! I may record tomorrow night, or wait on Hot Dog...then go in box stock to take Kaos on...

      Quigley sounds like a royal pain, lol. I'll check out your email and then start collecting things this weekend!

    77. Well, while I haven't gotten my Scorpion Striker Battle Pack yet (It won't be there until between 11-12 today), Flashing was definitely lucky today, as she managed to help me land three hard-to-find Skylanders (and by "hard-to-find", I mean the last three in the store): S2 Stealth Elf, Lightning Rod, and Drill Sergeant. :D So far, they have only talked about getting in the battle pack and no new ones yet, but that could change later on.

    78. Well, I finally got my Scorpion Striker Battle Pack (at 12:30 PM before I got my flu shot), but that wasn't the only thing I got. I also went on and picked up S2 Prism Break and Eruptor. Went on and took both Flashwings and Hot Head through those seven challenges that I just got, and then, I took Spyro, Cynder (both versions), Bash (S1) and Sunburn through Hot Dog's challenge. So far, only both Flashings, Both Cynders, Spyro, Sunburn, and Hot Head are the only ones who have completed all of the HC's with Hot Head being the only Giant to do so.

      After that, we headed on to Chapter 8 to find the legendary treasure you found in the "What We Missed" section as well, since I kept thinking it was at the final area instead of the elemental gate. :D I played Gurglefin several times, but he never gave me another good stone.

    79. Nice, glad you got it and congrats on the haul! I can't believe you got S2 Lightning Rod in Single Pack form...outside of that triple pack I spotted Thurs night I haven't even seen him anywhere :( That is funny though bc I have Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Prism Break, and LC Shroomboom on the way from Amazon!

      Sorry about the flu shot though...I think I mentioned everyone around here was getting the flu when I unboxed the SSBP, lol. I kind of like Hot Dog's challenge, and it is much easier than Zook's lol. Yeah, I was convinced there had to be something towards the end of the castle on the first run thru, lol.

      Hope you don't feel too bad after the flu shot and that you get to enjoy the new Skylanders! Is Lightning Rod's challenge the same? I finally updated the list of HCs last night, lol.

    80. Yup, it's the same one as he had previously, "Fight, Teleport, Fight!"

      I kinda miss Cali's voice in Stealth Elf's challenge. That made her sound pretty sassy.

      Zap's voice I've gotten pretty used to, and it cracks me up every time I put him on the portal.

      Oh, I found a great part to go through with Skylanders if you want elemental bonuses for those challenges: The multi-path one. That was the only one, I believe where I had to go at least three or more times through swapping out the dragons when needed. Also, earlier, when I wanted to get back to Clamtron, as I missed his stone, I put Swarm in the Little fish trial, and he was as big as a normal Skylander! XD Pretty hilarious!

    81. Looking at the Skylanders Wiki, I'm finding a few more Variants as well, including some that you haven't mentioned before... Here's what I've found, if you'd like to include them:
      * Gnarly Tree Rex (He's also called "Legendary Tree Rex" - Only avalible in the Starter and Portal Owners pack for the Super Slim PlayStation 3 and a special Wii bundle.
      * Polar Whirlwind - It says she appears in Skylanders: Giants, but I haven't see this toy out.

      These below are from the Online Game so far, so I don't know if they'll have actual toy forms yet:
      * Royal Double Trouble - Purple version of DT. Unknown how to get him.
      * Legendary Chill - Maybe a precursor to the third Skylanders game?
      * Scarlet Ninjini - Can be rented for 1000 coins.
      * Molten Hot Dog - N/A at this time, but he is a yellow version of Hot Dog.
      * Jade Flashwing - Again, another one on the online game, but I wanna see her come out, because she's so pretty!

      That's all I've managed to find out so far. Hope that helps some!

    82. Nice, glad his isn't a "new" tough challenge. I'm curious bc as soon as I take out Kaos I'll prob want to start upgrading.

      Yeah, they missed out on that imo as well...Cali had a good voice in SSA.

      I just still think Zap should sound meaner somehow, lol. It is funny though.

      Yeah, the Oracle was nuts...very hard to keep that one straight...I have a diagram I made on my desk, lol. I'll have to try that with a Giant and see.

      Oh yeah, I'm aware of them, lol, sadly...I thought I had them up on the main page. I actually haven't said it, but I am hoping that we might get a Polar Whirlwind, Molten hot Dog, Jade Flashwing Triple Pack for the 9th and final TP. I somehow doubt it since they could release them as store exclusives and make a ton, but oh well. Jade Flashwing looks the best of those three imo.

      Royal Double Trouble is only at GameStop in their Apple Starter Pack.

      Legendary Chill is actually a LightCore character and should hit TRU this month!

      I think Scarlet Ninjini will be packaged somehow, but I could be wrong in that she may be like a Granite Crusher.

      There was an "employee exclusive" Prism Break around Christmas that was pretty cool. Went to TFB and Activision peeps if I understand right.

      Similarly, in addition to the Stone and Sparkle variants we have seen, there has now been a solid white Eruptor spotted and I believe a similar Stump Smash.

      I'll try and update that main post some time soon, lol.

      I'm actually serious about that Special Triple, I really think it "could" happen. The main reason being we knew of all these (Gnarly, Granite Crusher, Royal DT, Scarlet Ninjini, and the Newlander Trio), BUT we did not know about the Stone, Sparkle, and White variants etc.

      You have to admit it would be pretty cool :D

      I know you must be having fun if you are up as late as me, lol. You need to get some sleep! It is almost 4 AM :p

    83. Oh, did your GameStop have Sidekicks? There is debate as to whether or not you are to be able to buy them for $10 each or have to spend $30 to get one free (or both, lol). But people are walking out with SSA Sidekicks :o

    84. I haven't seen 'em, but I'll have to try later on next week to see if that's the case or not, since I'm not heading up there on a Saturday while the flu's still around.

    85. Haha, you sound like me! That is the exact reason I avoid Walmart this time of year...I just recorded the opening of 6 single packs (the Topps Cards) and expressly mentioned avoiding walmart bc of the flu, lol.

      Too bad you're not in Texas...I think we'd get along pretty well :D

      A few people have landed them for $10 each...I guess the Giants Sidekicks will still be done via Frito Lay.

    86. Yup. I went back through the three levels I am missing things for a "What We Missed" sorta thing, and I still can't get the Winged Sapphire in Aerial Attack! (been scouring that place four times and STILL can't turn it up!), the hat in Molekin Mountain (I got it on my first file but can't seem to replicate it in the Dragons' Quest Sequel), and a Treasure Chest and Luck-O-Tron Wheel in Lost City of Arkus, along with two areas, as I found one Treasure Chest and an area in an area I overlooked previously. XD

      Guess I'll have to wait until you do those areas and the "What We Missed" for those areas. :P

    87. Ah, lucky for you I know right where that is! When you get to that part of the ship that has the big mast and elevator to the left that autolocks you into taking it...well, the winged sapphire is way to the right, lol. Just once you come on the new ship, go right immediately and wind around the tower.

      I want to say the hat was in that crate elevator, but I'm not sure...it may have actually come later on...possibly in a little recessed area. I think it was the Spyro Trucker hat, lol. I think the easiest Treasure Chest to miss is the one that you go down into the chute of (if I'm thinking of the right chapter).

      I should get a few more vids up tonight...my Nephew is here so it may be late.

      Hope that helped a little!

    88. Just got the word from my local Gamestop that Thumpback AND Eye Brawl have hit the shelves, but they've sold out pretty quickly! I repeat - Thumpback AND Eye Brawl ARE OUT AT GAMESTOP! Damn, if I'd known this, I'd have gone up there yesterday! XD Might wanna check at your local stores to see if you spot 'em or not, but they told me, they will hold me one of each, so this is AWESOME! :D

    89. Note that on the website, it doesn't show any change, but I'm going to call each day to make sure.

    90. Awesome...I wondered if they would have been in delivery yesterday, but it was so cold and snowy I didn't want to mess with going anywhere...plus I try to avoid sick ple, lol.

      I will def check around and see if they'll hold them for me...that would be the best way to get them. I bet the scalpers are going nuts...Amazon has listings for both just shy of $500 :o

      I have all the potential online sites open and ready to refresh, lol. Sometimes GameStop puts stuff up after midnight. I know that is how I ordered the initial batch of characters anyway.

      Oh, and Zap and Hot Dog will both be in single packs eventually...I found this info last night, I'll get it on the blog soon!

      Hope they get a new shipment in quick so you can pick them up! I can't wait for Eye Brawl!

    91. Like I said on YT, if I do manage to snag 'em this weekend, I'll likely go after Hex and Flameslinger as well.

      And yea, I saw that as well concerning the Giants, but they won't get that price. XD They will have to bring down their pricings, because no parent or gamer will pay $500 or less for something they can pick up at their local store. On a side note, I did spot Wham-Shell there, but $50 for it?! No thank you. I'll see if eBay has a better deal on him.

    92. Cool deal...Flameslinger seemed extra fast to me, lol.

      You know the sad thing is there are people that pay that kind of money :( That is why in the unboxings I always tell people to just pay retail and to wait if they can't find it etc. Blows my mind how some people operate...worst part is, the ones that pay all that extra money give the scalpers more incentive to raid the shelves.

      Definitely let me know when you land the new Giants! I'll shot you a YT msg on Wham-Shell.

    93. Yea. I was in Wal-Mart just a few minutes ago (chasing down some Angry Birds PJ's that a friend said that she saw since she knows I like that game almost as much as Skylanders), but I didn't get a chance to check to see if they had any new Skylanders in yet. I'm thinking either tomorrow or Wednesday (More likely Wednesday, since that's when my Gamestop gets their shipments in), I'm going to call my Gamestop to see if they have either Eye Brawl, Thumpback (or better yet, both!) in, and if they do, I'll ask 'em if they can hold me one of each for the day, as I'll pick 'em up after work. If it works out, that'll mean this weekend, I'll need to chase down Hex and Flameslinger and hope that Gamestop doesn't get any newlanders in (but given my luck, they will) this weekend. :P

    94. Haha nice...did you at least land the pajamas? I nearly bought the Angry Birds 3DS game, but I figured the price should drop fast since it is free elsewhere...I'm an Android person and I figured I can get started on Chrome :)
      Let me know how it works out with the Giants! I have been monitoring the sites all day, but have yet to see any links light up.

      When I run around Thurs night I'll let them know I'm looking and see if they still have my number in the "notebook" lol. Hope you can land Hex and Flameslinger...I think FS will be much easier to find. If you have trouble let me know and I'll see what I can do here.

      I should be getting Skylanders almost every day this week thanks to how nutty the shipment schedule is, lol...Sadly some of them (L-Rod included) show to come in Saturday and I had them ship to work, which is closed...Wonderful :(

      If I find the online links for TB or EB I'll post up asap!

    95. Yea, I got the PJ's yesterday. They are pretty toasty too. :D

      I checked in with my source at Gamestop concerning the Giants, and sadly, despite what I said previously, the only thing new that they got in was the BP, so it still looks like the date for Thumpback and Eye Brawl (and whoever's coming with them in that next wave is still up in the air. XP I'd love to see a triple pack with giants and two regular Skylanders in them, though. That would be cool! :D

    96. Haha, cool you got the PJs! You'll need them as cold as it has been being lately...Keeps hovering in the 20s here :s

      That's sad to hear, but the good news is several GameStops have been getting them in, so you're store should too...I bet it is serviced pretty quick from the Grapevine distribution center (that's why I can get stuff so quick when they ship it out!...UPS Ground is a 1 Day Transit, lol).

      That would be nice...they really SHOULD have thought of doing that imo. Imagine an Earth TP featuring Crusher, Flashwing, and Terrafin!

      I'm still hopeful we might get some of the variants in Triple Form (Molten, Polar, etc).

      My S2 Eruptor and Prism Break came today! Prism Break is going to look killer once I get him out of the packaging!

      I'll get Part 61 up tonight that covers everything missed in Ch 9-12!

    97. Yea, I called in today to see if they had them, but they didn't. The only thing that they did have was the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack, so I don't think the Giants are coming yet. I'll be making my rounds again after work tomorrow to see if I can find 'em again... If not, I may have to go on and go for my second plan which would be to get Flameslinger and Hex and hope when my game comes in next week that I'm able to happen upon them at the same time.

    98. Ah, sucks they didn't have them...I will be out and about tomorrow night too, lol! I'll let you know what I find. I get mixed reports on some GS selling the Sidekicks outright and others making you spend $30. A few have told me they now ring up $999.99 instead of $9.99 to stop the stores that weren't doing the promotion :(

      I did find Flameslinger and Hex were on Target, GameStop, and Amazon for you should worse come to worse. Still if you can't find them locally, I'd try Hastings since you also have that ace up your sleeve!

      What game are you picking up?

      If you have trouble finding Flameslinger and Hex let me know...I can prob help track them down. Oh, if you do order online the Amazon Exclusive Gold FS is still easy to come by!

      Maybe we'll both get lucky tomorrow with new Giants and the sidekicks!

    99. Well, still no news on the Giants. They did have the Sidekicks, though, but I'll start getting 'em when I get the two giants. Hex and Flameslinger aren't there either, so I'll likely check Target and/or Hastings this weekend to pick them up. It makes me wonder if maybe they could get the Giants before Gamestop or if you have to go for Gamestop first.

    100. Sorry to hear that, but same here. The manager I usually talk to wasn't working, but another employee I deal with a lot checked all the area stores...nothing on either Giant. They didn't mention having the sidekicks yet, but I didn't ask either since they got busy.

      I did find Hex and Flameslinger though...Made a point to look for Hex. Flameslinger was at Target, TRU, and Hastings...Hex I only saw at Hastings. If my local Hastings has gotten anything "new" in they haven't been stocking it...it is the same basic things over and over.

      My Target did FINALLY restock, but oddly enough they had NO Giants at all??!!

      Hope you can land FS and Hex this weekend!

    101. Well, I got a surprise today. First, I went to Target and managed to snag the LAST Hex, so Flashwing was VERY LUCKY there... But the biggest surprise was when I went to Gamestop after that.

      I headed in looking for Flameslinger there and saw Hot Head and Crusher... But behind them on the counter was... EYE BRAWL! So, I took him to the register and found that they were not only holding me an Eye Brawl... but also the VERY LAST THUMPBACK! :D And those two together netted me Whisper Elf, so I got SUPER LUCKY thanks to good ol' Flashwing! :D

      Maybe you should start taking a favorite Skylander along with you as well? It might become a lucky charm for you! :D

    102. Ah, very cool! Glad you landed them! And congrats on Hex too...guess you just need Flameslinger now...I bet you can find him at Hastings.

      I might start having to put Terrafin and Slam Bam on the dash board as I cruise town hunting Skylanders, lol. If that doesn't work you may have to head this way with Flashwing!

      Cool you got Whisper Elf too...If I wound up finding the Giants at GameStop I was going to get her and Gill Runt to round out the set.

      I had to run into Walmart to get pictures (I apparently broke their printer since I sent so many, lol)...while there I finally found the Skylander display and asked an employee...didn't look like they'd had anything.

      Hope you enjoy the new additions and I hope Eye Brawl is as awesome as I'm hoping he is!

    103. Yea, I was planning to head that way to get him if I didn't find the Giants yesterday... Was delightfully surprised in finding them as well! :D

      I can tell ya that Eye Brawl's HC is much more of a cakewalk for Giants than it is for regular Skylanders, as it took me and Flashwing about three times to get through it. And if you like Castle Defenders-type games, Thumpback's is gonna remind you a bit of that one!

    104. Yeah, main thing is you got the Giants and they remain the toughest to find...I really don't think you'll have much trouble landing Flameslinger...Hex, imo, is considerably tougher to track down.

      Oh, I wondered if there would be more challenges like that where Giants actually had an easier time than regular Skylanders...

      I did play a lot of "Crush the Castle" a few years ago, lol. I've still not been able to land the Giants...hopefully soon.

      I was pleasantly surprised with Shroomboom's LightCore...it was done much better than most as they let the mushroom light up with his eye!

    105. Any luck getting the Giants yet?

      I've also started on the "Newlanders Quest" (Easy mode with all Skylanders/Giants who haven't gotten an upgrade yet), and we've just past the second level, but right now, the group is getting HC's done. We've started off with Hot Dog, Tree Rex, Trigger Happy (S2), Stealth Elf (S2), Chop Chop (S2), Terrafin (S2), L-Rod (S2), Eye Brawl, and Bouncer. As each new area gets opened up for the group (Magic and Water have yet to be opened up), a new Skylander will be added, and everyone will have to go through their HC's.

      Only those who have completed all of their HC's (or most... I may not go through Swarm's with all of them yet) and are fully upgraded/leveled will go onto the "Chaotic Quest", which, as you can guess, will be in Nightmare Mode. However, that will be on hold until all newlanders (as in, the ones who haven't gotten out, including Ninjini) have been got. The Skylanders of different elements who haven't been used yet will get replayed through earlier levels to level up as well.

      Wish us luck!

    106. Nope, no dice so far...Didn't really go anywhere over the weekend, just monitored from home. My photo order is still not done, so I'll be using other stores and will check there, lol. Guess I break the printers pretty good!

      Nice...That is kind of what I am going to do with the Hard File once the Legendary Skylanders are up to Level 15..might do LC too, not sure.

      That is what I am doing! Doesn't seem right to start nightmare mode without Ninjini, Spyro, Wrecking Ball etc. Hopefully they hit soon..maybe early February. Ninjini and Spyro seem good for Valentine's Day, lol.

      Good luck! I've been told that once you get to Level 6 it gets really tough and that enemies can take out maxed Skylanders with 1-2 hits :o

    107. That depends on if you let them hit them or not. :P Lightcores will be needed for those as well as good long-range experts (Flashwing is a DEFINITE go for THAT!) when the time comes... Though I'm going to dread the canyon sections... Makes me wonder if the HC's also get beefed up or not as well.

    108. Speaking if Ninjini, Spyro, and Wrecking Ball, I only like those three plus Flameslinger to have all of the first sets of Skylanders (yes, I'm missing S2 DroBot, but I have his LC, but I STILL want him for his Wow Pow power!), so after that, it'll be on the hunt for LC characters... Maybe I can get my local Gamestop to order them or perhaps find them at Hastings? :) Then, it'll be back on the hunt to get Wham-Shell, which I'll need to put some money on my PayPal card to snag him.

    109. Very true, lol...I prefer the hit-and-run tactic myself...although sometimes I just stand in and go toe-to-toe with enemies.

      Yeah, Drobot's S2 pose is way better and like you said, will give us his WowPow (I have high hopes for that one!).

      Yep, same here...I'm thinking we should see them early-mid February, but that is just speculation.

      Drobot, Eruptor, and Prism Break are the easiest to find. I rarely see Jet-Vac out, but the place I see him the most is Hastings...I bet they'd have him and Flameslinger if your stores stock like mine.

      LC Shroomboom is someone I have never seen in stores...I just opened mine up yesterday as Amazon got it to me Friday. Some people are saying we should see Chill's LC this week...Idk when they will drop Hex's LC.

      If you can't snag him online let me know and I'll try to dig out my unopened one(s) lol.

    110. With that ice storm coming this weekend, I might not be able to get out and about today, so I looked for FS when I went to get my game at Gamestop today, but no dice... That means I'll either have to pick him up either on Wed or Thurs before the next batch of wintery weather gets here... XP

    111. Oh, hope the storm isn't too bad...I think we might get some rain out of it.

      You might have good luck at Hastings...just remember to bring Lightning (Flashwing that is).

      I keep missing EB and TB online. TRU is supposed to get them in on the 25th...I don't really want to miss work to stand outside and pay $1 extra to get them, lol.

      I'm hoping I can land them this week though.

      Have you had any luck with Crusher on Drobot's Challenge? I can just stand still and chompies run from behind and die...including the purple ones :(

      I also was having trouble with Tree Rex on Zap's HC if I remember right...His fist pound just takes out so much at once, lol.

      Hope you land Flameslinger...he'll be good company for the cold weather ;) I think I'll go finish the new book and call it a night.

    112. Well, I went on the hunt for Flameslinger tonight with Flashwing, and while I didn't land him yet, another one who you just reviewed was landed instead, and an update on stocks for the Giants.

      So, I went to Hastings first thinking he might be there... But surprisingly, it was picked over, although I did see LC's for Erruptor and Prism Break as well as S2's of Drill and Whirlwind and one copy of Flashwing, and a few of S1's (no Wham-Shell though... Would've been stoked if he'd been there!).

      Next, I went to Target, though I had to be fast since we'd just got supper, and while FS was a no-show, I DID manage to get the VERY LAST LC SHROOM-BOOM! :D They also had LC's of the others that were out as well (Including Jet Vac, but I had my copy), Swarm, Stump Smash, L-Rod (one copy!), and Flashwing (Incidently, there was a "Buy 2 get the third half price" on all Skylanders Giants figures, so that might be why they're still ransacked.).

      Then, I went to the Gamestop that was in the mall (We have two, and the second one and a Wal-Mart I'll hit tomorrow), and while no Flameslinger, there were quite a healthy stock of both Eye Brawl and Thumpback (but no sign of any of the other Triples or the BP in case people were wondering).

      I guess Flashwing was pretty lucky, because even though we didn't land FS, trying to search for him did land someone who WAS hard to find at this point, as you said in your blog that he'd done a "Vanishing Act" since first appearing at TRU. :)

      Oh! And I can tell ya that so far, only Gamestop has the new Giants, so they might be a timed release as well! Good luck getting 'em!

    113. Well, Flameslinger was as elusive as ever, but when I went to Wal-Mart (my last-ditch effort to find Skylanders), while they had Flameslinger in the display (I think he's taunting me!), I did go on and pick up the Spryo plush with the mini-portal. :D He speaks and his horns light up.

      I'll send you a PM concerning Wham Shell later.

    114. Once again congrats! That is the first I have heard of anyone getting LC Shroomboom outside of the intial run at TRU and Amazon.com. My Hastings was picked over big time this week too...still a lot of stock, but the same base characters and giants....very strange as it seemed I was the only person to touch the display, lol. That is the only place I got Whammy...

      I saw that sale too and wondered if I had just missed the Giants...they once again had ZERO. Tons of Sprocket though...Stump Smash and Sonic Boom too...sad they restocked and it is back to the basics.

      Man, I can't believe you found more EB and TB. My GS said they have only had 1 shipment to date of them and it was the box of 2 EB, 2 TB, and 2 HH. I keep seeing posts of people seeing racks of 6+ but I've yet to see them here.

      Those Triple Packs I spotted are very tough to find...I saw it the week after at my GS, but this week they were al gone. Funny thing though, while we don't have the Giants we have a lot of the SSBP with Hot Dog?! Maybe they alternate stores or something.

      Oh, and TRU officially launched the new Giants today (no Legendary LC Chill though)...I didn't make it as I figured they would only have 6 of each at the most...they are getting a bad rep for over sensationalizing the new launches :( I had a dentist appt for when they pushed W2 and was in within an hour of the store opening...I think they had 1 Gill Grunt, 1 Hex, 1 Drill Sergeant...it was a joke.

      Haha, you should use Flashwing to bust the display case! I'll keep looking for him over here.

      Very cool! I did not know the horns would light up...I'll have to play around next time I'm out!

    115. Yea, he's sitting in the same chair I'm in right now. :P I gotta admit, while I'm not a fan of Shroom Boom, I do like how his LC was done. Going to try next week to see if FS will show up, but if not I'm just gonna have my Gamestop order him for me.

    116. That's funny...I haven't been impressed by him much either...he does deal decent damage box stock, but the shots are nowhere near accurate. I will upgrade him and Sprocket to see which one I like the least, lol. The LC look should cover some of his weaknesses just bc it looks neat, lol.

      Not a bad strategy...I think he is up on their site. And if not, I bet they'd hold one for you since it isn't brand new etc.

    117. Yea, they are, since the ones at the store I frequent know me pretty well. :) That's what they did for the giants.

    118. Very cool...so you are basically caught up now outside of Wham-Shell? I still lack the Giants :(

    119. Well, once I get FS and the two remaining LC's (unless Hex's is out yet, that is), I will be... Oh, and normal Jet-Vac.

    120. Nice. LC wise we still lack Hex, Pop Fizz, Chill, and Legendary LC Chill. Hopefully they'll release Jet-Vac in a single pack, or really good triple for you.

      Good news on the speculation front...it looks like Molten Hot Dog will be available in single pack form (ie we don't have to buy the battle pack again!), but sadly for you and I, the host store will be walmart, lol.

      Still, he is a great character and with Walmart getting the variant it should be easier to nab!

    121. Yea, but for me, that'll be a once in a while shot, and by that time, he'll be picked over (unless they get a ton of him like they did for GitD Sonic Boom, that is).

      Would be nice though, since both his paths look awesome! I don't know which one to do yet, so having a second will allow me to trial and error with one and keep the one who's leveled up from getting done!

      I might try to look around tomorrow (weather permitting) to see if I can spot FS, but Gamestop is watching for me for the second gen version.

    122. I am banking on them having a lot of him...Walmart tends to demand more stock than others (Target etc). You can still find some TRDS sitting around, lol. If he drops and you can't get him, I can probably pick up two as I have yet to see them put a limit per customer on anyone.

      Yep, that is the best part...easy to use both paths when you have an easier to find variant.

      I'll keep looking locally this week for you...It was 73 today here, but really windy. My bday will start out nice and then have a cold front come thru around noon...go figure, lol.

      Anyway, big news (and this is the first spot I'm reporting it)...I landed Thumpback and Eye Brawl today! Had to run an errand and called my GameStop. Manager held them for me till I got there :D Perfect timing for the bday!!

    123. Yay! :D Hope you enjoy them! I may play some today on Skylanders Giants, since the severe stuff won't come until later tonight, as I got the day off. Seriously need to level the guys up. :P

    124. Thanks! If you were here you could have birthday cake, lol. Cool you got the day off, hopefully the weather won't be too bad...Wind switched to the N here around 11 and we might get an inch or so of snow...nothing too major. Good luck leveling them up!

    125. Yup! Did you take a lucky charm along with you to nab 'em? :D I know I'm taking Flashwing with me when I head up town soon, since later on today will be a no go since we'll be preparing for the storm that's coming later this evening.

    126. And the bad thing about the said storm is that the winds could get hurricane force AND we might see Tornadoes (though, it's a 3 out of 10 chance on that). Still, here's to hoping it's just a bunch of wind and rain and hail...

    127. I started to, but I didn't know I'd be going...I got called to bring a cracked Samsung up to transfer stuff to a new phone...since I was in town I made the call, got the mgr. I usually deal with, he said he had one of each and would hold them :D I had planned to take Terrafin with me on Thurs night, lol.

      Cool, hope you and Flashwing can land Flameslinger! Maybe a stray wham-shell will have trickled in too.

      I saw the tornado threat this morning when I was going to bed, lol. Hopefully you just get rain...I don't like hail. It is cold and windy here, no snow yet. I can see the front to the NW from my window though.

      Good luck!

    128. No luck at Wal-Mart, as they still had most of their normal stock, which isn't selling well, so I don't think they'll get molten HD for a while. As for Target, I found out when their trucks come in, and thankfully, Friday is the next chance after Wednesday to look for FS there. Picked up LC Prism Break as well. Gamestop is still watching for FS there, so I went on and picked up LC Erruptor, and Best Buy is definitely off my list for Skylanders now, as it's always picked over.

      Bad news for tonight is that there is a LOT of severe weather heading my way, including the tornadoes that should peak at around 10:00 PM, so all the guys are going with me, just to be safe. No word on when Ninjini and the others should appear yet either, but I did see one of each of the new Triple Packs, and none of the Giants, but a little boy was looking for TB, so I told him that the Gamestop he'd come to was the best place to go to get him and EB.

    129. That tends to be what I find at WM...I do have some luck at one off the beaten path...I mainly go bc it is an excuse to eat at this awesome Mexican restaurant, lol :p

      Congrats on LC PB and Eruptor. LC Prism Break is still my favorite in terms of light display...if you haven't seen him on the portal yet, you will be impressed!

      I have yet to enter Best Buy for anything Giant related...I actually think I dislike it more than Walmart, and that is saying something, haha. It is just always such a pain to go in, be herded like cattle, and then get the stare down from the disgruntled "security" dude at the door. Just bc your hands are in your pocket, doesn't mean you are carrying out a 50" HD TV.

      Oh, sorry to hear...I saw it on the 10 PM news...We wound up with prob 2-3" of snow, but it drifted due to the wind and looks like a lot more. Nothing severe, just cold...I do think it will be icy in the AM though.

      Hope the tornadoes don't materialize.

      Cool they had the Triple Packs! And very nice of you to help the little dude out :) Stay safe! I'll check again Thurs for you.

    130. Well, the Newlanders are doing pretty good with their HC's (Even the Giants!), and most are getting to be level 8-9 even before they get to continue in the game! The only two so far to have hitches in any of the HC's are Zook and Thumpback, and that's on DT's. Haven't tried Crusher (er, Granite Crusher, that is) in DroBot's yet, but we're getting there.

      No word on FS, but I did get Master Eon's Official Guide to Skylanders today.

    131. Nice, I'm going to take the Newlanders thru the paces tonight. Yep, that is what I am seeing...Eye-Brawl has only done HCs and he is Level 8...just has a few easy ones left (and Swarm's lol).

      I figured out how to get the Giants thru Drobot's HC...it is so flippin easy...I can't believe I didn't think of it until now.

      Weird how he disappeared...I can still find other W2 characters here and there.

      Oh nice, I got that one too :D I really wish they would crank one out on the Giants while it is still "in play." I've also enjoyed both novels.

    132. Well, I found out something concerning the Skystones. If you don't want to buy them, you can win them from Bert. :D I've been doing that on my Newlanders file, so along with 'em getting cash, we're getting the best Skystones we can, at least until we can cheat our way against Quigley and steal one of his, that is. :P

    133. Cool. I found that you can just play and play (even against early opponents with lame decks) and you can eventually get them to cough up good stones...I have pics on my cell phone, just haven't blogged them yet, lol. I literally spent 45+ mins with Smoltergeist and a few others.

      What ch is Bert in? I'm trying to remember, lol.

      I am going to take Granite Crusher thru all the speed challenges now and then call it a night. Really want to play a ch, but it will be pretty late.

      Hope you can land down as many good stones as possible...that'll save cash for the challenges and hats!

    134. Junkyard Isles. I started with seven stones (two I bought from Auric in Cut Throat Carnival to help against the final Skystones Player) plus the one I bought in his shop afterwards, and after playing Bert, I had like 36 stones! I also went on and put in Stump Smash, Bash, and Spyro, so in a bit, I'll be putting 'em through the HC's and the ones who went through the HC's already through Stump Smash's and Bash's HC's.

    135. Nice...who'd have thought an early chapter would crank it all out. I think I got a ton from Smoltergeist, though not that many and not over-and-over, there was cash mixed in, lol.

      Sorry for the slow reply...it was really nice here today so I did a car show/cruise.

      I planned to get the newlanders thru all the tough HCs tonight, but since it is 5 AM I'm thinking I should hit the hay, lol.

      Hope you get a lot done tomorrow! If you play those challenges in succession they aren't too bad. Trick to Bash's is that once you find ore in an area you can move on out.

      I saw they are giving away a Ninjini in new york with the caveat that she won't be out for "months" :( I was thinking they might drop her Valentine's-St. Patrick's Day time frame, but maybe they'll treat her more like Wham-Shell. Still hope we get Spyro sooner than that.

      Hope y'all have good weather too...I'll keep my eyes out for Flameslinger still...Oh and speaking of that there is a special "Cupid Flameslinger" that shoots hearts in the Lost Islands version...luckily it is " in game" only as otherwise people would be panicking to find him in stores, lol.

      I am not an apple person so I'll miss out on the hysteria, but it was a neat idea :p

    136. Sent you an YT ping about what I've started finding out about the newest Skylanders game. :) Hope you enjoy, and I'll keep a lookout for more information as it comes to me!

    137. Thanks. I got a few posts up Wed on them, including screen shots and figure prototypes up you might like to see...They haven't released very many just yet, but I think I've got all of them covered...it'll be the first two posts on the blog :D

    138. Yup, but that video I linked you two shows some of the others you missed... If you can catch the screenshots, that is! XD

    139. Really? I thought I got them all?! I didn't do the combos (ie potential swap force pairings), but I did think I had all the stand alone characters.

    140. Yea, I saw several you missed. :) If you can catch the screenshots, you'll have the names, but it goes so quick, you'll miss 'em a few times. They do some funny swaps on Kaos too! XD

    141. I think I've got them all...a lot of the names are just referring to the combo ie Wash Bucker + Magna Charge = Wash Charger and/or Magna Buckler etc. I just kept it to the stand alones like Stink Bomb, Magna Charge, Night Shift, etc.

      The link you sent has the same video as best I can tell, but I did hear rumors of a demo vid...if that is what you sent I'm just seeing the generic teaser trailer.

      Oh and before I foroget, I did check for Flameslinger for you and found nothing :( My Target actually had stock on LC Shroomboom and LC Jet-Vac, but not much else...Hastings was the same old stuff too.

      Hope you can find him tomorrow!

    142. Sent you a YT IM with a picture of the Giants at Gamestop AND some information about the month I found out that Swap Force is likely coming out in! If you use them, be sure to give me credit, k? :D

    143. Yeah, if I ever get to post pics of Skylanders stocked again I will, lol. I'll also give you credit for the GITD Spyro if we get some pics/info. If not, I will tell everyone I knew about well before the info dropped bc of you ;) That is the first I'd heard of it!

    144. The same here! I'll be heading to Sam's today, so I should be able to snap a few pics of it.

    145. No luck on the GITD Spyro (I think my friend from Gamestop got him and Cynder mixed up, since I saw her there, but then again, since Sam's and Wal-Mart are the same entity, it's not surprising.

      As for the other rounds I made today, Hasting's still has stock of some of the S1 Skylanders (No Wammy, though), and as for Game Exchange, well... I snapped a pick of a Crystal Green Gill Grunt. Don't think you've ever mentioned him. He was in an XBox bundle along with Spyro and Trigger of the original Spyro's Adventure for about $34.99. At least the hunt for Flameslinger is letting me look for other Skylanders as well.

    146. Ah, yeah that could be it...I have 2 of the GITD Cynders since I opted to get both 3DS and Wii Starter Packs from Walmart, lol. Sam's does have some sweet deals if you wanted extras. They also sell LCs for less than $10!

      You know, at $35 you could prob buy it, farm out the game and portal and Gill Grunt and turn a profit, lol.

      I did mention it in the Thanksgiving era posts...It was mind boggling that Microsoft and Activision teamed up to do that with SSA when Giants had just launched...Green Gill doesn't look bad, but he just never got much attention with the INCREDIBLY poor timing. That same time frame we saw Gnarly launch with the Wii bundle AND GITD Sonic Boom...if timing is everything they sure didn't take it to heart, lol.

      I'm thinking Flameslinger's initial stock has just sold out at most stores...He, Chill, Terrafin, Slam Bam, Fright Rider etc are all super hard to find. Granted, GS.com and Amazon have them, but most brick and mortar stores do not

      My Hastings has had the same S1 for so long they are collecting dust! When I went looking for you Thurs night they had moved the Giant end cap down that main first row and still had the usual pegs. They did have Flameslinger...just S1, lol.

      That is true though..you never know who will show up when you are out on the hunt!

    147. There's actually two Skystones Players I don't like playing in that game: Quigley (Obviously) and the Weapon Master in Autogyro Adventure. Even my best deck has issues with him, but I had to go back to get that one stone since thankfully, that other stone I got through that easy area. Still don't know how many stones I'm missing though.

    148. I hate pretty much everything to do with the Weapon Master, lol. I've yet to go back and take on Quigley...I wanted to hold out buying the Conquertron until I've upgraded everyone.

      Hope y'all didn't get hammered with snow...we got 7" Monday night. Roads cleared up pretty well though!

    149. Well, thankfully, that's the last time you'll have to duel him in Skystones, as the other ones aren't him. He's actually a recording, but, eh, the only time I found him useful was in that elemental area and the final area to find out the information on what you could do in it. :P

      No snow here! Just some rain. Final day of work, and my book'll be coming in soon, so I'm HAPPY! :D

    150. I did notice in Ch 16 it was calling him a hologram or something, lol. Yeah, he is def not someone I miss...hopefully he is gone for good in Swap Force!

      We could use rain, but I think since it was a wet snow (7") that translates pretty well! I made some killer snowballs and giant meteor ones for my nephew...

      Hope you enjoy the book! I've heard it is supposed to be awesome! I'm going to order it in on Amazon next time I place an order...Artwork looks really cool!

      Chapter 15 is up now too...If you watch the "what we missed part" you will see Flashwing scare a cyclops chucker so bad he just cowers in a corner...it happens every time if you get to that 2nd jut and don't shoot him...he just runs and hides, haha...I thought you'd like that :p

    151. Well, patience FINALLY paid off for me today as well as Flashwing herself, that is, as I got an extra-special after Valentine's Day gift today from Wal-Mart. I was going there on the hunt for Molten Hot Dog, but I FINALLY got the elusive... FLAMESLINGER! :D
      I was going to get some Hershey's Hugs (My favorite Valentine's Day Candy, but sadly, they were out), and I went to the Giants display, and there he was! Only one was left, outside of the display that is, in his pack, so I snagged him. :D

      So, all I need now is Molten HD, Regular Crusher (He's still stocking easily at GS, where I headed after getting the candy at Target and also getting my stragety guide for a game there as well), and all of wave four, but thanks to Flashwing, and the hunt for Molten HD, Flameslinger is FINALLY mine! :D

      That means it's time to go playing some my Skylanders to get him and all of the other Newlanders and everyone set for Nightmare Mode! :)

    152. Congrats! I still haven't seen him around here, but I haven't been in walmart in a few weeks. I think he will play very well (funny you just got him, he is Part 78 since I got him for Christmas, lol).

      Glad you got your Hershey's Hugs too, lol ;) Hopefully you caught them on sale too! What strategy guide did you pick up? Crusher ships with EB and TB 2+2+2 so he should stay pretty common...

      I'll keep you posted on Molten Hot Dog and W4...I wonder if Scarlet Ninjini will wind up on Amazon or something?! Many have stated to expect Jade Flashwing the week of St. Patrick's Day just fyi...I always forecasted Target to get a translucent green Whirlwind last year, so I guess I'd take that as a "close" call, haha. Rumor is she will be out that week and not just stocked on the actual St. Patty's day, so it might pay off to investigate...we should know more very soon.

      It finally looks like a warm and not too windy weekend, so I may spend some time on car stuff...that said, I'll prob try to wrap up the hard file, and start working on the Adventure Pack recordings etc.

      After that I'll upgrade, do the time goals, (see how I stack up against your times!), and then start up Nightmare Mode too :D

      There are a ton of great games coming out soon...I'm backlogged...maybe that will wind up saving me money, lol.

      Well congrats again on landing Flameslinger with Lightning!

    153. Ni No Kuri: Wrath of the White Witch.

      Hah! Thanks! But it was actually her clone that helped me land FS. Lightning, however, has been a bit busy with the time goals, as you saw in my post. Spyro and Thumpback are helping her out there. :)

      I think the toughest ones are up ahead, starting with Chapter 7, Wilikin Village, with the Chompy Mage Battle. Chapter 8 won't be as bad, and then Chapter 9 has that Arena Battle with the falling floors, Chapter 10 being the Aerial battle (with the cannons), Chapter 11 being Drill-X's battle, Chapter 12, has the arena battle with the spiked middle, Chapter 13 being the Oracle (I'll do Big Fish to keep things easy for that one), 14 the Autogyro Adventure (Gotta watch out for the Crashes!), Chapter 15 being Arkus, and finally, chapter 16 which is the final battle... I MAY do the time goals for the AP's, but I haven't decided yet.

    154. Is that the PS3 game? I think I remember watching a japaneese trailer on it, lol.

      Oh, I see the luck has rubbed off! Yep, nice work on the time goals!

      Yeah, I think last time the boss battles may have not counted towards the actual time goals...I know I investigated it, but I'm not 100% sure if it was yes or no...Guess you will find out, lol.

      If you have Drill Sergeant maxed out you could let him take on Drill-X to fultil his main quest! I didn't check his till after I'd taken him down in both files...I did get Pop Fizz's 200XP in Beast Mode very quick though ;)

      You know I played the Giant's vs Kaos and first two APs last night. It seemed to me that the APs were much easier than last time...I was also bummed that the Giants weren't incorporated (ie you can bomb the wall, but can't use a Giant). That said, I still enjoyed them and let Slam Bam and Terrafin do most of the work in each since they're two of my favorites :D

      I was also impressed that box-stock Hot Head dominated Kaos...He isn't even to Level 15 yet. It'll be Part 94 if you get bored, lol.

      I'm going to try and record the last two APs tomorrow night...I can't wait for the Eye-Brawl vs Occulus show down..or should I say "stare down" haha. It is something I've wanted to do since I got knew of Eye-Brawl :D

      Hope you got to make some more progress on the Time Goals (hadn't been to G+ yet to check).

      I bet you could to the APs Time Goals pretty easily...I know they didn't count Pirate Cards against us last time.

    155. Yea, I may try those, since I can't wait to get Flashwing in some of those. :D Still don't know how I keep missing by about a minute on the GyroCopter, since I wasn't crashing much as I used to... XP

    156. I bet she'll do very well in them...esp Pirate Seas and Dragon's Peak! Haha, I hear you..the controls on that one bother me...I think I griped about them most of the time I played the level, lol.

      Oh and as a sidenote I was in TRU today...the Skylander section looked like Kaos just dispatched an aerial attack...it was totally ransacked. I think there was 1 Triple Pack and a Swarm and a Bouncer...totally nuts! Word on the street is Thurs-Fri we might see some new stuff...After that March 1st.

    157. I hope you're not correct... Why? Because we're getting an ice storm today and tomorrow, so I won't get to check tomorrow after work... Then again, if it's Friday, I know my buds'll hold 'em for me.

      As for myself, I was sick the second half of the day (Not fun), and when we went to get my medicine, we headed to the other wal-mart (not the one I found FS in, mind you. We have two here), so I looked for MHD, but he wasn't there. Le sigh once again.

      If I spot my trio this weekend that I've been waiting on, at least it'll make me feel better, you know?

    158. People in California are already landing Molten Hot Dog...he should be heading our way soon! Being a WM Exclusive I still say it'll be easy to come by. L-LC Chill is expected to drop either Thurs or Friday...

      TRU has yet to send out any emails though...they have blown virtually every "big" event this year imo.

      Sorry you aren't feeling too well...hopefully you feel up to playing some games or reading Hyrlue Historia :D

      And just fyi, I've also seen that in addition to the crystal blue on Prism Break and a deep green...Flashwing is now shipping with more of a blue on her wings than purple...not the clear parts, but the paint just before hand...Didn't know if you'd want to check for that or not...Not a variant per say, but just a paint difference...might be worth getting since you are a big fan!

      The displays for MHD should be up...I'll try and check all stores tomorrow, but it is raining heavy right now and the fog was super dense today...We are in a winter weather advisory till 6 PM tomorrow, so if the roads are icy I will pass.

      If you can't work or something just let me know...If I wind up making the rounds tomorrow I can pick up extras for you :)

      Hope you get to feeling better Miss Cassie!

      I'm off to watch Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva...it just came in today...Hyrule Historia was ordered at the same time, but will apparently arrive next Tues...

    159. I am, thanks. :) The two Flashwings I have (Lightning and her clone, Serah), are pretty different, though, especially in their feet. Light's got mostly white feet, while Serah's got purple. :P

    160. Glad you are feeling better! Weird, I was unaware of that...I do actually have another Flashwing, but she is still boxed up...I may have to take a closer look. I noticed tonight while Skylander Hunting that she does have the different pre-wing colors now.

      And just in case you didn't get out due to the weather...No news of L-LC Chill at TRU, no sign of Molten Hot Dog's display at the hell hole, I mean walmart, I went in...nothing new at GameStop, or Hastings...the big find was that most everywhere finally had good stock of W3. W1 has started to restock, and I finally saw pegs of EB and TB at both TRU and GameStop. Molten is on his way...L-LC Chill should be as well. I'll monitor things online for W4 info tomorrow.

    161. Yea, I was tempted to go to Wal-Mart after work today when my mother wanted to go do some shopping, but we'd just gotten supper and it was starting to rain, so I didn't today. I might try tomorrow, weather permitting after I get off work at 5:00 PM CST, but it might just be better to wait until Friday when I get off at 3:30 PM (after going in at 7:00 AM and getting a 30 min lunch break, that is). I MIGHT just get lucky about him... If Flashwing has anything to say about it that is. :P

      I was going to mention this earlier, but the Lair of the Giant Spiders HC seems to glitch sometimes when you have someone using a projectile attack... and by "glitching", I mean in a good way. I saw it happen first with Flashwing and then with Bouncer, Trigger Happy, and DroBot. The glitch? Well, before I'd even gotten down to the third spider, I already had three, and sometimes five, of the giant spiders beaten... Really weird. How do you think that happened?

      In other news, I've been playing more Ni No Kuri: Wrath of the White Witch (That PS3 game you were asking I was getting previously) and progressing pretty nicely. Kinda giving the Skylanders a bit of a rest for a bit, but rest assured, I'll likely play some more with them this weekend.

    162. I don't blame you there...he should be easy to get and you can still order online if it turns out to be the opposite.

      I was snowed in today and will be most of tomorrow...We got 20" of snow and 6' drifts! It is insane! They close down both interestates and the airport...It was like 3 PM today when all the schools cancelled for tomorrow, lol. The local schools never cancel...I think they did it bc TxDot couldn't clear the roads due to the blizzard...I think it is going more N than your direction though...I have like 4' drifts the entire length of the driveway to tackle tomorrow...started tonight, it was still a cold N wind.

      Hmm, idk? I'll have to check into that one...I've gotten a lot done...The Hard File just lacks DLC and Dragon's Peak! I've made my "upgrade" spreadsheet to track the money needed...looks like I've got enough for all the newlanders and Giants to go!

      I realized as I was using some S2 that they still needed the "tough" HCs done before upgrading...If I get time tomorrow (shovelling may take awhile) I'll see if I can get the glitch to repeat.

      I got stuck in Ch 15 last night...that last light beam stopped at the wall and wouldn't go to the crystal?! I was ticked, but I did see that it saved my progress in terms of the treasure chest and soul gem etc.

      Very nice, glad you are enjoying it! I'm the same way...kind of hard to not need to take a break when so much of it is redundant...same old thing over and over and over, lol. I've been wanting to finish up Mario Kart Wii and get on to some new playthroughs...I said I'd do nightmare mode though and it is what ple want to see, so I'll at least get to use UPGRADED Skylanders for that one...which kind of makes it "new and fresh" lol.

      Well, hopefully you don't get burried in 6' drifts...It has been nice having a 4 day weekend though :p

      Oh and my Hyrule Historia book was to come in tomorrow...we won't be at work and I don't know if it will be delivered, but I should get it soon...

      Enjoy Ni No Kuri! Oh, and if you need help with the Waterfall Quest I found the perfect spot...I did all the Skylanders (S1, S2, and Giants) in about 15 mins :D

    163. No luck on Ninjini or Spyro today (or Wrecking Ball, for that matter) or even Jade Flashwing, but I didn't come home empty-handed when it came to Skylanders today. I went to Wal-Mart after I went to the mall, and lo and behold, they had like 20 of MHD, so I snagged one! Also got me a mini talking plush of Spyro as well, so all's well...

      ...Except that this means that after I get off work next Monday and Tuesday, I'll need to head to Gamestop and see if Ninjini and the others are in then. :P

    164. Haha, very nice...we both got our Molten Hot Dogs today :D My site-to-store order came in early. I had to wait so long I did check and the only Skylanders this walmart had was about 18 GITD Sonic Booms. Hope you like the talking plush too!

      I got real lucky this afternoon (aside from the Amazon+FedEx+USPS debacle), lol. I got online at break from work and Jade was up so I ordered 2. I was then able to locate my Amazon shipment which had Hyrule Historia...Then later tonight I just checked GameStop and got Spyro, Wrecking Ball, and Ninjini :D

      I don't know if my nephew will want JFW or not, but if you are unable to track her down I will at least have an extra. I hope to find her locally, but the way Granite Crusher was, I figured I should cash in on the sure deal!

      Since GS.com had ALL of the Magic Trio, I bet stores should start getting them very soon. Maybe Lightning will work her magic with an epic score early next week ;)

    165. We're hoping! :D I was thinking about picking up two of MHD so I could have one in the box, but eh, I didn't. :P At least I don't have to stress on the upgrade paths!

      Oh! I snagged a pic of a plush Tree Rex as well, if you like the plushies as well. :)

    166. Nice! Haha, I did get 2 of him...But like you I plan to have HD down 1 and MHD down the other. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding him if you want another though.

      Cool...Idk if I've seen that one yet.

      I am dead tired...I might replay DLC since it crashed on me, but I may not make it, lol.

      Oh, and random-exciting good news at 1 AM? Polar Whirlwind is out in Norway :D I really hope she'll be a GS Exclusive. Makes sense timing wise...Royal Double Trouble kind of popped us on us, so she could do the same.

    167. Well, as you can see, I now have two of the Magic Trio in my possession, and I was VERY LUCKY (I thank Flashwing for that, as she was with me as usual), as these were the ONLY TWO in the store! On a side note, I also saw one single pack of Hot Dog (Gamestop, as you can guess), and a couple of singles of Fright Rider, so if anyone's still missing him, he's starting to show up again. I haven't seen him since around when I got him last!

      I can't wait to check tomorrow, since they said that they're getting another shipment in tomorrow, so the third may finally appear! :D That, and I might look for Jade Flashwing as well, if luck serves me well. :D

    168. Yep...Lightning strikes again!

      They should also start getting single of Shroomboom (regular from the battle pack). I'm betting you'll get Ninjini tomorrow!

      Sadly, unless you catch your store slacking, they've issued the orders to pull JF from the floor (if she was there) and instructed not to sell her till 3/17...since so many employees were being coaxed into selling her early.

      If you lived closer I'd give you my 2nd one!

      That said, I have seen that the ple that got her have said the paint isn't great...some look good, some are really bad. So, by getting her in store at launch you can hopefully take your pick of the best of the batch. I'm hoping mine are pretty good condition.

    169. Flashwing helped me again, as you can see! :D I got one of only THREE Ninjinis that was at my local Gamestop! :D Now, I just need the final S2 figure, the two other LC figures, Jet-Vac, the Legendaries (They'll have to wait until I either go to Memphis or Little Rock for them), and of course, Jade Flashwing. :D And soon, I'll work to get Wham-Shell as well. :D

    170. Nice...is that where you are going to vacation? I will eventually get over to TN to see some family.

      The rest of the time it is OKC, somewhere in TX, the mountains in Colorado, or out west.

      The Legendary Triple Pack has been a pain to find if you didn't pick it up early...same now with L-Bouncer and L-Stealth Elf...That is why I'm hoping to pick up L-LC Chill asap to avoid the backlog. Good luck! Maybe they'll restock by the time you are out towards a TRU.

    171. Well, I have some more good news (I think Flashwing is lucky in BOTH Skylander Hunting AND getting to go places). Now that I'm back to having Friday and Satuarday off, when my sister can go with us, we will get to go to Memphis, and that means going to TRU, which means I'll be able to find some Legendaries! :D If the first Triple is still there, I'll get them first along with any of the originals that I missed, but I will likely go with series 2 as well. :D Hopefully, though, there are some new Skylanders coming in this weekending at GS, and then of course, there'll be Jade this next Sunday (I plan to pick up 2. One'll be unboxed and one'll be left in box. :D).

    172. Very nice! I was talking to a customer in Memphis today, lol. You might check the TRU.com site before you go just in case they'll let you do store pickup. That would let you make sure you'll get something as opposed to it getting picked over.

      I'll be heading out of town tomorrow, well today...in 3 hours (yikes)...I'll see if I can find anything. I've had a few ple tell me they have found stray/hidden Jades in Target, but the stores won't sell them. Hopefully you can land her since she is your favorite. Good luck!

  9. does anyone know about a triple pack E, yet?

    Reply Delete
    1. As far as I know there will be 9 of them. What is beyond Triple Pack 4/D is beyond me. I kind of know what it could be, but definitely nothing definitive.

      A leak could have surfaced I'm unaware of, but as of 2:16 today I don't know.

      If you find anything out, feel free to post up!

    2. i think it could be a fright rider triple pack or a hot dog one but i am unsure. i do not think there will be one for jet vac (as hes in the starter pack) or shroomboom(as he has the battle pack) i'll google it and tell you if theres been a leak.

    3. there is also a possibility of hot dog in the battle pack with zap as he is opposite element just like shroomboom is opposite element to chop chop.

    4. Yeah, could be...I figure it will be characters currently out (Slam Bam+Fright Rider+Bash) etc. Only time will tell. I'm holding out for most Triples as I want to save as much money as possible. I just sprung for the ones that are my favorite: Slam Bam, Terrafin, etc.

    5. im hoping there will be a triple pack with my favourites like terrafin, slam bam and stealth elf but that could be "too powerful" or something so they might not do that. 1 thing i am happy about is that slam bam and terrafin are reposed so we can get them for trying out the other path without paying tonnes for the adventure pack(30 dollars-im in aus so thats why its more than yours- for 1 character just for the other path is rip off) thats why im hoping for a triple pack with slam bam and terrafin because it will be the same price as adventure pack but with 2 characters instead. the only single i have is fright rider but a triple for him wouldnt be too bad as i would like to try his other path.

    6. The only 3 characters I was willing to buy singles of without waiting for a triple pack were Slam Bam, Terrafin, and Fright Rider. I don't blame you for waiting...

      I was also glad they got reposed as those are basically my two favorites.

      I will keep my fingers crossed they wind up in the same triple pack, but I don't see them doing that since both hailed from APs last time around. Never know though.

      We've got quite a few out that need Triples: Slam Bam, Terrafin, Bash, Flameslinger etc...just a matter of time now.

      Both Slam Bam and Terrafin's S2 Poses are awesome!

      Good luck landing them...If they get paired together it will likely be the best Triple Pack ever...they seem to like to sandwich a new character in, but maybe Stealth Elf will make it too. She is a beast down Pook Blade Saint.

    7. perhaps they wont have the 2 ap characters together so the 3 pack could be terrafin/slam bam,stealth elf, hotdog/fright rider/ jetvac?/shroomboom? i am unsure about the ones with question marks but we can't leave them out of the possibilitys as neither have a 3 pack, however shroomboom does have a bp so im thinking jetvac is more likely than shroomboom. something i am thinking would be a good idea for a 3rd game would be elemental pack, like 3 pack only 3 of same element instead of different elements or 2 of same elemt and 1 location piece where there is elemental bonus whole level or something. that would be a good idea in my oppininon.

    8. im really hoping that if they make a 3rd game they will repose all the castaways(boomer,dino-rang etc) particularly boomer cos im in the first one. i think dino rang will be really good if they put his extra armor on and sunburn could make a good light core in my oppinion.

    9. Yeah, it would be nice if they'd just spill the beans on it. I decided to just buy Triples and somehow I landed 3 and 4 this past week.

      We've also got S2 without triples yet like Drill Sergeant, Hex, Bash, Flameslinger etc not to mention those yet to release like Lightning Rod and Spyro.

      Makes planning ahead complicated, especially if things sell out like they did last holiday season.

      I agree with you on the reposes though...If they are going to drop 8 each time they need to bring those back...Warnado, Dino-Rang, those are a few of my favorites...I know Camo and Sunburn were fan favoritet too. Boomer has a lot of potential reposes...Sunburn would be a good LC. Boomer might work if they lit up TNT around his belt or something, haha.

    10. Boomer as a light-core...what an interesting idea. i really hope they do something about the castaways in the 3rd game. i noticed that in the first 2 3-packs 1 character is a stone varient and its a reposed ... just an interesting fact. also each character from the first starter pack is in a 3-pack so far...wonder if that means anything about a fifth 3-pack with spyro?

    11. Yep, I would actually like to see that one come to fruition. I agree, the next installment needs to bring them back regardless of if they introduce more new, or have a new type (Giant, LightCore, etc). Those were some of the fan favorites (Camo, Warnado, Wham-Shell, Sunburn) and I personally really miss Dino-Rang and Ghost Roaster.

      Yep, that is interesting...I think most of my local stores pull the variants :(

      I do think Spyro should be out before Christmas...I can't imagine them holding him out for a 2013 release...Maybe Spyro+Stealth Elf+Fright Rider? Who knows, lol.


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