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Weekly Update 6/21/2012 and Translucent Red Drill Sergeant

Hey Everyone,

My apologies for not getting to update this much seemed like the last two weeks were just chock full of thunderstorms.  It was one year ago that I got the new computer...I like to think I'm doing it a favor not running it with the ridiculous lightning we have had lately.  That said, the storm pattern passes and it is just  hott...yeah, hot with two "t"s hott.  Really, it is that bad.

But hey, summer is officially here so what can you really expect...

Anyway, where to begin?

Skylanders Update

Ok, I have a few pics from my scrounging around.  I will try to add them soon.  I have not found anything new in stores, but did tonight...

You can read about it here {Yeah, right here, lol}

Translucent Red Drill Sergeant

Yep, you read right...And oh how I heartily laugh at the impecable timing.  I just recorded a video for Blue Bash and casually mentioned we might see a translucent red or green (I still think that would be killer with Stump Smash or Zook), and then as I am waiting for the video to render I come across the SkylandersGame  Retweet of a portal master who found a Translucent Red Drill Sergeant.  I know I'll get grilled in the video for it...somehow people that comment seem to not read descriptions or blogs, or do and then just arm themselves with ammunition to add to their "all knowing" state...fabulous.

That said, check it out:

Note the "Only at Walmart" sticker.  You all know how I feel about the "Only at Walmart" Drill Sergeant and "Only at Target" Whirlwind issue.  You have to assume, especially given Blue Bash being a TRU Exclusive, that it only makes sense Whirlwind would get a translucent version.

I have to say, I am not a fan of how they crank out multiple versions of the same Skylanders.  We already had a Gold Drill Sergeant...I'd much rather have had a translucent red Ignitor or some other character that doesn't already have a variant, but oh well.  The red does not look good in the pic, it looks pale.  That said, Translucent Blue Bash looked pale to me in pics, but looks awesome in person...I'll give the color the benefit of the doubt.

The biggest news with the unveiling of Translucent Red Drill Sergeant is simply speculation.  That's right...SPECULATION.  I just said it seems likely we see a translucent Whirlwind for Target.  What about doing Translucent Green?  Maybe a Translucent Orange Drobot?  Yeah, the options are endless, and so are the potential release dates.  This goes along with what I said all along about looking for Crystal/ makes you keep checking stock and hunting....just staying connected to the ritual in case you get lucky.  This is a nice nod for collectors, but I do wish we had a wider variety of "variants" as opposed to certain Skylanders getting multiple forms etc.

Skylanders Playthrough

Last night (June 21st, 2012) I recorded the Legendary Skylanders Upgrades and Gameplay in Quicksilver Vault.  I also took care of the "You didn't do the Golden Yamato Blast" crowd by doing it several times at the ruins and in the level.  That is really, for what it is worth, the end of the main uploads to the blind playthrough.  All I can really upload now is just taking multiples down their other path and then comparing the two...which I may very well do.

Skylanders Blog Posts

Within the week you should see two new posts: My Favorite Skylanders and My Upgrade Path Suggestions.  Both will be pretty simple, but will give you an idea of who I like and why, as well as some insights on upgrade paths if you are debating what to choose.

Skylanders Project

I do have one more thing planned.  I will have to see how people respond to it, but if it goes over well I will see it out to the end...I think a lot of you will enjoy it, despite being less than perfect.  More to come very soon!

Next Project

As most of you know, I have recorded quite a bit of the Mario Kart Wii Playthrough.  I even have a few of the videos ready to upload.  You should see them before too long.

That said, I have 2 other games going simultaneously.  One I started to take a break from MKW...I had horrible audio lag on the game end that really screwed up the recording...It is the worst I've ever had.  That said, it will make the commentary not sync at all.  Furthermore, to "re-do" that portion, I kind of have to start over...That isn't horrible since it happened early on, BUT it would also make this segment more of a rehash as opposed to totally blind, which I like.

With that in mind, last night, kind of out of the blue, I just decided to start recording something should go quick and I might alternate uploading Mario Kart Wii and this particular title.  All I will say is it is on the Wii, pretty new, and will probably either be loved or hated...Feel free to comment with your guesses, lol.

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More to Come

There is actually quite a bit of  news to post up, but I am going to wait.

I do want to remind you to check out the Mario Tennis Open QR Code Post I made and the Skylanders: Giants Post I created just earlier this week.

Also, the most recent blog poll closes today.  It is of course just asking what you do with your Skylanders Packaging.  With it expiring, you know I will posting something new...but what?  This may very well tie in with something posted above...

Stay tuned!


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