Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Poll #29 Results: What Do You Do with Your Skylanders Packaging?

Blog Poll #29 "What Do You Do with Your Skylander Packaging" wrapped up this past weekend and the results were about what I expected.  This was mainly just an item of curiosity for myself and I figured a few others were likely interested.  We had 130 Votes and the results broke down as follows:

The Poll wouldn't fit in the screen grab, so I just mixed it...Here is the exact outcome:

-Open Them All, Throw It Away 87 Votes (66%)
-Open Them All, Keep Packaging 26 Votes (20%)
-Open and Discard all but Variants 13 Votes (10%)
-Don't Open Any 3 Votes (2%)
-One Open, One Sealed 1 Vote (0%)

So to put this one to rest amongst viewers and readers...The overwhelming majority of you open all your Skylanders and toss the packaging never to see it again and you do so without hesitation.  You bought it, plan to use it, and have no need for the extra rubbish in your life.

1/5th of you open them as above, but hang on to the packaging...I figure this is the practical collectors amongst us.  You bought it, want to enjoy it and use it, but you realize that years from now, when reunited with the original blister pack, it will likely have more value (assuming they have any value).  I currently fall in this boat, but have seriously considered tossing the packaging.  I have several sacks full of them at this point and I have never opened one up to enjoy the packaging...The sad thing is they really take up a lot of room by the time you accumulate the base 32 and Legendaries.  I'm still debating but odds are they will get trashed.

A dead-even 10% of you open everything but the variants...I also fall into this mix, but mainly just put this up to give the option to voters.  I have no plans of opening any of the variants I have been lucky enough to find...I figure having the regular version open is good enough, AND if I do decide to toss the regular packaging, it helps me feel better about keeping these around sealed.

3 of you simply don't open any...You are probably the thrifty diehard...Rather than buy 2 (one open, one sealed) you simply take advantage of the portal reading thru the plastic and have the best of both worlds...minus the web code cards etc.  Not at all a bad strategy if these ever have value, or you need to sell in the near future.

And 1 of us actually takes it to the extreme of having one open and one sealed.  This is probably a fantasy for most of us with a collector's tinge, but the cost and or space is likely prohibitive.  Fun and well prepared for years down the road...not bad if you can finance it.

Thanks to everyone who voted...I think stuff like this is interesting and hope you do too.

I will have a "big" poll coming soon...You do not want to miss it...Stay tuned!


  1. nice posting. . thanks for sharing.

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  2. No problem...Glad you enjoyed it...This one just interested me for some reason. I actually threw out all my packaging today...It had just sat bagged since October (or whenever I got the said figure) and I needed the floor space back...

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