Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Poll #29: What Do You Do with Your Skylander Packaging?

Blog Poll #29 asks, "What Do You Do with Your Skylander Packaging?"

This one is really just for the sake of being curious and to gauge how this game has hit between the play it and save it camps.

So, what do you do:

-Don't Open Any (Thrifty Collector)
-Open Them All, Throw the Packaging Away (It Is a Game, I'm not Investing in the Future)
-Open Them All, Except for Variants which stay Sealed (Nothing Special vs Special)
-One Open, One Sealed (Best of Both Worlds, Despite Being Broke)

The poll will close June 22nd, 2012 at 11:59 PM CST.

I think it is pretty self-explanatory.  I just was curious how people treated their Skylanders.  There are those noted collectors who have multiples, new-in-the-box, and then there are people who have all of them parading around in the grass for staged pictures.

I want to know where you fall on that spectrum.

Personally, I open mine...with the exception of the variants.  I do have some sealed duplicates, but it wasn't really by choice.  For what it is worth I "still" have the packaging from them all...I have been debating tossing it, but who knows.

I've been in collecting for quite some time and often you will find something "open" can still hold great value if it is in good shape and you have the original packaging to go with it.  That kind of helps explain why I was so interested in finding the "new" 2007 copy of the "The Last Village" lol.  Plus, the "just game cards" from GameStop etc bother me...The case, instructions, Club Nintendo Points, and ads that come for the extra $15 is well worth it I'm usually the person that gets the "used" stuff that works for a level or two and then freezes.

So cast your vote and get a feel for what your fellow Portal Masters are doing with their collections.

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