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Weekly Update 5-31-2012

Hey, what better way to start June than by recapping May?  That's the way it works this time...Two polls just closed on the blog, I've got another to stick up, and I have a lot to cover here...let's get started.

Skylanders Update

YouTube Uploads

So, as you should well be aware, the "Mass Upgrades" and "Fully Upgraded Gameplay" videos have started surfacing on YouTube and the blog.  Basically every other day (or roughly something like that...might do every other day that ends with "y" haven't really decided yet) I will upload one or two of these videos and add them to the blog.  They aren't the most exciting things in the world, BUT they will let you see what path I took and that should (when combined with the subsequent gameplay) help you decide to follow suit, or abort and take the other path.  Eventually I'll get a blog post up highlighting all of this...


As for the Skylander hunt, let's take a look at some of my latest adventures:


These first two are from Walmarts.  The first shot is the store that I was able to find the Zook and Lightning Rod singles at...they had Boomer, Wrecking Ball, Drobot, Eruptor, and I think Bash...oh, and Darklight Crypt.  I was in the area for work and figured I'd check just in case I was able to land a Glow-in-the-Dark or something cool like that.

This next one was shot at a supercenter and likely hub for the scalper...They had an Eruptor single, and the Drobot and Whirlwind Triple Packs (kind of surprised by the 4-5 of them that were around).


They had nothing new the past two weeks, but did have people blocking the display.  Boomer, Drobot, Eruptor, take your pick of the usual suspects.  

Local Store

This one is from tonight and it showcases a nice, orderly arrangement.  You've got Chop Chop, Eruptor, Drobot, Double Trouble, Wrecking Ball, a few Sonic Boom and Stealth Elf, the Drobot Triple Pack (only triple in the store), and 2 Zook, 2 Lightning Rods, and 2 Ignitor Single Packs...I probably just missed another Wham-Shell sighting.

Amazon Pre-Order 

Which doesn't really matter because if you remember that mid-April Amazon Pre-Order I kept rambling on about...well, it came earlier this week.  I would have cancelled one of them to just have the one for my friend, but I was afraid I'd loose the Super Saver Shipping...that would have meant shipping would have cost  roughly what the other figure would have...So for the time being, I'll have an extra.  I haven't really gotten to the Water Element Upgrades and Gameplay, and I know a lot of people are huge Wham-Shell fans, but I am not.  He looks pretty cool, the tertiary attack is sweet, but I am far from impressed...He just doesn't do much for me.  I know of someone locally that has had a heck of a time finding it...I may see if they want it.  Otherwise I'll hope someone wants to swap a variant or doesn't like Terrafin so I'll have an extra to take down the primary path.  Maybe he will grow on me, but I don't really think so.

Street Passin'

Came up empty once more...shocking isn't it?  There are some really cool features you unlock with Street Pass tags on most Ninendo Titles (not to mention the help in Find Mii and Puzzle Swap), however, it really sucks when you never land any tags to enjoy or access the special stuff.

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Mario Tennis Open (3DS): This game has currently taken over the top spot in the 3DS and has been a blast.   The critical reviews are total bs in my opinion.  This game is a lot of fun in both single and multiplayer.

This afternoon I won the Champions Cup in the World Open I attempted to get a screen shot with my cell phone, not too great, but you get the idea.  There is a ton to unlock here.

I mentioned that Club Nintendo Members could sign-in and get the QR Code for the Yoshi (green) costume.  I have done that and it is pretty cool.  You can also go to the official Nintendo website for Mario Tennis Open and find a few more QR Codes for unlockable Yoshi characters (not all are released yet), but they include: Blue, Red, Yellow, and Pink Yoshis...I believe Black, White, and Light Blue should be released soon.  I've got the QR codes saves and will get them up in a separate post when time allows.

 Score of the Week

I tweeted that I had made a cool find before starting this post...I'm sure most everyone will think it was the Amazon delivery of the 2 Wham-Shells...That would be incorrect!

If you follow along regularly you will recall that I picked up Professor Layton and the Last Specter earlier in the year...I completed the game and really enjoyed it.  It was the 4th in the series, but a prequel to where things began in 2007 with Professor Layton and the Curious Village.  I figured I'd pick it up and play through it, Unwound Future, and Diabolical Box...One issue with that strategy...

Since "The Curious Village" was an 07 release, I couldn't find it anywhere.  I even hit up TRU and GameStop about ordering it in and they said no dice.  If you have ever wanted to dive into a Nintendo series, you might notice that their proprietary titles will be on the shelf for a long time, be sold reasonably, and then just kind of disappear (think Kirby games).  For most this isn't an issue, but what if you just got yourself or your children Kirby Mass Attack for the DS and they love it.  Now they want Kirby Super Star pain to find new.  And the remaining "new/pristine" copies stay sealed and are then sold for big bucks.

I have seen Diabolical Box and Unwound Future for $14-19 new, but no local stores still had the debut.  Well, tonight while looking for Skylanders, I found one tucked away in the alphabetical abyss that only a disgruntled employee could muster. I was shocked.  Granted, the store still wanted $29.99 for it (total bs), but at the same time a "new" copy from Amazon or a similar online source would have set me back $45 or more.  I'm not opposed to used, but you rarely get the game case, instructions, extra collectibles, or let alone the Club Nintendo Points.  So all-in-all I am stoked!  I plan to finish up Mario Tennis Open, and my little foray back into Mario Kart 7, but this will be my next big time consumer on the 3DS.  I'll likely order in the 2nd and 3rd installments in the series since you can usually find them for $12-15 brand-new online.

It will be interesting to see how this one stacks up compared to the latest installment.  I am also hoping for a Professor Layton 3DS title, perhaps as early as this fall!

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It was a pretty busy and hectic week.  I will continue to work on the final few Skylander Blog Posts (Upgrade Paths, My Favorites, etc) and will upload the upgrades and gameplay as time allows.  I should be starting Mario Kart Wii recordings soon..I planned to already have them underway, but I just haven't had the time.

I'm still way behind on YouTube comments...If you need a quick response just ask here on the blog on a pertinent post or via the "Ask 1ofWiisdom" post.

Well, hope everyone is ready for June!

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