Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Happy Meal Toys Preview

Hey Everyone,

Just one of those videos where I talk fast and try to showcase you what to expect...In this case, it is a preview of the upcoming Skylanders featured in the SWAP Force Happy Meals!

Starting this Friday, March 28th, 2014 you can get these awesome Skylanders in your McDonald's Happy Meals!  The promo will run thru April 24th, 2014 and in addition to the toys you can expect coupons like last time.  One will be for $10 off a SWAP Force Starter Pack and the other was simply stated as "$1 Off a Skylanders Character."  I assume this will work not only with SWAP Force core characters, but LightCore and swappers too.  Similarly, I have no reason to think it wouldn't work with SSA or Giants Skylanders, but we will have to wait and see.

That said, I will get stand alone pics up soon...It is currently 4:30 AM and I am dead tired...the pics will be the same as in the video fyi.

Here is the character rundown for the 8 featured:

Eruptor: Looks to be a light up effect

Prism Break: Also looks to be a light up effect (modeled after Hyper Beam Prism Break)

Free Ranger: Looks to be a top

Freeze Blade: Looks to shoot the chakram

Magna Charge: Looks to be a projectile attack from the Magnet Cannon

Rattle Shake: Looks to be a projectile with Snake's Venom (prob just the snake here)

Wash Buckler: Looks to be one of those quick action turns with the cutlass

Chompy: No clue what he will do, but it'll be nice for displays!

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