Monday, March 3, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Upgrade Options

Well, first let me say that my original plan was to upgrade the SWAP Force Skylanders first...I've started in with Boom Jet and Free Ranger, but there are so many options I wanted to get some feedback on what you would like to see...

So, I have basically  come up with 3 Options:

Option #1

Record each upgrade in thorough detail and repeat for the 2nd figure.

Pros: Most detailed and complete
Cons: 2nd Video would be redundant up until the paths and it is the most time consuming

Option #2

Record each upgrade in thorough detail the first time...Record only the other Upgrade Paths for the 2nd figure.

Pros: Thorough and a quicker look at the other Path options
Cons: Inconsistency: One set of Paths would be tied in with a full video, the other would just showcase the other Upgrade Paths and Soul Gems

Option #3:

Record 5 videos.  1-Base Upgrades 2-First Top Path 3-Second Top Path 4-First Bottom Path 5-Second Bottom Path

Pros: Short videos, makes looking for a specific path the easiest
Cons: Not as thorough and it would require watching all the videos to get a feel for the paths

With that said, what do you think?  I can see advantages to all the options.  Ordinarily I would just go with Option #1, but with SWAP Force Skylanders you have 2 Paths for the Top and the Bottom.  That makes a repeat a bit repetitive, but also the most thorough.  Cutting out the base upgrades in Option #2 for the 2nd figure saves time, but makes the videos a tad different.  Option #3 would be super useful for quick research, but on the flip side would require more time to watch all the videos and evaluate what path combos you like the best.

I have currently knocked out just a few of of the SWAP Force Upgrades and I'll try to apply what viewers want to see in the future upgrade videos!


  1. I thought about each of the proposed methods to cover the Swapper upgrades. My initial reaction was to make two videos per Swapper, following the upper path in one and the lower path in the other: All the info in concentrated form.
    I have reconsidered however. I think the five video model would work well given one item: A DEMO on the dummies in Woodborough showcasing each set of upgrades. That way you can get a good vibe for what each path gets you.
    Good Luck, Wiisdom!...Whichever you choose, that's a healthy set of videos!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback...

      I have a couple of vids ready to go and the method I wound up liking the best is in fact the 5 vids...I didn't think I would like it at first, but it ultimately makes things so easy for people to research from...

      And feat not, I have EVERYTHING documented in thorough detail in terms of how much damage is done etc. I plan to have the stats not only in the video, but on spreadsheets in accompanying blog posts...

      It should be pretty cool! The poll has one more day and it is tight between Options 2 and 3.


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