Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tower of Time vs Sheep Wreck Island

As announced in the slick new Wave 4 Update Video, I'm launching another new poll...

This time we are twisting the Tower of Time against the sandy baaa-eaches of Sheep Wreck Island.

There is a catch though, I only want you to vote based on the level and subsequent gameplay itself...

Do you like the action and enemies better in ToT or SWI?  What about the boss fights in each?

I felt this would be a great equalizer as I am really curous as to how you like the levels directly compared to one another...I know I have a distinct favorite.

If there is enough interest here, I will do a follow up poll that throws the entire Adventure Packs at each other...

For now, stick to just the gameplay!  Vote for your favorite level and spread the word!

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