Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring 2014 Channel Update: Spring Edition Skylanders and Happy Meals

I guess this is more of a "Skylanders News Update" than a legit Channel Update, but oh well...

Covered in no particular order:

Now Available:
-Nitro Freeze Blade (Target)
-Enchanted LightCore Star Strike (Walmart)
-Wave 4
--Fryno, Scratch, Turbo Jet-Vac, Fire Bone Hot Dog
--Trap Shadow and Freeze Blade
-Spring Edition Skylanders
--In Game Variant: Spring Time Trigger Happy
--"Easter" Packaging Punk Shock
--"Easter" Packaging Fryno

Skylanders SWAP Force Happy Meal Toys
-Coming Friday March 28th:
-McDonald's Happy Meals
--Look for a stand alone video very soon!

Blog Polls: Please Vote!
-SSA vs Giants vs SWAP Force Best Console Game
-SSA vs Giants vs SWAP Force Best 3DS Game
-Tower of Time vs Sheep Wreck Island, Best AP

SWAP Force Upgrade Options
-Check this post out for more details
-Please let me know your thoughts!

New Minecraft Series
-Clash of the Minecrafters
--PvP War in MCPE

Lots of New Videos!
-SWAP Force Introductions
-SWAP Force Upgrades
-Minecraft Ultimate Quest
-Clash of the Minecrafters
-Mario Kart Wii

That is about it in a nut shell...

I will try tonight for the Spring Edition Skylanders and ELCSS (I have no clue why Walmarts in my area have not gotten her in yet).

I will also check stock on Wave 4 and Nitro Freeze Blade and report back.

Similarly, since you read all the way to the end...My advice for picking up the "Spring Edition" Skylanders is to go to TRU.  They have a promo running that is 3 for $20 and it makes picking up Spring Time Trigger Happy, Punk Shock, and Fryno a great value!

Good luck and happy hunting!


  1. Are you going to do a full collection video for swap force?

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    1. Yes sir! The waiting is the hardest part...Although I suppose all we lack for the base stuff is LC Bumble Blast and Doom Stone.

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