Sunday, June 26, 2011

Audio Failure

Well, I had planned on wrapping up the Yoga Walkthru and uploading all 3 segments to YouTube, but...

We have problems.  After no issues the first few days, I now have no sound on my captures.  I first thought it must have been the Dazzle itself, but now I think it might be the fact the Amazon Basics RCA cables have  a wider than standard flange on the male ends.  They mate fine with the video hub on the Dazzle, but the L and R audio hubs are a little more recessed and thus have less to grab to before you are in the plastic housing of the Dazzle. 

So, I may have to buy yet another set of RCA cables.  I thought I was doing a good thing getting "good" cables, but apparently not.  I will try to pick some up tomorrow and see if I can get my audio back.  It is a shame bc I had a lot of good captures tonight.  It really isn't the same without the appropriate audio.

Well, 3 AM after dealing with this the last little bit...I will be sur to chime in tomorrow, cough-later todaym with an update for you.  Keep your fingers crossed it is not the Dazzle.

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