Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 15: Time to Dazzle

This was a very rough day...

I had to persevere thru work and running errands before I could get home, crank up the new computer, and install the Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD capture device!  I somehow made it, lol.

The computer was as quiet as I remembered, the screen is massive, and it was a quick and easy install of the Dazzle's software.

I shot an unboxing video last night for those of you interested in going this route.  I tried to just keep it simple and easy to understand.  I am basically just showing you what you get, where to get it, roughly what it costs, and of course, how to hook it all up.

I think I will save that for another stand alone post though...

I naturally had to try the Dazzle out and see how well it performed...I am please to announce that everything went great: quick captures, high quality, good sound, and it sure beats the old "point-and-shoot" method.  I finally feel like folks can watch the vids and not have to complain or wish it was "better quality."

I started out with a quick lap around Wuhu Island.  That will be the first in a series of videos that will cover a playthrough of Wii Fit Plus.  I couldn't stop there though...I wound up shooting the following: Peripheral Vison Test, Soccer Heading Advanced, Island Cycling Island View, Segway Circuit Expert, Skateboad Arena Advanced, and Penguin Slide.

I was not happy with Penguing Slide, so it will be getting a redux.  Skateboarding started out great and then I had issues with the sound from the desktop's speakers screwing me up in real-time.  I didn't actually score too bad, it just wasn't nearly as good as I would have hoped to post.  Similarly the Peripheral Vision Test (second video captured) wasn't a high score, but is probably good enough to upload.

However, none of that even matters at this point...

On two of my old favorites, Island Cycling Island View Course and Segway Circuit Expert, I somehow, someway managed to net new Personal Bests in each.  The Island Cycling eclipsed my prevoius mark and to the best of my knowledge is a new Wii World Record!!!  I don't know if the Segway Circuit Expert matches up, but you will enjoy it.  I pulled off the insta-hit on the final mole (did it last night oddly enough as well) and beat my previous best by 1 point!

As we speak I have videos editing and uplaoding...I will highlight them soon.

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