Monday, June 27, 2011

The Shack Comes Thru

Well, good news!

Any potential issues with the Dazzle have been averted for the time being.  My hunch that it was the Amazon Basics RCA cables simply not mating with the the female hubs on the Dazzle was correct.  I ran to RadioShack this afternoon, picked up their el-cheapo RCA Cables, got back home, plugged them in, and voila...the audio is back!

Radio Shack had them at the bottom of the wall...they had their "good" cables up higher, I nearly bought them, then inspeced the ends and realized they were probably a little too thick for comfort.  The Amazon Basics are great cables, really good quality and over-the-top heavy-duty, which is where the problem lies. 

They will fit perfect to the tv input jacks, and snatch up the Y-splitters with no issue.  The problem comes when trying to couple them with the Dazzle, which has relatively recessed jacs compared to most RCA's...that coupled with the housing of the internals makes for a tight fit, one too tight for the extra thick cables and ends.

However, if you read this, you can keep from making the same mistake I did.  It isn't too big a deal as the Amazon cables are pretty sweet, but I would have prefered to spend $12 for cheap cables and have $20 in my pocket than just being able to brag about the great set of RCA cables I have around and can't use.  Oh well, live and learn.

That aside, tonight I was able to wrap up the Wii Fit Plus Yoga Playthrough...yes, all of it!  And no, it is not uploaded yet...I might try to pull that off tomorrow night after work. I've got some with and some without commentary, still debating which to go with...I proposed that issue to some folks at Friday and will probably check in for the consensus (more on that later).

But in conclusion, sometimes the best laid plans and premium parts can't compete with the "cheap route."  It usually works the other way, but hey, what can you do?  The main thing is the problem is solved, it wasn't anything major, or expensive, and most importantly I can get back to making videos!

See you soon with some uploads in-tow!

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