Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 6: Vacation Excitement via Kingdom Quest

Well, no new videos as I ran out-of-town on vacation.  Naturally tried to source some new games for play-throughs, but the GameStop we visited didn't have what we wanted; we will get it tracked down eventually though!

On the bright side, we made it to LegoLand!  What an awesome place!  You've got to have a kid with you to get in and the crowd is pretty bad during high-traffic times, but the pros defintely outweigh the cons.  If you are a fan of the Lego series of games, you definitely want to make it...You can pick up some harder to find Lego pieces with no trouble here.  And there is a bonus, they have Kingdom Quest as you finish up your tour of the factory. 

Kingdom Quest is essentially a first-person shooter.  You have to save the princess from a band of ruthless houligans (why does that sound familiar?) and your only help is the friendly red dragon.  A tracked vehicle that sports 2 rows of 3 proceeds through the arena.

You stop several times to watch a brief video screen that broadcasts battle updates and you follow that up by shooting as many targets as possible with one of the cart's fully equipped laser guns.  A little over halfway through the adventure I realized the spot for a 3rd person on the seat, and subsequently a 3rd gun...

I know what you are thinking and what you want to ask and the answer is...

Oh heck yes!  You know I started double-fisting that thing.  It kind of serves as more of a hindrance, but it sure felt good.  The primary target seemed to be spiders and miscellaneous items, but a few foot soldiers were tied-in...basically if I saw rings of black-and-white it was time for the guns to go a blazin'...

The real kicker is that once you have completed Kindom Quest and saved the princess you proceed to a photostation where you can purchase photos or keychains to commemorate the event.  We all wished we knew when the picture was going to be taken (we were all in "action" position and not really posing for a shot, but nonetheless it was too good to pass up for the memory.  And for those who care (probably most of you) the picture sports 6 blocks with red numbers that are of course...your score 8)

If you've got kids, can get in, or just want to check it out, I highly reccommend it.  When LegoLand is crowded you get 1 pass thru the ride, but if they are slow (cough, weekdays, cough) you can probably go a few times with no qualms from the employees.  It really is both enjoyable and memorable, your kids will love it, and chances are you will have a hard time not cracking a smile or going for a top score (yes, we asked, and no they don't know what the record is, haha).

Oh and lastly, we got to see the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat and bring home their first ever NBA Championship!  It was a great game and honestly one of the better Finals matchups in awhile.  So there you have it, still didn't find the game we were looking for (it will get ordered soon), got an unexpected first-person shooter in with Kindom Quest at LegoLand, and had a great night with the Mavs winning!  (And just so you know, I've always been a fan...even back to the days when they weren't that great.  Loyalty pays dividends, and this is the ultimate pay out!).

And since you are still reading, I had an udpate for Day 5, but didn't get to post...When we initially went out looking for a recently released game, we did not come up empty.  We managed to score some pretty cool stuff (new to us) that I will get posted once we are back home.

Well, I am off to bed...undoubtedly I will probably dream of treking through fields covered with badguy Legos and saving a princess, but things couldn't be better...

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