Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 8: 1st Week Update

Well, the first week has wrapped up.  It was nice to kind of fall back into a routine last night.  Most of the time was spent unpacking and cleaning up after the trip.  I did get my time in on Wii Fit Plus, no new records or anything.

I am thinking it is about time to actually go look at new computers.  Mine is, well, how do I put this mildly...OLD!

I've got a lot of storage thanks to an early crash and HD install, however the processor is overloaded.  It just won't handle things the way it used to as things on the web have become more dynamic.  That will be my main criteria for a new desktop/laptop...the processor. 

I will go ahead and pay the extra price to have something that can handle the video editing and web page creating with ease.  I will let you know what I came up with and why.  Here is a little tidbit for those might know what it means, I'll be trying to find and add, or build a tower with MIDI Drivers ;)

Most of the videos I make and pictures I take will go straight to an External HD.  After having to move files so many times, it makes sense to just do it from the start.  That is actually what I have been doing lately.  You keep your computer wide-open and have the back-ups stored safely away. 

Obviously, once I get the computer I can FINALLLY hook up the Dazzle and start capturing my footage without the old digital camera and screen shooting method...I think everyone will enjoy that improvement.  That is honestly why I'm holding off on walkthroughs, playthroughs, and reviews.

I will try to get some time to upload a few of the new WFP Records and some other stuff that is backlogged.  Hopefully by the time it wraps up I will be all set to record my video game footage with the Dazzle and new computer.

Unitl next time...

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