Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Record Yourself Playing Video Games: Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD Unboxing and Setup

As promised, here is the unboxing vid...Please note that I am simply trying to show you what you get, where to get it, a rough cost, and a quick verbal explanation of how to hook things up.  The cited text-based version will be below the video.

Video: How to Record Yourself Playing Video Games, Unboxing the Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD

Now for the old school instructions...

Quick Text Instructions

Unbox your Dazzle after making sure your computer meets the requirements: XP SP3, Vista, or Windows 7 (not listed, but it works) and a minimum of a 2.4 GHz processor.  Check the box for more specifics.

Install the software (CD-ROM).  Simply follow the on-screen directions.

Now, head to the console you wish to record from.  The cable from the console to the tv is going to have your RCA connections.  Red, White, (both audio) and Yellow (video).  Remove the Yellow male RCA cable from the female terminal on the tv.  Install a Y-splitter.  Reinstall the console's RCA Yellow to one Female end of the splitter.  Now take your spare set of RCA Composite Cables and install the Yellow Male Terminal to the female port on the splitter.

Repeat this process for the red and white leads as well.

Now plug the other end of the RCA Composite Cables to your Dazzle...just match the colors.

Plug the Dazzle into your computer via a USB 2.0 connection.

Open Pinnacle Studio 14.  Navigate to "Import."  Click on Dazzle Capture Device.  Power up your tv and console, move to the appropriate input, check the computer screen for the signal.  If you see the same screen shot on the computer as you do on your tv monitor type in a file name on the right hand side and click "Start Capture."

That is it, you are done!  Follow these simple directions and you will be recording, editing, and uploading your gameplay footage in no time!

Here is a crude chart if it is of any help...

Flow Chart

Computer USB 2.0>Dazzle

Dazzle Yellow Feamle Port>Yellow Male RCA Cable>Y-Splitter>Yellow Female Port on TV>Y-Splitter>Yellow Male Console RCA Cable>Console Connection to (Wii, PS2/PS3/Xbox etc).

Dazzle Red Female Port>Red Male RCA Cable>Y-Splitter>Red Female Port on TV>Y-Splitter>Red Male Console RCA Cable>Console Connection to (Wii, PS2/PS3/Xbox etc).

Dazzle White Female Port>White Male RCA Cable>Y-Splitter>White Female Port on TV>Y-Splitter>White Male Console RCA Cable>Console Connection to (Wii, PS2/PS3/Xbox etc).

Thus, Console>TV::Console>Computer


Does that make sense?  We are really getting to the point where if you don't follow you need to do some basic research, ask a question, or just find a friend that can help explain it to you.  If you've got qusestions at this point I will do my best to help, but can't make any promises.


  1. do you need a head set to talking the video ?

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    1. That is what I use...If you plan to record live commentary while playing it is the best as it will play game audio and any skips/frame rate issues to help you out.

      Some people just use a microphone, but I prefer the headset route.

      If you plan to do post-commentary I would imagine a desk based microphone would work pretty well.

    2. to use the mic you plug it in the coumputer ?

    3. Yep. My set up is USB based, but a typical mic jack would work as well.

      If you get fancy you can probably use a stand alone sound stage, but if you go my route you can get by for $10 if you are thrifty. Some mics are horrible, others are great...Might check reviews on Amazon or something before you pull the trigger.

      In general I have always had good luck with Logitech.

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  3. I hv a crppy dzzl & studio 10. (A) studio ddnt open (it sez my cmptr is out of d8.) (B) nstnt dvd ddnt rcrd the wii. Any advice?

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  4. The cable from the console to the tv is going to have your RCA connections. Red, White, (both audio) and Yellow (video). Remove the Yellow male RCA cable from the female terminal on the ...

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