Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 1 Update

Well, got my usual time in on Wii Fit Plus...

Very tired, yet I managed to set 3 new personal bests.  I am sure I had done so on Wii Fit, but in skimming thru I noticed that I only had 3 Stars on Hula Hoop.  I took it on and cranked out a 325 which earned me the 4 Star Ranking!  I did a few more I haven't played in awhile, and since I had wanted to do my Island Lap, but the Balance Board was on I opted for Advanced Step.

I had a few glitches, but not many...the result was a new personal best of 662 points, eclipsing my previous best of 661. 

I followed that up by checking the new episode of Nintendo Week only to find a short run time and...

TONS of new trailers for the E3 announced titles...awesome!  You can find the trailers at either or the Nintendo Channel on your Wii Console.

All in all it was a great day...lots to look forward to and some new records!

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