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Skyanders Overall Ranks

Update 3/18/2012

I have finally gotten to compile the Skylanders "in game" stats, which are an accurate reflection of well, you know, the STATS.  I don't know what the point of the cards was when they don't correlate to the actual game, but hey, now you have the best of both worlds.  The stats by the cards are at the bottom of this post.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Overall Ranks (Health and Power Combined)

-This is a combination of MAX HEALTH (Level 10) and MAX Power Stats from Heroics (Speed, Armor, Critical Hit, and Elemental Power).  Ties are settled by Power Ranks.

  1. Stump Smash 1001
  2. Dino-Rang 971
  3. Legendary Bash 967
  4. Slam Bam 963
  5. Warnado 963
  6. Bash 955
  7. Camo 942
  8. Drill Sergeant 933
  9. Terrafin 931
  10. Legendary Chop Chop 928
  11. Wham-Shell 926
  12. Chop Chop 912
  13. Legendary Spyro 906
  14. Lightning Rod 899
  15. Drobot 895
  16. Eruptor 891
  17. Prism Break 891
  18. Whirlwind 886
  19. Sonic Boom 886
  20. Spyro 886
  21. Voodood 885
  22. Stealth Elf 880
  23. Dark Spyro 875
  24. Ghost Roaster 875
  25. Gill Grunt 859
  26. Hex 859
  27. Wrecking Ball 855
  28. Sunburn 855
  29. Zap 852
  30. Ignitor 843
  31. Flameslinger 842
  32. Zook 841
  33. Cynder 839
  34. Double Trouble 831
  35. Boomer 791
  36. Legendary Trigger Happy 770
  37. Trigger Happy 758

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Overall Power Ranks

-This includes MAX HEROICS (Speed, Armor, Critical Hit, and  Elemental Power).  This DOES NOT include "Health" like the above rankings.  Ties are settled by Health+Power Ranks.

  1. Dino-Rang 371
  2. Legendary Trigger Happy 370
  3. Ignitor 363
  4. Trigger Happy 358
  5. Drill Sergeant 353
  6. Legendary Bash 347
  7. Legendary Spyro 346
  8. Whirlwind 346
  9. Slam Bam 343
  10. Warnado 343
  11. Camo 342
  12. Flameslinger 342
  13. Stealth Elf 340
  14. Bash 335
  15. Zap 332
  16. Double Trouble 331
  17. Boomer 331
  18. Legendary Chop Chop 328
  19. Wham-Shell 326
  20. Sonic Boom 326
  21. Spyro 326
  22. Stump Smash 321
  23. Zook 321
  24. Lightning Rod 319
  25. Hex 319
  26. Gill Grunt 319
  27. Cynder 319
  28. Drobot 315
  29. Ghost Roaster 315
  30. Dark Spyro 315
  31. Wrecking Ball 315
  32. Chop Chop 312
  33. Terrafin 311
  34. Prism Break 311
  35. Eruptor  311
  36. Voodood 305
  37. Sunburn 295

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Rankings by Trading Cards

Note that this is not done by preference, but by the stats listed on the trading cars and online at Spyro's Universe, the official Skylanders site.  Any ties are settled by alphabetic order...not perfect, but it works, lol.

1.  Cynder  260
2.  Spyro  260
3.  Stealth Elf  260
4.  Sunburn  260
5.  Camo  255
6.  Ignitor  255
7.  Warnado  255
8.  Dino-Rang  250
9.  Drill Sergeant  250
10.  Lightning Rod  250
11.  Wham-Shell  250
12.  Chop Chop  245
13.  Double Trouble  245
14.  Slam Bam  245
15.  Zook  245
16.  Boomer  235
17.  Flameslinger  235
18.  Sonic Boom  235
19.  Wrecking Ball  235
20.  Hex  230
21.  Whirlwind  230
22.  Zap  230
23.  Bash  225
24.  Eruptor  225
25.  Ghost Roaster  225
26.  Terrafin  225
27.  Drobot  220
28.  Gill Grunt  220
29.  Prism Break  220
30.  Stump Smash  220
31.  Trigger Happy  220
32.  Voodood  220


  1. hi wiisdom ive wached almost all your skylanders vids and i love them all. could you do a vid were in 1 vid you do all the HCs you can with sunburn

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    1. Thanks, glad you enjoy the vids! I think I have Sunburn up in the high 20s right now actually, lol. I got him, introduced him, upgraded him, and then just took off on the heroics. I'll be sure to feature him full maxed out though.

  2. hey wiisdom, i was wondering if you could tell me some info about the next skylanders game! I believe it's called Skylanders giants??? thanks.

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    1. Don't know a whole lot aside from that it will be based on the same engine (similar graphics) and that there will be special areas accessible only by Giants, which should be like "buying" an elemental gate. There are going to be brand-new, regular sized Skylanders and then reposed Skylanders from this round, as well as a few that light-up when on the portal.

      I hope that they make battle mode have Single vs CPU and let figures be pre-ordered!

      More info should come out at E3.

  3. yea pre-ordering skylanders would be awesome! and thanks for the info. I'm excited to get the new game because after you beat the previous game on the adventure mode, you can't do much but battle and do HCs.

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    1. Yeah, it is the most logical would keep people from getting upset, paying big bucks on ebay, and get the money in the hands of the retailer and developer. Giants should be great. Yep, once beaten about all you can do is: accolades, heroics, upgrades, and battle mode (which was a huge mistake not having it be 1P vs CPU as well as 2P). E3 should showcase some more info for us on Giants!

  4. pretty much all the info for giants is out now 18 new guys in total 10 regular sized guys 8 giants.per-order and you get the choice of 3 random new characters to buy not included in the price and the disc is gonna be $70
    this is why your seeing a lot of the "rare" figures selling for stupid prices but don't pay it there unloading everything in batches until the release of the new game you will be able to complete your collection if your patient!
    there is the exception to such items as the volcanic volt blue bash the gold collector series of figures... i'm not an expert this is just from what i have compiled from a friend that manages game stop the internet a couple guys from toysrus.i think in some other countries they get different special stuff i heard the volt is only available from the UK? not sure as i never seen it for sale anywhere here in Canada.

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    1. Cool, thanks for the info...I haven't payed much attn to Giants info in a month or so...I figured E3 would reveal quite a bit...I'm interested in seeing all the new ones...I doubt I'll do "re-posed" figures unless they are some of my favorites or just really cool.

      Volcanic Vault was dealt by Best Buy here in the US. They first gave it out with any starter pack purchase for non-Nintendo systems (which ticked me off). A lot of people returned the starter pack, kept the vault, and repeated, causing a shortage. I guess more were made as they have now given them when you buy $25 or more in Skylanders stuff. I still don't have it, I'm not a fan of the store, especially my local one.

      It is something that if a friend has, you can borrow, put on the portal, unlock the battle arena, and give it back to him..After that it is only of value to collectors, lol.

      It would be nice to have it...I'm really not a big fan of keeping certain things at certain stores, but I suppose it is a trend that will continue. Idk if Canada has Best Buy, buy you might check there or have a friend near the border try to land it for you.


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