Thursday, December 29, 2011

Skylanders Update: Glitch, New Save FIle, Adventure Packs, and Chapter 21

Well, it is 6:15 AM and I am beat.  I have uploaded Chapter 24: Pirate Seas and Chapter 25: Darklight Crypt and included a nice description for both of them.

Part 63 will be a long time coming since I have to go back thru the game on a new save file to get to Chapter 21: The Arkeyan Armory.  I wanted to replay the game, just not under these circumstances.
In order to expedite this I won’t record this new save file…I will play through with the newer Skylanders and work towards getting them up to Level 10 and with good upgrades.  Don't worry though, I have everything planned out.

*I will try to upgrade the Skylanders in this “unexpected playthrough” in bulk groups…I will do this so I can record it easier and show everyone the different upgrades and upgrade paths that so many of you have requested.  

Basically what that means is I'll play thru a few levels, build up some cash with several Skylanders and then come in and record upgrades on 4-5 Skylanders.  I'll then archive the video, repeat it a few times, and then combine it all into a video to upload. 

I get a lot of requests for "upgrades" so this may not be a bad idea.  This is not how I planned or wanted to do it, and proably not the way most of you would like it to be done, but under the circumstances I guess it is best.
**Should any new Skylanders come out or Adventure Packs get released I will pick them up ASAP, upload the unboxing, and record the intros. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen before I’m back for Chapter 21, but you never know.

Thanks to everyone who has watched the playthrough and enjoyed it. Keep in mind this is my virgin run thru on the game (blind playthrough) so I was learning as I played. I will try to come back with Chapter 21 and 22 in the new save file and then go back and land everything I missed in Parts 1-62, which will also be slowed down by this glitch.

Again, I am sorry about not being able to make Chapter 21 happen overnight, but I’ll get there as quick as I can…All I can say is DO NOT BOMB THE HOLE WITH THE AIR STREAM UNTIL AFTER Chapter 21 (or maybe before Chapter 20)…best advice is to avoid it entirely till you have access to all the chapters.

You can come here to the blog to check the Twitter feed...I mainly play/record at night so keep that in mind...I'll do my best to tweet where I'm at in the new save file once or twice a play.
I wanted Pirate Seas and Darklight Crypt up to cover the down time and for everyone who has followed to enjoy.  Both are a lot of fun, but very distinct.  I think you will like them.

I appreciate all the nice comments and support. Good luck with your playthrough and enjoy beating Kaos for me!

Oh and don’t forget the blog polls…I’ll keep updating those as planned.


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