Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Playthrough Update

Well, I am closing in on the end of the game...story mode at least.

You basically have Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 as the "final."

Chapters 23-26 are reserved for the Adventure Packs. 
-Dragon's Peak
-Pirate Seas
-Empire of Ice
-Dark Light Crypt

Obviously, "Dragon's Peak" and "Empire of Iec" are not out yet (still not out yet for diehard Skylander fanatics).  I am debating between tackling Pirate Seas and Dark Light Crypt BEFORE Chapter 22, but I might just go ahead and execute them in order...that is take out Kaos in Chapter 22 and then proceed on to the adventure packs I have that are currently released.

I will try and pick up Dragon's Peak and Empire of Ice when they are released.

During the potential down time I plan to go back to all the Chapters and pick up whatever I might have missed (hat, legendary treasure, etc).  I will likely use newer characters or Skylanders I didn't play with much in pursuit of the goal of having all of them on Level 10.

All of this will be recorded...

I am not sure if it would be worth recording the Skylanders going thru each of the heroic challenges.  I obviously record Skylander A on Skylander A's Heroic Challenge, but it might be overkill to have 32+ Skylanders running around each doing 37...it would take a long time to record that playthrough.  I will likely pick my favorite Skylanders and have them progress through, then just kind of highlight their progress with a quick video.

I also want to mention that not all of the Skylanders are out yet (Lightning Rod, Warnado, Double Trouble, Slam Bam, Wham-Shell, Camo, Zook, Cynder, and Sunburn off the top of my head).  Interestingly, most of these are "high-ranking" Skylanders if you go by my "Skylanders Rankings" post.  Obviously I will have an interest in completing my set and getting more accolades in the game.

We were projected to get a huge snow storm today/tonight, but it didn't come to fruition...My plan was to finish the main story mode, edit, and upload it to YouTube.  Now, that will be pushed back a bit till I have free time to record again. 

Once I wrap up Chapters 21 & 22 I will edit and upload asap. 

Following that I will tackle Pirate Seas and Dark Light Crypt in that order.

Thanks for watching and commenting on all the vids...like I've said, I try to respond to questions and offer help when possible.  This is a blind playthrough for me so I am really just learning as I go.

As I've mentioned several times in comments, I will try and pick up "new" Skylanders as soon as I can...If and when that happens, I will have unboxing videos up ASAP, so be on the lookout for those.

And to answer the most asked question I get...I do not know when the new characters will be released.  Most of us speculated before Christmas, but it looks like that will be limited to Zap, Hex, Dino-Rang etc.

I have read online where some folks were guessing mid-January.  In all honesty, no one seems to know for sure.  I have spoken with 3 folks running Skylanders demos both during launch week and then the crews that were sent out with the portable set-ups and they are completely in the dark.

Check here, Twitter, and of course YouTube and I'll keep you in the know as best I can.

As for now, I'm going to try and get some sleep...

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