Monday, December 5, 2011

Skylanders Updates: Your Feedback Requested

Okay, I've got a couple of updates for everyone.

First, Parts 24-32 are uploaded, live, and have their descriptions.  You'll note that the descriptions have gotten a bit more detailed, particularly where I list off the objectives, collections, and Skylanders that were used.  I'm thinking I'll style all the vid descriptions along these lines OR I will just keep them simple and go into detail here on the blog.

For example if Chapter 5 is a 2 part video I would have the blog post begin with the vitals: Chapter Name, Goals, Collections, Skylanders used etc...continue into a detailed analysis, and end with the completed vitals.  I might actually go that route as it would save me a ton of time with the standard descriptions.

Second, I will try and get a complete blog list on all the Skylanders and adventure packs to help answer questions for everyone.

Third, I would really like to know if those of you watching the playthrough would prefer that I continue to progress or go back and pick up missed items (Legendary Treasure, Hats, etc).  And if you prefer I go back do you want it to be immediate, or after a few chapters?

I ordinarily get everything and if I've missed something I replay it until I have it all (aside from the Subspace Emissary...plan to do all that after things wrap up).  In Skylanders I just felt like I'd have to go back afterwards for the time goals, which could be very challenging ,and figured I'd just progress through the game...and then at the end come back and pick up said items before or during the time objectives.

Lastly, I have had a lot of people requesting gameplay vids for certain Skylanders.  The best thing to do is to find that Skylander listed in the description or tagged and watch the video.

However, I can cut and edit certain gameplay portions so you can just watch say a stand-alone 3 minute video on Stealth Elf...The only catch is if I go this route it will cut into the time before I can continue in the main story mode.  Once complete I can go back and do this, but I will try to accommodate what folks would rather see the most.

Ordinarly I would just go thru the playthrough at my own leisure and not factor outside influence into any decision.  Skylanders has just got such a big following I figured if I was ever going to try and cater the content to the audience this would be the time.

Thanks for all the subscriptions, friend invites, comments, and messages...I try to reply to them as best I can.  I am hoping by making the Skylanders Info blog etc I can direct a lot of folks there and then of course move on in the direction folks would like to see.

Hopefully that all makes a little bit of sense, it is 3:45 AM and I could use some sleep, lol.

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