Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wiisdom Blog Poll #3: What is Your Favorite Skylanders Element?

Yep, you read correctly.  This time around I want to know what your favorite Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Element is (Air, Earth, Fire, Life, Magic, Tech, Undead, or Water).  The poll will close at 11:59 PM CST on 12/31/2011.  So basically I am running it for 10 days and hoping to generate enough feedback to progress from that point.

Since Skylanders is the current playthrough  and was the overwhelming winner of Wiisdom Blog Poll #2, I felt it was only right to take a step in this direction.

Once this one wraps up I will take the Elements in order of their votes and poll regarding what your favorite "insert element here" is...

So, say that the Air Element wins (it currently has 2 of 4 votes and I haven't even pushed the poll yet, lol..thanks to the early voters!) I will break the next poll down something like this:

-What is Your Favorite Air Skylander
-Lightning Rod
-Sonic Boom

And so on...I might run each element for a week, we will just see how it goes.

That said, what you need to do know is go vote for your favorite Skylanders Element and tell your friends to do the same.  As mentioned, I will then poll for favorite Skylanders based on the results from this poll.  Should that continue to do well and generate votes I will break it down into a showdown between the favorite Skylanders (Tournament Style if you will).

Anyway, thanks again to those of you who follow the blog and have already voted...hopefully you've spread the word to friends.  I will leave the last poll up for a few days before archiving it.

Thanks to everyone who voted in it and be sure to check back often for more content updates and polls!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas as well!


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