Friday, December 30, 2011

Skylanders Web Codes and Thanks to a Viewer and Fellow Portal Master

Well, several of you have seen in the comments on vids or heard me mention that someone stole the web codes to my Zap and Stealth Elf.

I had someone on YouTube offer me their web codes and I would like to thank them...

I won't mention your username so you don't get bombarded with people asking for web codes, but you know who you are and I wanted to take the time to recognize it.

If most people hear of that they'll say, "Oh, sweet!  I'm going to watch the other unboxings and see if I can find a web code and register it!"  To have someone do the polar opposite is very rare, and I felt deserved mention...

There are still some great people out there, who are very kind, and will put others ahead of themselves!  I really don't see it often, but when I do, I feel like it should be recognized, even though those people are the last who really want or seek the praise.

I am not going to take the web codes because I want you to have them...if they spruce things up the online portion of Spyro's Universe could become a big deal and then you'd need the codes, lol.

I did send the e-mail to activision and of course since you're supposed to hear back in 24 hours, I have not!  That is about par for things lately it seems...

Nonetheless, this type of thing needs to be recognized more often and given just as much attention as the negative stuff like someone stealing a web code or finding glitches etc.

So once again thank you!  I truly appreciate the offer and have no doubt you perform kind acts for others who are fortunate to have you in their lives!  Keep going about things in this manner and you will no doubt be destined for great things!



  1. That person was really cool giving you the codes. Hey, maybe in the final part of the playtrough you should make a thanks credits like:
    The guy who give me the codes
    Toys for Bob

    Just kidding! Well, I will see all you videos!! And don't forget that you have many fans of yours, keep in that way!!


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  2. Haha, yeah...I've done a lot of stuff without folks following along so I try to help/answer questions when I can.

    I just thought it should be pointed out that someone was doing something incredibly nice to counter someone doing something pretty shallow.

    I'm about to start the 2nd save file...hoping to do a few chapters tonight. IF the glitch wouldn't have happened I would have CH 21 and Ch 22 up and be going back to collect what I missed on the first run...oh well :/
    Have a good one!

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  3. I lost my starter up three pack codes for wii is there any why to get new ones??????

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  4. I do not think so...If you have registered them you can use the update code via the character screen (-) button on Wii.

    Your next option is to contact Activision...I tried going that route with the stolen web codes and it was like they didn't even read my question...Still I guess it is worth a shot. They still claim the site is in beta and has bugs. Sorry I'm not more help.

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