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Skylanders Collection as of 12/31/2011

Hey Everybody,

This is something I wanted to do for Christmas, but since I knew my friend and fellow gamer thewalkthruking would be getting Skylanders for his 3DS I decided to wait.  He was nice enough to let me use Ignitor and Dark Spyro for this video, so thanks!

That aside, two of the questions I'm asked most often revolve around what Skylanders I have and more importantly, what Skylanders are not out yet.

I have answered this several times, and it is on the blog, but I figured a video might be a more well received medium.  And with that in mind, I figured New Years was a perfect time to make it happen:

I started out stressing (once again) to play Chapter 20 and Chapter 21 immediately afterwards.  This is a known glitch and you do not want to have to start over if you can avoid it...Please spread the word so your friends don't have to make it that far and then find themselves starting the game in a new save file.

I know it takes time to say that and I've mentioned it every chance I get, but if we help one other person avoid the glitch I figure it is worth it...

So with that said on to the heart of the topic...

And yes I am aware the lighting was not ideal and this is long, but just like with the unboxings I'd rather have something a little bit longer that is comprehensive than something a minute or two shorter that leaves questions to be asked.

So what we basically did is stand the Skylanders across the master sheet and go thru a roll call.

Here is what you need to know:

Yet to be Released (as of 12/31/2011):
-Double Trouble (Magic Element)
-Slam Bam (Water Element, Empire of Ice Adventure Pack (Chapter 23)).
-Wham-Shell (Water Element)
-Sunburn (Fire Element, Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack (Chapter 26))
-Cynder (Undead Element)
-Warnado (Air Element)
-Lightning Rod (Air Element)
-Camo (Life Element)
-Zook (Life Element)

There is speculation on release dates and packaging ,but I don't want to go into anything until it is 100%.

Clearly we are waiting on 2 Adventure Packs:
-Empire of Ice, Chapter 23
-Dragon's Peak, Chapter 26

Here in the US there are 3 Exclusives:
-Drill Sergeant (Sam's Club/Walmart)
-Whirlwind (Target)
-Legendary Triple Pack featuring Spyro, Bash, and Chop Chop (Toys'R'Us)

All starter packs come with Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy except for the 3DS version, which comes with Dark Spyro, Ignitor, and Stealth Elf (which is currently the only way to get Dark Spyro and Ignitor).

That pretty well covers everything.  Skylanders is a great game and I know everyone seems to be enjoying it just as much as I am.  I feel like this will answer pretty much all the frequently asked questions and you get to see my personal collection, which was also a frequent request.

I am currently on Chapter 3 in my "new" save file and am working back towards Chapter 21 to complete the blind playthrough ( I still plan to play Ch. 21 and 22 blind (ie first time)).

I have also Tweeted with Activision about the glitch and while they have a very quick response time thru that medium, they have yet to provide a solution that least for me.  I will continue to pester them from time-to-time in hopes that they might dig out a miracle cure, but I am pretty confident anyone in my position will basically have to resort to a new save file and resetting all your Skylanders progress to continue on into Chapter 21.

All that aside, I hope you enjoy the video despite the lighting and long length...

And of course, Happy New Years!


  1. Epic video as always.


    Skylanders Single Pack with Cynder
    Skylanders Single Pack with Double Trouble

    Skylanders Empire of Ice Adventure Pack with Slam Bam

    Skylanders Triple Pack F with Whirlwind, Double Trouble and Drill Sergeant


    Skylanders Single Pack with Lightning Rod
    Skylanders Single Pack with Zook
    Skylanders Single Pack with Ignitor

    Skylanders Triple Pack G with Cynder, Lightning Rod and Zook

    Skylanders Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack with Suburn


    Skylanders Single Pack with Camo
    Skylanders Single Pack with Warnado

    Skylanders Triple Pack H with Ignitor, Warnado and Camo


    Skylanders Single Pack with Wham Shell

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  2. Thanks. Man, that is quite the list you've got, lol. I hate how they are releasing singles BEFORE triples :( It is almost as if someone really wanted a character and knows this, they are faced with spending more now versus waiting for the better deal. I'm ticked about the "F" Triple Pack. They misled a lot of people with the "exclusives" and using the "Single Pack Exclusive" is pretty a pretty lame loophole. I am excited about the Empire of Ice and Slam Bam though!

    I might hold out for Triple Pack G in all honesty.

    I've read a lot about the January releases...where did you get the info? Having it spec'd out to this extent makes me believe it to be 100% authentic and it is on par with their previous release schedules.

    I love the game, but the glitch and their misleading on the "exclusives" kind of has my fuse getting shorter.

    I'll give you credit for the info next time I shoot a vid...Thanks for taking the time to share!

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  3. which skylander should i get in the Earth section Prism Break or Dino rang

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  4. I think I caught this on YouTube, if not I apologize...just now noticed it. I would go Prism Break for out of the box...they are both very close and I'm a big fan of both. A lot of people complain about Dino Rang's boomerangs taking a long time to come back...I don't see it as an issue (like Hex's second attack). But with that said, the majority would say Prism Break.

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