Thursday, June 5, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team at E3: What Do You Want to Know?

Hey Everyone,

Pretty big news for you...

I have once again been afforded the privilege of getting to attend E3 to check out the latest Skylanders entry, Skylanders Trap Team!!

Skylanders Trap Team at E3: What Do You Want to Know?

I am very excited for this game, have tons of questions myself, and can't wait to learn more about all aspects of the game: figures, packaging, price points, gameplay, removed and returning in-game elements, WowPows, and much, much more!

That said, what I want to know from you is simply what you want to know.

You can leave questions here on this post, on the above YouTube video, via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, e-mail, whatever medium works best for you.  I realize that without your support, I likely wouldn't be able to attend E3 and get the honor of relaying the news and information back to the Skylanders community...So thank you!

I can't guarantee all questions can be asked, or more importantly answered, but I will do my sincere best to make it happen.  I went info heavy last year covering Swap Force...I can do the same this year, or if you would prefer, I can work more on recording some gameplay etc.  I hope to have a nice balance of both, but I will definitely take advantage of any opportunity I have to really cash in on any element of the game, be it recording gameplay or picking the brain of the developers.

If you will be attending E3 as well let me know!  I'll spend most of my time covering the Skylanders side of things, but it is always great to meet other Portal Masters from here and abroad!

Similarly, if there is something else you would like to see just let me know.  I can't quite explain how easy it is to get lost/misdirected at the convention center, and several times last year I just came upon something pretty awesome without intending to do so, lol.  That said, the main focus will no doubt be Trap Team and I can not wait to learn more about the game!

Thanks again for your support and thanks to the folks at Activision for trusting me to attend E3 and deliver solid, fun information back to you, the Skylanders fanbase!

I will keep an archive of the questions here and will literally have it with me on my iPad to pose to anyone willing to answer, or share what information is available.


  1. See if they're going to finally start giving Wow-pows to Lightcore Skylanders. :)

    Also, there was some nasty storms here yesterday, and there was damage in and around the city, but I'm thankful to say nothing bad happened here.

    On a side note, my friend found this little gem concerning a Pre-order figure for Trap Team, so I thought I might pass it along to you:

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    1. Oh we had the nasty storms was nuts, totally messed with my Skylander plans. Glad you are okay too, lots of damage around us as well. I'm really going to try to find someone that will listen to the LC issues, lol.

  2. Excellent for you and us, Wiisdom! Enjoy!
    And thanks to Cassie...Just preordered Gearshift from Gamestop-My first Trap Team purchase!!
    As for E3-
    1. Will there be any emphasis on the relationship between skylander element and area? (ie. water elements swimming across ponds that the rest have to walk around, StumpSmash finding water where he can regenerate..They seemed to have lost that type of thing a bit) Perhaps TFB will re-insert it more heavily?
    2. Will they be releasing any Series 2 Giants or Swappers this time around? I would love to see a Swarm 2 or Thumpback 2.
    3. Will they be incorporating them (Giants and Swappers) more heavily than the Giants were in Swap Force? (Personally, offering money to a character that most would have already fully upgraded seemed pretty lame-let 'em open a shortcut door, etc.)
    I realize these are not typical Trap Team questions but they are related and I figure you'll easily cover the most obvious questions well.
    PS...Couldn't hurt to ask what the FritoLay promotion will be this year!!!
    Thanks again for the effort and enjoy!,

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  3. Almost forgot: Personally, I found Heroic Challenges repetitive but ultimately more pleasing as I could build up abilities/qualities that a Skylander might be weak doing all the speed challenges for a slow Skylander. Which, in turn, made our Skylander collection more personalized
    Will they be keeping or altering the Swap Force version?..(Switching it to Building PORTAL MASTER RANK)which was less repetitive but, ultimately, less fun as it blunted the abilities of the characters themselves.

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  4. No, they are good questions...I've complained about the lack of unique environments too. In SSA, water and anyone that could fly paid a big role in accomplishing all your objectives...I will see what all I can find out!

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