Saturday, June 14, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team E3 2014 Experience

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I have so many people that just ask, "What is E3 like?" and "What is it like getting to go?" coupled with things along the lines of, "Did you see Rob from Coin-Op TV?" and "Did you meet any other YouTubers?"  that I have opted to just make a stand alone video kind of running you thru the paces of what it is like to get to attend E3 from a pretty modest background.

Again, without your support and a really good PR team at Activision, I would be covering E3 from home, via second hand sources.  I would have no chance to ask direct questions, or get answers and insights from the people behind the game.

Many thanks to those behind the scenes and who remain relatively unsung heroes for orchestrating everything, getting Portal Masters from across the country to E3, and then setting things up to run so smooth for everyone at the event and who then go above and beyond to make it even more fun and memorable for everyone involved.

Similarly, a great thanks to everyone who follows along here on the site, watches the videos on YouTube, interacts with me on social media, and who posed questions from all those sources and forums like DarkSpyro.

I am keeping this video generic and kind of down to covering the overall experience...All my usual intricate details will be up in other videos.  Bottom line getting to attend E3 is a big honor and tons of fun.  The fact that you have folks behind the scenes working to make it more fun and get to meet some fellow Portal Masters, company brass, and those who work directly on the game just make it icing on the cake!

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