Sunday, June 15, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Demo and Q&A with Jin, Senior Producer

Well, my strategy for E3 was simple this year...use the limited time to get in as much info and gameplay on Trap Team as possible.  wdrumz, CrystalBlazier, pdiddysportscards, and myself quickly realized we had no chance of getting thru the Trap Team lines at the official Skylanders booth before we'd go up for the screening...

Thus, I went with backup plan and pdiddysportscards (Paul) was smart, or dumb enough to think it sounded like a good idea too...Luckily, the plan worked out flawlessly and we not only got some early hands-on with the game, we wound up with a Senior Producer for the game that really knew his stuff!

As such, not only was I able to capture some gameplay via Paul's work on the Wii U, but we got some early answers and a reality check into how much was going to remain withheld.  Jin did an awesome job with the demo and the rather intense Q&A given he probably didn't have dedicated Portal Masters like us too often.  Had I have known what all was off limits I wouldn't have hit him up with so many questions, lol...He is literally the first person we had the chance to talk to...

Skylanders Trap Team Q&A with Jin, Senior Producer

Skylanders Trap Team Gameplay, Questions, and More with Jin, Senior Producer 
and Paul, pdiddysportcards, on the Controls

Here is a text summary of the Q&A Session with Jin:
Q&A with Jin: When you don't hear me asking a question, the voice you hear is Paul (pdiddysportscards)

Pricing (Yes, Pricing)
-Traps $5.99
-Skylanders $9.99
-Trap Masters $14.99
-3DS Starter Pack $64.99 (everything online is $74.99, he may know something we don't, or it may have been an honest mistake...I could not get verification on 3DS stuff from is basically 100% off limits at this point)
-Console Starter Pack $74.99
--Portal, Game, 2 Figures, and 2 Traps in Console Starter Pack
--Traptanium Portal, Snapshot, Food Fight,  Life Trap, Water Trap

Favorite SP Character: Snap Shot vs Foodfight
-Gameplay: Snapshot
-Aesthetics: Foodfight
 Favorite Trapped Villain

-Volume Control

Chopper has heat sinking missiles and has been a fan favorite

Portal Backward Compatibility
-Better for PR (got confirmation it will work)

Traps Forward Compatibility
-Can’t Talk About, but every year they want to bring innovation every year
--They want giant leaps, not small steps…biggest innovation and best games

Villains from Trap Team potential to Return in Future Games as Standard Figures
-Anything is possible
-Not ready to talk about next year’s game
--As a fan and toy geek, he would love to see the villains in collections

Receptions and Impressions
-Everyone has been enjoyed it, folks love Chopper
-Everyone impressed with trappable villains

Repose Giants or Swap Force
-Can’t speak on reposes, but there will be some

Activision PR
-Always in touch with fan base, searching internet: videos, forums, and blogs
--Want to make as many happy as possible

Trap Master Count
-Can’t talk about it
-40 Total Villains
--Wants to give us more, but can’t just yet

-Repeat on the Pricing

-Outlaw Brawl and Chain $11.99

--Suggest we talk to PR about it

Text Notes for Gameplay with Jin (Paul was playing, I was filming)
Gameplay with Jin and Paul (pdiddysportscards)
-Portal: Wired with Volume Control
-Traps: 1 Villain per Trap, only need 1 Trap per Element, switch villains in the hub
--Villains on Timer, recharges when depleted
--Timer won’t refill by way of XP, Food, or similar means
--Timer should be the same for all the villains
--40 Playable Villains
--Do Villains take damage and loose time? Can they die?
---Ask PR
-Jump Attacks for everyone: Trap Masters, Newlanders, Reposes, and Original Cast

-More powerful vs Skylands Most Wanted
-Have access to special areas via Traptanium Crystals

-Heights of Trap Master vs Giants: Giants slightly taller
-Wii U Gamepad: Stats or Gameplay, Off Screen?  User Selectable?
--Better for PR, will for sure utilize tilt controls
-TFB vs Beenox: Can’t talk about differences yet
-Sewer Level
--Better for PR
-Trap Designs: Can’t talk about them yet
-3DS Starter Pack Contents
--Can’t talk about it yet


  1. Great to see you doing the interviews!!! Its an art to work in the questions, make a smooth segway between questions, let them add their own personal flavor and all while being polite and not running them into the ground!! lol. Well done! The resulting videos let me (And all the unwashed masses who couldn't go, I would imagine!) get the feel of the place like we were there.
    Thanks for directly working in the reposed Giants and Swappers question..!! Lol...I was laughing when you and Paul put out the question..AND...the answer...Can't exactly confirm that yet!!
    Jin did well answering only what he could.
    Most surprising is the seeming price reduction for the 3DS!! Excellent!!!
    Thanks again, Wiisdom. Looking forward to more as you put it out...

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    1. Thanks! Just now saw these comments...the "social" tab in Gmail is killing me.

      Yeah, Jin had the unfortunate task of being the "first" person I encountered...I honestly had no clue what all was off limits at that point, lol. He did say that, but all else indicates the 3DS is the same price?! Then again, I got zero info on the actual game itself, so who knows...I could see it going either way.


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