Monday, June 16, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team E3 Booth Tour: New Skylanders and Traps!

This video is just kind of a quick showcase of the available Skylanders and Traps at the Trap Team after hours event.  I started out booth hopping (each one had slightly different characters), but then one of the really cool ladies working brought in several of the other figures for me, including the illusive Gearshift!  I also got a size comparison between the Trap Team Newlanders and Trap Masters.  Check it out for yourself and stay tuned for more Trap Team E3 Coverage!

Some cool stuff here is just getting a look at each of the featured characters and the Traps on hand.  The hardcore fans will no doubt like that video thumbnail as it shows my size comparison between Chopper + Food Fight vs Krypt King.  Wallop, if you haven't heard, is the heaviest Skylander I believe I've ever laid hands on...Krypt King was rumored to spit out a swarm of beetles, or bees by many, but during the private screening of the game, one of the guys running the demo said it was a swarm of locusts...That makes perfect sense given his name and aesthetics (especially the back side!).

For those interested, I will also have the size comparison up as a still image in the near future...I also "think" I have still shots of each character as well as some group shots.  Stay tuned for so much more from E3!!

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