Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spy Rise Upgrade Paths and Attack Damage Numbers Skylanders SWAP Force

Spy Rise Base Upgrades

Spy Rise Attack Damage Numbers
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Spy Rise Web Spinner Upgrade Path (Top)

Spy Rise Shock Spy Upgrade Path (Top)

Spy Rise Fire Tech Upgrade Path (Bottom)

Spy Rise Electro Tech Upgrade Path (Bottom)

Spy Rise is one of the few characters who you could honestly leave box stock and have no issues with all but the toughest of challenges.  Give him just the Base Upgrades and you can literally stop right there.  Super Spy Scanner adds a second tier of damage numbers to is nuts.  He honestly doesn't need any further upgrades in my opinion.

But, what would the fun in that be?  If you are up for a challenge, leave him as is, but 95% of you are probably looking to max him out, so let's take a look at the upgrade paths.

Up top you have Web Spinner and Shock Spy.  Shock Spy is going to do more damage, but Web Spinner isn't far behind AND BOTH slow enemies.  For rookie players I would suggest Shock Spy as it is going to deal more damage.  Veterans can honestly choose and be fine with either path...It really comes down to personal preference: Do you want Spiderman like web shooters, or high tech grenade like bombs?  Let that one factor in...

On the bottom end you have Fire Tech and Electro Tech.  Fire Tech doesn't have the super high damage numbers, but offers a quicker and spammable option.  Electro tech will require charging and isn't quite as efficient, but makes up for it with insane damage numbers.

I personally need some time to play with each of the upgrade paths to make an official determination and that tiime has not come...My main goal is wrapping up the Undead and Water upgrades right now...I do hope to come back and update this, but the bottom line is Spy Rise honestly doesn't have a "bad path" and at this point none stand above the others.  Take what you think looks the best and you will be happy.

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