Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Unboxing Jade Fire Kraken Skylanders SWAP Force Alt Deco

What? Jade Fire Kraken, Fire Element, SWAP Force, Bounce Ability
Where Did You Get It? Walmart
What Did It Cost? $14.96 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? Well Stocked, 12 on the Pegs
What is Included? Jade Fire Kraken, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing Jade Fire Kraken

Jade Fire Kraken
Fire Element, SF Swapper

Jade Fire Kraken Packaging, Front and Back

Slogan: "Burn to be Wild!"

Jade Fire Kraken and Stat Card

Card Stats
Power: 170/200
Armor: 70/200
Agility: 170/200
Luck: 60/200
Totals: 470/800

Jade Fire Kraken and Fire Kraken
Fire Element Swappers
Dark Blast Zone, Jade Fire Kraken, Patriot Blast Zone (Custom), Fire Kraken, and Blast Zone

Bounce Swappers
Rattle Shake, Viper Strike (Custom), Jade Fire Kraken, Fire Kraken
Not Pictured: Quickdraw Rattle Shake

Jade Collection
Jade Flashwing (Target Exclusive in Giants), Jade Fire Kraken

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