Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014 and Quick Update

Happy Halloween!!  I hope everyone has a Spooktacularly great evening!

I hope you enjoy this Halloween themed trailer!

I really, really wish Bat Spin was available now...I would have also loved to see her fill in as a"Halloween" variant, she has so many options going that route!

That said, I apologize for the lack of activity here recently...

Home PC: Computer Virus

My home computer has a really bad virus I can't seem to get rid of and it makes doing things online virtually impossible.  I got prices on removal today and I think I may just get a new computer.

Tons of New Videos on my YouTube Channel: Undead & Halloween Themed All Week!

That said, I have managed to get a TON of new videos up for you, including plenty of Undead Themed Halloween vids for your Halloween Weekend!

Head over to my Channel to check them out:

Eon's Elite: 3x More Powerful, Great Aesthetics, and Awesome for Display

Similarly, I got the first two Eon's Elites in yesterday: Elite Chop Chop and Elite Spyro!

Not only have I gotten their introductions uploaded, I also fully upgraded each of them!!

I have a ton of documented info I need to transfer over, just kind of hard with the computer virus and all.  That said, you can check out all the latest on the Skylander Club Forum:

Elite Chop Chop Vampiric Warrior Upgrade Path with Attack Damage

Elite Spyro Sheep Burner Upgrade Path with Attack Damage

Halloween Specials

-Hijinx's Preferred Path:
-Marsha vs Persephone:

As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @1ofWiisdom, leave a comment here, or join the Skylander Club Forum:

Oh, and if you missed it on Twitter, check out my Nephew's Spyro Pumpkin that was retweeted by @SkylandersGame

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