Friday, October 10, 2014

Skylander Research: Numbers Never Lie Statistical Discrepancies Between Standard, Legendary, and Nitros in Trap Team

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Well, despite needing to be asleep and having lots to do, I could not resist seeing if my beloved Legendaries were back to their statistically superior stats.

As you should know by now, I tend to take the Skylanders Series a little more serious than most.  I am also a big numbers guy.  One of my disappointments in SWAP Force was the way that "special" in-game variants were kind of wiped clean of their stat boost.  Legendaries in SSA and Giants had nice pads vs their standard counterparts.

Despite being insanely busy and needing to be asleep, I couldn't resist the temptation any longer...I just had to know if the boost was back since Toys for Bob handled Trap Team.

The results are mixed.  In my latest late night research I had 3 Case Studies and 6 Skylanders.  Here are the results:

Character-Health-Armor-Speed-Critical Hit-Elemental Power-Total

Blades                280 30 60 10 25  405 (+22)
Legenday Blades 240 18 70 30 25  383 (-22)

Jawbreaker                340 12 50 70 25  497 (=2)
Legendary Jawbreaker 300 30 60 80 25  495 (-2)

Krypt King                300 24 60 40 25  449 (-32)
Nitro Krypt King 300 36 60 60 25  481 (+32)

As you can see, both Legendary Blades and Legendary Jawbreakers have SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER HEALTH than their standard counterparts...this is mind boggling to me.  Sure you can argue they have an edge elsewhere ,but aren't Legendaries to be superior in all categories, you know, hence why they are Legendary?

Blades and Jawbreaker both boast +40 Health OVER their Legendary counterparts.

Blades has +10 Speed and +10 Critical Hit, but also touts -12 Armor.  Of the three stats, Armor is the most significant imo.  Overall he is -22 Stat Points BELOW standard Blades.

L-Jawbreaker suffers the -40 Health, but at least touts a stat boost in the other categories: +18 Armor, +10 Speed, and +10 Elemental Power.  This gives him +2 Stat Points ABOVE standard Jawbreaker.

The biggest winner in the mix is Nitro Krypt King.  His health is the same as standard Krypt King and then he gains +12 Armor and +20 Critical Hit to give him a cumulative +32 Advantage over standard Krypt King.  Oddly enough, the Speed Stat is even at would think of all the stats to boost for a "Nitro" character it would be speed...

Nonetheless, there you have it.  I recorded intros for all 6 Characters tonight...actually bundled them together for each set.  I will get them up ASAP, but the numbers don't lie and I find them very interesting.

To me each attribute should be equal to or greater than the standard character's stats.  Having a big drop in Health is completely unwarranted.  It is also sad to see L-Blades at such a disadvantage.

What are your thoughts on the statistical discrepancies?  I am very interested in monitoring Nitro Head Rush, L-Bushwhack, and L-Deja Vu.  I have the Dark Skylanders...I really hope they have a bigger boost.

You can join in the discussion on the Skylander Club Forum:

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