Friday, October 3, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team In-Game Variants Revealed

This post will be home to several different videos...Each will highlight a group, or certain sect of Alt-Deco Skylanders.  I will include a quick description below each installment.

Skylanders Trap Team Character Roster (254)
This video showcases the entire Character Roster...I also highlight the super convenient, returning feature of the Skylander Archive that allows you to load up and select your Skylander of choice!

Skylanders Trap Team Eon's Elite Roster
This video highlights each of the 8 Skylanders selected for Eon's Elite.

Skylanders Trap Team: Alt-Deco Variants
This video covers each of the in-game variants in Skylanders Trap Team.

Skylanders Trap Team: Holiday Variants
This includes looks at Winterfest Lob-Star, Love Potion Pop Fizz, and Eggscellent Weeruptor

Skylanders Trap Team: King Cobra Cadabra
This video showcases the reveal of in-game variant, King Cobra Cadabra.

Skylanders Trap Team: Alt-Deco Minis
This video showcases Power Punch Pet Vac, Eggscellent Weerutpor, and Gnarly Barkley

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