Sunday, October 5, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team: Launch Day Haul

Skylanders Trap Team: Launch Day Haul

There is a recap of my Launch Day experience.

Strategy was to hit Target first as it has been so hard to spot their exclusives outside of Launch Day at my local store. I got their as they were stocking them and was handed "the only Gearshift" and Nitro Krypt King, who they looked to have a total of 6. Also picked up a single of Tidal Wave Gill Grunt just in case. They had 3-4 Wallops, which I thought was really odd given how little stock they had...I had one, and then put it back...I didn't really scan their Traps since I was in a hurry to get to TRU and cash in on the sale.

TRU had a big selection, but no W2 Trap Masters, which I was looking for. There was a really young kid with no parent anywhere in sight for a long time just casing the traps...His dad finally showed up and between the two accounts I'd say they logged 20-30 mins just blocking off the traps. I made good use of the time and found the W2 Singles of the Core Skylanders, which was cool.

By the time the kid and his Dad left I realized how the pegs up top (that dangled a few traps) had once been full. The sad thing is the scalper lady took all 4 of the Wii U Dark Starter Packs. I went online and ordered one when I got home. I did pick up a few traps and the PowerA Trap Case.

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