Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nintendo Amiibo Showcase at E3

I promised I would release this video after all of the Skylanders SWAP Force stuff was wrapped up, and that time is now!

This is footage I shot from the excessively epic Nintendo Booth at this year's E3.  I have to say that the pre-order shots you have seen on Amazon, GameStop, and Toys'R'Us etc., come nowhere near doing these figures justice.

Nintendo Amiibo Showcase at E3

The Amiibo line is very impressive with incredible detail, and that is just based on my look thru the glass display case.  I really wish I could have gotten some hands-on time with them, or an interview, but time was tight and I was happy just to get a good look at them.

The Amiibo figures honestly look more like a high dollar display piece than a video game accessory, but that is the beauty of it I suppose.  The most surprising part, given the size and detail, is that they retail for $12.99!

I plan to pick a few of these up and unbox/showcase them upon their release.  I will also use them in the compatible games and look forward to seeing how they interact in titles past Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

If you haven't checked them out yet, or put in any pre-orders, here is a link to their Amazon Page: Amiibo Listings

They are a big step up from the Pokemon figures used in Pokemon Rumble U.

Stay tuned for much more coverage on Nintendo's Amiibo figures!

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