Monday, October 6, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing Fist Bump

What: Fist Bump, Earth Element, Newlander
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $10.99 plus tax (BOGO 40%)
What Was Stock Like: Very Limited, Technically a Wave 2 for 10/7/2014
What Is Included: Fist Bump, Stat Card, Sticker Sheet with Special Code

Unboxing Fist Bump

Trap Team Introduction #1: Fist Bump

Fist Bump Bio

Fist Bump had long been the sleeping protector of the Bubbling Bamboo Forest, but awoke from a long hibernation when a horde of nasty purple Greebles arrived with gigantic rock-smashing machines. Intent on building a new base, their machines wreaked havoc – chewing up the land and spitting out billowing clouds of smoke into the enchanted air.
Seeing this, Fist Bump was furious. Using his enormous stone fists, he hammered the ground with all his strength, creating a massive earthquake that sent huge shockwaves towards the Greeble camp. This reduced the machines to mere scrap and sent the Greebles running off in a panic. The act of bravery caught the attention of Terrafin, who brought Fist Bump to meet Master Eon. Now as a Skylander, Fist Bump makes evil quake wherever he goes!


"Knock, Knock...Too Late!"

Card Stats

Power/Strength: 80/250
Defense/Armor: 180/250
Speed/Agility: 50/250
Luck: 50/250
Totals: 360/1,000

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