Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Most Anticipated Newlanders

Most Anticipated Newlanders

I again want to stress this is based on ANTICIPATION, not who I think will wind up being my favorite, although if all goes well, this will have a lot of similarities with that list. The #1 Question I had prior to the whole "no battle mode" interval centered around, "Who are you looking forward to the most?" This covers my most anticipated Newlanders for Skylanders Trap Team!

1-Fling Kong
3-Food Fight
4-Rocky Roll
7-Deja Vu
8-Cobra Cadabra
9-Funny Bone
10-Fist Bump
11-Trail Blazer
12-High Five
13-Tread Head
14-Flip Wreck

Let me know your most anticipated Newlanders and how they compare with mine!  You can also post up on the Skylander Club Forum:

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  1. Sadly saying, there's only six I'm looking forward to from this bunch:
    1 - Blades (What can I say? He looks like a Dragon a bit)
    2 - Trail Blazer (Fire and Unicorns! Yee-haw!)
    3 - Echo (Zap needs a playmate!)
    4 - Chopper (Didn't realize he was a flying T-Rex! Awesome!)
    5 - Funny Bone (A Boney Hot Dog? Or could that be a Boney version of Bash?)
    6 - High Five (Sparky mixed with a Dragon? Cool!)

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