Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unboxing Doom Stone Skylanders SWAP Force

What? Doom Stone, Earth Element, SWAP Force Swapper, Spin Ability
Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost? $16.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like?  Pretty Good
What is Included? Doom Stone, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Doom Stone

Doom Stone
Earth Element, SF Swapper

Slogan: "Another Smash Hit!"

Card Stats
Power: 200/200
Armor: 160/200
Agility: 60/200
Luck: 80/200
Totals: 500/800

Earth Element Swappers: Doom Stone and Rubble Rouser

Spin Ability Swappers: Doom Stone and Free Ranger

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