Sunday, May 25, 2014

Custom Painted Skylanders

Welcome!  I hope your weekend has been full of sky-blues, a dash of sunshine yellow, and the bright colors of Springtime...

Nah, not really...but I do hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Something I have wanted to do for a LONG time is treat some of my Skylanders to a custom paint job.  First, I think some would look cool in alternate colors.  Second, I have so freaking many of these things it will actually allow me to distinguish between them (ie is this my Sandhog Terrafin, or Brawler Terrafin).  Third, you can create customs...Think Star Strike should have been pink?  You can make it happen!  Want to have a Legendary Terrafin, a green Zap, or a Crimson Red Hex?  It is all possible!

Supplies are really cheap and all you will be out is a little time.  Granted, some are easier to paint than others and there is a lot of detail in these figures...The more details you recreate (or re-color) the longer you will be involved.

That said, I plan to give this a go an see how everyone likes it.  Judging by my families reaction I think everyone should have some interest in this.  My Nephew was very impressed, so hopefully that sentiment carries over as well.

Anyway, this post will outline the Introduction and any subsequent custom painted Skylanders.

Stay tuned for updates!

Custom Painted Skylanders : Cheesy Introduction, Art History, and Knockout Terrafin

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 1: Knockout Terrafin's Reveal
Legendary Blue Metallic Knockout Terrafin

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 2: 
Green Rattle Shake

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 3
Mystic LightCore Hex

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 4
Patriotic Blast Zone (Full Repaint!)

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 5
Heartbreaker Roller Brawl

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 6
Quicksilver Slam Bam

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 7
Legendary Blue Metallic Terrafin (Series 2)

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 8
Scarlet Stealth Elf (Series 2)

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 9
Acid Bomb Eruptor (Work in Progress)

Custom Painted Skylanders Episode 10
Savior Stump Smash (Series 2)

Custom Painted Skylanders #11
Legendary Chopper

Custom Painted Skylanders #12
Enchanted Torch

Custom Painted Skylanders #13
Legendary Blue Metallic Terrafin (Series 1)

Custom Painted Skylander #14
Blackberry Cynder

Custom Painted Skylander #15
Autumn Blast Bumble Blast

Custom Painted Skylander #16
Quick Silver Rip Tide

Custom Painted Skylander #17
Doom Raider

Custom Painted Skylander #18
Legendary Blue Metallic Shark Shooter Terrafin


  1. do you take apart your skylanders when you paint them if so how do you do it otherwise you have a very steady hand also great work

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  2. I leave them in-tact, but can sometimes move a limb, weapon, hair etc...All except for Quick Silver Slam Bam have been hand painted. Thanks for the compliments...I have several more scheduled to release this week!

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  3. Hey, would you consider doing custom orders? I have one or two of these that are wonderfully sculpted, but had some lack of effort when it came to the paintjob. I don't have steady enough a hand to do it myself, so I'd pay for someone to do what I can't.

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