Thursday, May 8, 2014

Scorp Upgrade Paths with Damage Numbers

Scorp Base Upgrades

Scorp Damage Numbers

Scorp Stinger Path

Scorp Crystal Venomancer Path

Scorp has hard to document attacks like a few other newlanders, but his upgrades are all well thought out and orderly.  I haven't upgraded many SF Newlanders, but thus far I'd have to say he has been my favorite.

I was initially drawn to Crystal Venomancer, but Cracked Crystals and Crystal Shards both offer only minimal gains...not quite what I had in mind.  Venomous Crystals in the stand out of the path, but it is sadly tied in with Crystal Ball, which requires about a 4 second charge time.  I don't really see myself using it that much in story mode just due to the fact the base attacks would be more efficient.

Stinger turned out to be a really solid path given the big increase in both the initial damage and poison damage, especially factoring in the increased number of hits (duration).

I don't think either path is bad, but I would probably have to suggest the Stinger Path for most as he will become a more menacing opponent for enemies in Story Mode and other Skylanders in PVP.  If you are solely going for PVP it is still probably the most beneficial, although if you prefer to stay "at range" Venomous Crystals would likely be more useful.

My only real complaint is that "Avalanche Dash" seems like it should have been named something else, lol...I hope that Scorp returns in Trap Team...I think he has a lot of potential options for a repose AND a Wow Pow!  Overall I am pretty happy with Scorp and he definitely makes me that much more proud of the Earth Element!

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