Friday, May 30, 2014

Bumble Blast Upgrade Paths and Attack Damage Numbers

Bumble Blast Base Upgrades

Bumble Blast Attack Damage Numbers

Bumble Blast Bee Keeper Upgrade Path

Bumble Blast Honey Tree Path

Bumble Blast is a very solid character and I can see why so many say he is their favorite in the game.  Granted, he is slow, but that is one of the negatives you can have on the guy.

The Bee Keeper Path is what I feel almost everyone will be initially drawn towards taking.  From that segment, I wouldn't be surprised if 7 in 10 don't wind up taking it.  While I don't think those that take it will be disappointed, I would personally go with Honey Tree.

Bee Keeper will offer up three bees at once (Bee Armada), increased damage from more bees (Stirred up a Nest), and an attack that deals anywhere from 32-62 (Queen Bee).  I equate this path to a kind of Life Element rendition of Trigger Happy.  I think most everyone will be content with this path...the only catch is to maximize damage you will want to make sure you have Honey Glob out and about.

The Honey Tree Path is nowhere near as flashy.  It's biggest selling point to me was Honeycomb Bark for the +40 Armor (again, I am a sucker for Armor and Speed).  That said, it turned out to deliver BIG TIME.  Honey Buzz Blast lets you charge Honey Glob and unleash not only the glob of Honey, but pre-packed angry bees.  Heavy Honey ups the damage and slows enemies, which is a very nice asset considering how slow Bumble Blast is.  Couple the instant offense, slowed enemies, and increased Armor and I think you have the superior path.

For veteran players, I would encourage you to take Honey Tree.  For rookie players, I think you would also benefit from Honey Tree, but if you really like the Beezooka, you would want to take Bee Keeper.  The Bee Keeper isn't a bad path, it is just a more direct, blatantly offensive path.

I personally, with no hesitation, back Honey Tree.  It delivers my armor, helps offset Bumble Blast's lack of speed by slowing enemies, and turns Honey Glob into a powerful attack that you can then use the base upgrade Beezook attacks with, or charge for instant bee-satisfaction.  I ultimately feel it makes him a more well rounded character.  The Bee-Pack Backpack is a big addition to either path, although some may object to it aesthetically...Despite it's less than desirable looks, it is worthwhile in my opinion due to the frequent, powerful attacks.

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