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Zoo Lou Upgrade Paths and Damage Numbers

Zoo Lou Base Upgrades

Legendary Zoo Lou Base Upgrades

Zoo Lou Attack Damage Numbers

Zoo Lou The Bucking Boar Upgrade Path

Zoo Lou The Wild Wolf Upgrade Path

Zoo Lou is a very unique character.  He never physically attacks enemies himself, but rather relies on summoned animal friends to do the dirty work.  You have Birds, Boars, and Wolves in the arsenal.  The Birds are the primary attack, the Wolf is the secondary attack, and the Boar is the tertiary attack.  The Base Upgrades address Birds and add the Boar along with one supporting upgrade.  The Wolf is left completely out of the loop in the Base Upgrades.

Naturally, many would think, "Okay, the Wolf was left out, I should take Wild Wolf to balance things out."  The Strategy Guide even boldly states, "The Wild Wolf Path edges it out (Bucking Boar Path) because Bird Call upgrades also help out against groups and you get extra food as a bonus."  I have seen the strategy guide state the obvious and offer insights, but I can't recall seeing it blatantly tell you which path is better

And now that I have seen it...I disagree.

Wild Wolf is an okay fact, it is probably a great path for those having trouble in challenges or tough portions of story mode.  Alpha Wolf increases the attack damage and health of the wolf and Hunger of the Wolf gets him to attack a little quicker.  That said, Hunter and Gatherer is the big payoff as this is where the Wolf will dig up food when your health is low.

I didn't get to check the health of the wolf, or have food dug up for me, but I feel I know enough.  I can't argue that getting food at low health is of great value, but what about needing damage support instead of the food?  My biggest disappointment is that there was never a 2nd Wolf.  Now take a 2nd Wolf into the mix and you have one aiding in on immediate protection and the other digging up food and we have something going.

That said, I still would have to recommend Wild Wolf for beginners and players who need a character with good health attributes to get them through tough parts of the game, whatever those may be...Hunter and Gatherer will definitely be worth while for those endeavors.

The Bucking Boar turned out to be a big surprise.  I'll say that just as not getting a second wolf disappointed me, the fact that the boar never got faster was also a disappointment.  What wasn't a disappointment was going from 18 to 58 Armor.  That +40 is a big deal to me and can be appreciated just as much by pretty much any Portal Master who realizes that increased armor on that scale can very well keep you from winding up at low health and needing food.  Hog Wild really didn't do much for me, but Rough Rider did.  This sounded lame and I was fully anticipating a few pebbles flying up and dealing some meager damage number like 5-8, or 10-15.  The 30-45 is great!  Plus, factor in that you are doing damage on the boar from the front via Raging Boar and then have the rocks out the back and you have a great ranged attack from what was once slow and very limited in range.

However, the biggest asset in my opinion is the fact that you get Rough Rider's rocks and Thicker Pigskin's Armor in conjunction with the simple observation that you can summon both the Wolf and Birds (even the Soul Gem Birds of Prey) WHILE riding on the boar!  That is a big advantage in my opinion and definitely shifted the tables in favor of Bucking Boar.

Again, for rookies and players needing a Skylander capable of regenerative health, take Wild Wolf.  Similarly, if you just really like the Wolf attacks, take Wild Wolf.  For those on the fence, and the small few that might honestly prefer the Boar, go ahead and take The Bucking Boar Upgrade Path...I know you will not be disappointed!

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