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Stink Bomb Upgrade Paths and Attack Damage Numbers

Stink Bomb Base Upgrades

Stink Bomb Attack Damage Numbers

Stink Bomb The Art of Skunk-Fu Upgrade Path

Stink Bomb The Art of Acorns Upgrade Path

Stink Bomb Skunk Cloud Controller Upgrade Path

Stink Bomb Sneaky Tricks Upgrade Path

Stink Bomb is another very unique character in SWAP Force.  Up top he benefits the most from Sweeping Skunk Fu, a throw and ready charged attack that deals nice damage in 90 degrees from the character.  The Skunk-Fu Stars (base attack) do decent damage and can be fired very quickly.  

On the bottom end, Hidden Tail, becomes his biggest hit as it can deliver a 70-105 hit while you are invisible.  That said, I am not sure Sweeping Skunk-Fu and Hidden Tail don't remain his best attributes, despite the availability of 4 Upgrade Paths.

Up top, I would go with Art of Skunk-Fu.  If this path simply boosted damage from the throwing stars it would have been solid.  Similarly, an overall armor boost would have been another great addition.  Actually, the shield + armor + an increase in damage would have been preferred by me.  That said, this one allows you to throw Skunk-Fu, his hardest hitting top end attack and gain an orbiting ring of Stars that will shield you.  They don't do incredible damage, but it is nice to have it since you'll likely use Sweeping Skunk-Fu a lot.  My advice is to keep the shield active as much as you can when in tough situations.  The best thing about the shield is that you can have it active and still throw a Sweeping Skunk-Fu, which of course, renews the time on the shield!  I would recommend this past to most everyone, particularly those who like the defensive techniques and most new players.

The Art of Acorns is pretty neat, but I don't see it as being too practical.  It is basically a charged attack that shoots a poison acorn.  You have to charge it 3 seconds, or 3x as long as Sweeping Skunk Fu.  My biggest issue comes from the charge time and then the fact that it is a long ranged attack like the primary Skunk Fu Stars.  The overlap kind of kills it for me.  This path could be useful, but you would have to work to set it up...And you would then have to really want to use it when you can shoot off the Skunk-Fu Stars so much faster.  I think we would have been better suited upgrading One-Inch Palm into a close quarters punch/strike, which would have tied in well with the Kung Fume background.  The Acorn attack, could then have been included in place of the Soul Gem.  Just my take.  I'd recommend this to anyone that prefers adding another long ranged projectile, or those who just really love acorns.

Down low, I am not a huge fan of either path, but the Soul Gem is nice...although I feel it could have been foregone by allowing you to remain invisible when attacking as a default feature.  Skunk Cloud Controller might be the better path in all honesty.  I really like the Sneaky Tricks concept, but the fact you have to walk slow is somewhat of a deal-breaker.  The best thing about being invisible is your ability to escape and Stink Bomb, like Stealth Elf is pretty quick.  I sometimes even have trouble going slow enough for the spikes to deploy, and that is with me trying.  The other catch, from a PvP point is the spikes make it really easy to find you.  Neither is quite what I expected, but I give the edge to Skunk Cloud Controller.  This is because the clouds linger and can do damage to several enemies, plus to execute the second cloud you have to re-enter Skunk Cloud, which gives you a chance to use Hidden Tail again.  I would suggest Skunk Cloud Controller to pretty much everyone, but with the caveat that Sneaky Tricks is pretty cool and unique, just be fully aware you have to move slowly for it to function.

Wiisdom's Picks: The Art of Skunk-Fu and Skunk Cloud Controller 

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