Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hoot Loop and Enchanted Hoot Loop Upgrade Paths with Attack Damage Numbers Skylanders SWAP Force

Hoot Loop Base Upgrades

Enchanted Hoot Loop Base Upgrades

Hoot Loop Attack Damage Numbers

Enchanted Hoot Loop Dream-Weaver Upgrade Path (Top)

Hoot Loop Hypno-Owl Upgrade Path (Top)

Enchanted Hoot Loop Telekinesis Upgrade Path (Bottom)

Hoot Loop Escape Artist Upgrade Path (Bottom)

Hoot Loop is a Magic Element Swapper with the Teleport Ability.  The teleportation abilities alone make him very unique.  I think he and Night Shift might be representative of my favorite ability of the 8 found in SWAP Force.  Don't hold me to that just yet, but I am a big fan of teleporting in SWAP Force.

You really can't go wrong with any of Hoot Loop's Upgrade Paths, but they are very different.

Dream-Weaver is my personal choice for the top end...It plays a lot like Double Trouble's Channeler.  It hits very hard and you can hold the attack infinitely.  That said, Hypno-Owl is the more unique path and winds up doing pretty good damage while slowing enemies.  This one comes down to play style.  I think Dream-Weaver is the best choice for most, but if I just had one Hoot Loop, I think I would have been inclined to take Hypno-Owl, just because of how unique it is.  The Damage Numbers are pretty much the same (+/- 1), so this one, more than most, really comes down to personal preference.

Telekinesis is a nice path and probably the better choice for new players, or those looking for an easy way to deal damage.  Escape Artist is actually able to do similar damage, but not in the same spot...It is good for a quick hit-and-run type scenario, although I consider it more of an evasive move.  Telekinesis has to be charged, but is easy to execute.  Escape Artist, in my limited experience, can be hit and miss.  If you plan to teleport over, do damage, and escape back and it fails, you might be up a creek.  I'm sure it gets better over time, but I had some issues getting 100% success with it.

The good news, for those that have Hoot Loop and Enchanted Hoot Loop is that you can take all of the paths and see what you like best first hand.  Again, you really can't go wrong with any, the top end is almost identical damage wise and the bottom plays similar with Telekinesis being a bit easier to execute than Escape Artist.

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