Saturday, May 10, 2014

Slobber Tooth and Dark Slobber Tooth Upgrade Paths with Damage Numbers

Slobber Tooth Base Upgrades

Dark Slobber Tooth Base Upgrades

Slobber Tooth Attack Damage Numbers

Slobber Tooth Food Fighter Path

Dark Slobber Tooth Seismic Tail Path

Slobber Tooth is an Earth Element Newlander and therefore falls into my favorite Element.  He is a pretty cool looking character who blends a bit of Bash and Warnado with the pre-historic Dinosaur vibe.  His base upgrades and attacks are nothing flashy, but they hit hard and are unique.

Food Fighter's biggest gain comes from "Om Nom Nom."  Enemies you swallow now give you +70 Health.  That is a very significant number and in just over 20 seconds you can be back up +140.  It is a nice path and Snot Rocket comes in handy for slowing things down...Feast works okay, but isn't a highlight imo.

Seismic Tail upgrades his tertiary attack and does a great job of it.  This path makes Shockwave into a tried-and-true projectile attack with good range and high damage numbers (for a ranged attack anyway).  Couple it with the unique abilities of Chomp & Chuck and the +35 when swallowing an enemy and it is my preferred path.

I would suggest Seismic Tail for the "offensive" minded players and Food Fighter for those looking for a health advantage.

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