Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/2/2012 Update

Technically it is 1/3/12, but hey...until I got to bed it isn't "tomorrow."

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will try my best to get to questions/comments tomorrow during lunch at work (if possible).  If not I'll try and hit it later on afterwards.  I get a crud ton of questions/comments and do my best to help out so my apologies if you've been waiting.  It takes a long time to go thru them all and I have to do that to find out which ones need help etc.

That aside I was very busy the last 2 days.  I hope to make it to Chapter 8 on the 2nd save file tonight and then attempt to do at least 2 chapters the next couple of days.  I've been helping folks get caught up on some stuff outside of Skylands so it kind of eats up time, lol.

And speaking of that...thru YouTube, the blog ,and Twitter there is a great group of people following along on the vids and offering their insights.  I am pretty confident with the "release schedule" posted by vascomi in respons to the "collection vid blog post."  I never like to commit to anything in the vids until it is solid as I'm trying not to disappoint folks.  The schedule provided by Vascomi matches Activision's release patters...All I can say is let's see what comes this month and if it matches that schedule we can start to bank on it...

I will do my best to get the Empire of Ice as soon as possible.  I've noticed that with past releases (Wrecking Ball, DinoRang, Hex etc) that some folks had them 7-10 days before my local stores even had them on the shelves.  I'll unbox it and play it immediately!  I'm really looking forward to that and Slam Bam.

And thanks to a few viewers and a fellow Skylaner fan on Twitter (Daphtaru) I have found that you can get your Skylanders back if you have to start a 2nd save file!

The sad thing is that Activision didn't provide this info in their correspondence with me, lol.

All you have to is hit the (-) button (Wii) in your new save file, select manage, and then click Ownership...From here you can "Take ownership of this Skylander" and have your new save file register them.

I'll make a blog post on that with some screen caps I took the last time I played.  I tested it once and it does not take away your progress, heroic level, or any other stats!  This is a great perk for those of us who have to start over after the glitch...

I know this is scattered, but I'm very tired. 

I'll do my best to hit questions/comments tomorrow and then resume save file 2.

Hope everyone is enjoying 2012 and having fun with Skylanders! 


  1. Hi, and thanks for your videoes etc. :)
    Do you have any info on the silver Skylanders? They look like a figure without any painting done, and seem to be sold as rare figures.

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  2. Thanks, glad you enjoy them.

    Yes. The Silver Skylanders are rare. They are designed by the mfg. as a limited-run for collectors. As of right now I know of Boomer, Eruptor, and Dino-Rang being out as "silvers."

    I have a silver Dino-Rang, but have never seen any others here locally. Most people that know about them just by them all at once...some are collectors and some are just people wanting to make a few bucks.

    Bottom line if you see one, grab it asap!

    Also of note is that they will soon issue a limited run of "blue" Skylanders (kind of like a solid blue, looks awesome) based on a web poll that fans voted on...

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  3. Thanks for that! :)

    So, did you try gaming with your silver Boomer? Does he have any special upgrades - like I've read the Legendary ones have (can you confirm that)?

    Excited to see the blue Skylanders!

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  4. Sorry, your silver Dino-Rang.. lol

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  5. Can you please explain to me what the card stats actually mean. For example, Hex's speed is listed as 40 on the card (significantly lower than let's say Wrecking Ball). When we loaded her into the game her speed was not 40. She is now close to 7o speed. Are the card stats just for show? I can't see any correlations between them and the actual stats in the game. I know this prob isn't the right spot to ask but after days and DAYS of looking I figured I would ask you. Oh and thanks for the warning about level 20 and 21. After a very laborious trek with my four year old, I would hate to have to start over.

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  6. I wondered about that too - I think the stats on the card is actually the maximum possible value for that character, including hats and heroic challenge powers. If you check a figure, you can see the bars for each stat is lined out as would fit the card, and filled with green to match the actual value.

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  7. @Eon

    I have not played with the silver Dino-Rang, as far as I know they are the same in game both in appearance, stats, and upgrades as the regular version. If there is an elite upgrade, I am unaware of it. I'll be keeping him boxed though, lol.

    I have been told they have one, but have yet to upgrade. I'm slowly progressing and plan to record a big upgrade run for the next installment.

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  8. @Meghan883

    You know, a ton of people, including myself want to know that...They don't correlate to anything right off the bat. All I could deterimine is just like Eon suggested that they will relate to a Skylander when they are maxed out.

    The attribute names have even changed since the game first came out...

    I might pester the Skylanders folks for confirmation on it, lol.

    You are very welcome...that would be devestating to your kid and you as the only way to recover is to begin a new save file.

    When ya'll get to Ch 20 and complete it, the weapon master will ask if you want to proceed and select yes! Don't stop to upgrade or anything.

    Make sure to have the time set aside to make it happen all at once...I'm still ticked off about it, lol.

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  9. The card stats aren't for a character when they are maxed out though. I don't even own all the figures and I have Hex well past all her stats on her card.Like I said, for speed her card says 40 and I have her up into the 70's at this point. Thanks for the thoughts though. : ) I will keep checking though and if I find something out, I will let you know.

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  10. Interesting...I had planned to have all this background stuff figured out, but since I got "glitched" it has royally screwed up my plans, lol.

    I'll actually shoot this over to an activison rep and see what they can say...I'd like to know and I'm sure the three of us aren't the only ones, lol. If you get a definitive answer before I do, feel free to post up...I'll blog it and give you credit for it!

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  11. I e-mailed Activision and they said that the card stats were the stats that the characters start the game with. When I brought it to their attention that it wasn't possible as Stealth Elf's speed is listed as 100 on the card, he admitted he didn't know but he would find out and get back to me. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from them.

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  12. Ha, that is hilarious...about the response I got on the stolen web codes :s I've had the question in with a tech guy on Twitter...waited awhile and brought it up again today...he is also working on it, lol. It is a shame that the cards are out there and no one can really vouch for them. Guess we'll see which one of us gets a response first, lol. I prob can't post if it comes tomorrow till after work, but if you check the Twitter feed on the blog it should show up.

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  13. They responded back to me about the card statistics. He still maintained his stance that the cards represent the character's abilities when you get them out of the box. After I asked about Stealth Elf's speed on the card being 100 he also mentioned that the card does not give stats for the character's speed, only his/her agility which is a stat "not represented in the game" it's used to signify that "she may be more agile than other players." So looking at your blog and what you have listed as the categories for the stats listed on the card, I can only assume that the cards mean virtually nothing as none of the stats match with stats actually calculated in the game. Go figure...

    BTW...we beat the game tonight. Took 10 guys and a lot of tries with my 4 year old, but we finally did it. I hope they come out with a new game soon! (Wishful thinking right?)

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  14. Ha, you got your response quicker than me...I have still yet to hear back after asking several times. That is really about par for my experience with their "support" team.

    Nice...congrats to you and your son! That is probably a pretty good bout, I'm still not there thanks to the glitch, but I had a friend tell me it was pretty intense at times.

    I agree...they really need to launch a sequel about October of this year. A sequel that will make use of the same portal and characters as everyone already has. I think there is too big of a following to not do something with it.

    Hopefully ya'll will have some more fun going back and collecting stuff you missed, working on heroic challenges, and maybe working a few time goals in as well.

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