Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Poll #5 Results: Your Favorite Tech Element Skylander

Blog Poll #5: "Who is Your Favorite Tech Element Skylander" has now closed.  Interestingly we had 4 fewer votes here than on the "Magic Element" poll.  However, with all 4 Skylanders out, the results were much closer.  Let's take a look:

1.  Trigger Happy 73 Votes (46%)
2.  Drobot 51 Votes (32%)
3.  Drill Sergeant 17 Votes (10%)
4.  Boomer 15 Votes (9%)

Fairly predicatble from my vantage point...let's break it down.

First off, you can't go wrong with Trigger Happy.  He is a great character out-of-the-box...and he comes with every Starter Pack except the 3DS version so there is a ton of exposure.  The best thing about him at start up is how quick he can fire his guns...there isn't a the excessive lag or delay like some Skylanders have until they are upgraded.  Plus, let's face it...running around with your tongue hanging out toting two guns is just pretty awesome!

Drobot was a very close Second Place.  My logic is that not as many people have Drobot as compared to Trigger Happy, but he really makes an impression for so many to have him, and pick him over Trigger Happy.  He is a great character and plays very well.

Drill Sergeant took home Third Place and this is despite being an exclusive (as of now) and often times very hard to find.  Those of you that have followed the blog and the blind playthrough know how long it took me to track him down.  Many others had this issue, but for others Drill Sergeant seemed to be on the shelf at all times.  Strange how that works, lol.
Drill Sergeant is a great character and very cool looking.  He lacks the punch and agressive appeal that Trigger Happy and Drobot have though...that coupled with the fact he is harder to find doesn't make it all that hard to believe he placed Third with everything working against him.

Boomer, despite being out and very readily avaiable drug-up the rear.  If you monitor things online, or check the forums and message boards you know that virtually everywhere seems to have Boomer...and people just don't seem to be buying Boomer.  I don't think Activision and Toys for Bob cranked out an extra 10,000 Boomers either.  I'm not quite sure why he would be left on the shelf so much...Around here it WAS Voodood left behind...tonight there were so few Skylanders it is hard to judge.  That said, one store I checked only had Boomer left...a popular finding.

To be fair, Boomer isn't really a bad character...and he is likeable as he carries around sticks of dynamite, lol.  I have had several people gripe to me about him in the stores actually.  He isn't the quickest and the redneck vibe was somewhat unexpected in a troll, but when you power him up, he is enjoyable to play with.  But, the numbers don't lie.  Trigger Happy is clearly the top-gun in the Tech Element!

I will pit him and Spyro against the other 6 Elemental Winners in a final showdown once the other polls close.  With you selecting Trigger Happy as your favorite Tech Element Skylander we will open up Blog Poll #7 "Who is Your Favorite Earth Element Skylander?"

Thanks to everyone who voted in this poll and I invite you back to do the same in the following Skylander polls!

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