Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Poll #4 Results: Your Favorite Magic Element Skylander

Blog Poll #4 "Who is Your Favorite Magic Element Skylander" has now closed.  We had a very impressive 160 votes!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to make their choice.  Now let's take a look at the results:

1.  Spyro 81 Votes (50%)
2.  Wrecking Ball 39 Votes (24%)
3.  Voodood 28 Votes (17%)
4.  Double Trouble 12 Votes (7%)

So, let's analyze things a bit.

Spyro clearly dominated this ballot.  As the namesake of the series that is kind of expected.  Granted, a few hard-core old-time fans might be disgruntled with the direction Skylanders took the series, but it is very clear he is the favorite from the elment winning an impressive 50% of the vote.

A likely reason, aside from the very obvious, is the simple fact Spyro, in some form, come with every Starter Pack.  The same can not be said for the other Skylanders (let alone Double Trouble).

I was honestly surprised Wrecking Ball took home 2nd Place.  He is a relatively "recent" addition and I have not had many people comment or clamor about him...especially compared to the others.

Voodood is kind of an underdog.  He has been out since the beginning, but isn't followed as devoutly.  I personally think he is a great character.  One thing I will share is that here locally, at least prior to Christmas, Voodood was always the one left on the shelf.  I know for most of you that is Bomber, but here where I am at it was Vodood.  I don't know if the name was a turn off to parents, or people just picked the other Skylanders over him....but it is a worthwhile observation seeing how it relates to this poll.

I also kind of figured Double Trouble would bring up the bottom of the results...Why?  He isn't even out yet!  That was the one issue with the poll, but with some Skylanders not slated till a June release, I didn't feel like waiting 6 months (seriously, what the heck is Activision thinking waiting that long?  They just as well release Camo with a sequel to Skylanders). 

That said, Double Trouble does look like an interesting character and I have gotten many more questions regarding him than Voodood or Wrecking Ball.  I think, naturally, if Double Trouble was also out the results might have been different.  I could see him pulling into 2nd if he has some good base attacks.

So with that said Spyro, as you likely expected, was the clear winner for your favorite Magic Element Skylander.  I will pit him in a no-holds-barred showdown with the other 7 elemental winners one all the polls close...That will be one heck of a poll!

With this poll closing we will open up Blog Poll #6: Who is Your Favorite Undead Element Skylander?

Again, thanks to everyone who voted and be sure to do the same for the upcoming polls....You don't want to miss what will be an epic showdown in the end!

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