Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Poll #9: Who is Your Favorite Air Element Skylander?

Wiisdom Blog Poll #9: Who is Your Favorite Air Element Skylander?

-Lightning Rod
-Sonic Boom

Air Elements finished just behind Water and tied with Life Element Skylanders (default by alphabet, lol) so they are up next in our Skylanders poll.  The only 2 Air Elements that are out are Sonic Boom and Whirlwind.

Whirlwind was supposed to be an exclusive, but of course Activision and Toys for Bob decided to default on that advertisment and release Whirlwind with fellow former "exclusive" Drill Sergeant in a triple pack with Double Trouble.  For what it is worth I have not seen any of the new releases in town, but I know many of you have seen them and bought them.  With that said I think the big Whirlwind fanatics will have found a way to land her by now. 

As for upcoming releases, I am most excited for Slam Bam (who I include here because I have yet to find Empire of Ice) and then Warnado, and Lightning Rod.  It is speculated they will not be out for quite some time, so there is really no point in me waiting this poll out.  If you think you might be into either of these Skylanders just go with their Soul Gem preview or something you find on the net.

You can find the poll on the right side of the blog, just below the Twitter feed.  The poll will run 10 days so cast your vote and tell your friends to do the same.  I hope the fact 2 Air Skylanders are not out won't skew the results too bad.


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  2. I also had another random question...can you take the adventure packs to a friends house? When you leave will the board stay with them at their house as well as with you at yours?

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  3. My note about the "exclusive" characters:

    No doubt that Activision/TfB has been playing some with the truth when they decided to call Whirlwind and Drill Sergeant "exclusive". Well, maybe they were exclusive for a while...

    But as they are both on the poster that follows with every issue of the game, it would be very weird not to allow citizens of other countries than the US to be able to collect them at some point. Fortunately (for us), the point is nearing.. ;-)

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  4. @ Meghan883 Yeah, I was concerned about the results in any poll with the characters not out to be skewed, but like I said...I'm not going to wait until June to ask the question. I figure folks can check out the previews via Soul Gems to make up their mind. Ideally they would all be out, but I figure this would suffice for most. I also stress that situation when going into the results.

    As for the Adventure Packs at a friend's house I am not sure as I haven't tried it...I know that when you play Darklight Crypt or Pirate Seas etc the entry to the level remains...I would imagine that would be the case for a friend's house, but don't hold me to it...I'd ask Activision, but that would just waste our time, lol.

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  5. @Eon

    I agree with the overseas issues, but the fact of the matter remains that in the US where they were labelled as exclusives to Target/Walmart exclusively they have engaged in some deceptive trade practices to say the least...I just did a blog post on it a bit ago. They could have simply just issued them as exclusives at stores x and y overseas etc.

    You will have very little issue finding the figures now..especially with the new triple pack.

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  6. 3rd wave is not out in Europe, and is not expected any day soon. Maybe the redirected a few containers to the US to satisfy the biggest market first :(

    In my view, they never should have issued exclusives AT ALL. First, it created a black market, and now it's just become hysterical :(

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  7. Believe it or not, I have still yet to see a single Double Trouble or Cynder here...that is why I broke down and bought the one triple pack I've seen. There is literally a group of ladies that goes around town early in the morning when normal people are at work and clean the shelves (I've found them on ebay too) is sickening, they prob don't even have kids or play themselves.

    I got really lucky and found Empire of Ice online at GameStop and clicked order before it was gone...otherwise I have still not seen it, although I know local stores (GameStop and Target) have had them.

    Seeing how they had planned to have the WW, DT, DS Triple Pack I agree...they never should have labelled them exclusive...I wasted a lot of time tracking down Drill Sergeant.

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  8. I've just ordered that 3xpack myself at Gamestop US today, along with a (persumably random) Adventure pack (I'm hoping for Empire of Ice, but doubt I will get it..) They limited it to 2 pieces per item per order, so I've ordered two of both packs to make up for the freight price of $30(!) Also, they'll charge med around $50 extra in taxes later on.. It will be the most expensive Skylanders ever, but hopefully I can sell the extra packs off, and still come out reasonable overall... Oh, well :)

    PS: Did you receive my message on YouTube? Something seemed to go wrong when I posted it.

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  9. Geez, that is brutal man...hope you got EoIce! I will check the messages soon...I'm almost caught up with the comments, lol.

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